3004 – Sliding into first with Carl Tart

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Hello! 3004!

Welcome into the program! We talk business here! Jimmy had some preshow doc talk!

Lot of doctor situations.

Jimmy had a rude encounter with a doc office on the phone.

Matt has a story about a missed chance to say something and then agonizing about it. “There’s some people in masks behind me and they’re making me nervous.” – guy walking in front of matt and his kids.

What Matt wanted to say was “Yeah then get the fuck out of my way.”

What’s the mix of masks vs maskless?

10 – Jimmy and family loved The Batman!

I do live in the valley!

Talking about the Trump sketch on SNL this week.



Mike Henry was a guest on HTS last week!

Talking Lauren Ash’s shit story from HTS.

Jimmy recounts the story of his friend crapping his pants playing tennis.

20 – Eliot talks about a Mudslide he saw.

Jimmy’s changing his bottle location.

Carl Tart is here! Grand Crew is rapidly becoming the Pardo-Koening’s favorite show! Go watch!

We’ll be right back!

25 – We’re back!

Carl Tart is here! Grand Crew talk!

Carl talks about his sports experience and his fandom of the Clippers.

Jimmy talks baseball and the lock out.


Jimmy is certain Carl could throw an opening pitch!

35 – Jimmy talks about seeing a clippers game in the 90s and there being almost no one there.

Carl talks about being a guy who roots for the underdog.

Carl’s throwing 86. He’s really thinking he can do 70.

Carl played Left/Right field. Matt was in right field because he sucked.

Carl talks the league he plays in. He’s on the Sliders!

40 – Jimmy briefly mentions his experience as the “celebrity” no one knew at a celeb golf event.

45 – Jimmy praises Grand Crew and Carl some more.

Carl talks about having to audition for a character that is based on him.

50 – Carl praises the cast and crew of the show and how happy he is that his first series regular has been such a positive experience.

Carl had Covid twice!

Talking quarantine talk.

55 – Talking DeBarge. Janet married James DeBarge!

Jimmy shows off Rob Durham’s books!

Trivia time!

Category: Double Feature
Question: Christian Bale played two film characters separated by one letter. Name the characters.


60 – Talking nachos at the theater!

Taco Bell talk. Carl does NOT go with the Bell Grande!

1h5m – Carl has a Dice Clay story! He sat in for him on a table read once. HE got a part on the show after a table read.

The question is:

Christian Bale played two film characters separated by one letter. Name the characters.

What would we do if we’re the grip that Christian Bale is yelled at?

Carl apologizes but if he continues to yell at him, Christian’s getting slapped.


1h10m – Murderville talk!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Cologne talk!

Talking gifts Carl and his brother gave each other. Carl gave him an old school camera. His brother gave him some Gucci cologne.

Round the horn!

1h15m – LemonIceDesigns! Free NNF Shirt if you get two shirts!

My answer is Patrick Bateman and Batman!

1h20m – Eliot, formerly of the council. Carl was formerly of Palms Middle School.

Eliot’s answer is Batman/Barman

Talking the Bartman baseball incident.


1h25m – Talking Clippers season tickets!

Cristela is a clippers fan!

1h30m – Matt’s answer is Bruce/Bryce

Carl goes with American Psycho and American Mycho?
Jimmy goes Batman/The Mechanic

OJ is here! Take care!

The answer is: Bateman/Batman!

Garon wins!

Watch Grand Crew and listen to The Flagrant Ones!

1h35m – Talking Nick’s fan! We gotta go!

See you next time!



Trivia Results:
Category: Double Feature
Question: Christian Bale played two film characters separated by one letter. Name the characters.

Garon: Patrick Bateman/Batman (25 pts)
Eliot: Batman/Barman (16 pts)
Matt: Bruce/Bryce (20 pts)
Carl: American Psycho/American Mycho (6 pts)
Jimmy: Batman/The Mechanic (10 pts)

Answer is: Patrick Bateman/Batman! Garon Wins!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole