3003 – Ponying up with Paul Reiser

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Hello! It’s not episode twenty something. Jimmy’s brain has not shifted just yet. Our seasons changing is the daylight savings of podcasting.

It’s 30!

Jimmy thought he spotted Dan Katz but the guy had a man bun so it sparks a debate as to whether or not Dan would have a man bun.

Andrew would though!

It’s been long enough that Jimmy is explaining who Dan Katz was.

5 – Jimmy talks about his experience hiring someone in the past for the record store. He laughed in the face of someone who said frank zappa was responsible for Dark Side of the Moon.


Jimmy would love to work for See’s! Spending a Sunday behind the counter.

15 – Jimmy has sworn off candy bars that can be found at the checkout.

Are we gonna be doing this in eight years?!

What is the future for us after NNF?!

20 – Get Eliot in at Ross?!

Fry’s talk!

Eliot talks about an old job he almost applied for until the manager revealed our strict and regimented she was, including docking pay if you are 1 minute late.

Fire sale at Pod Swag!

Never Not Funny

25 – New NNF Perk system is up! Go check out what you’re getting!

There is a field to tell Jimmy what you want him to talk about (within reason) and it’s not required.

30 – Breaking News!

Jimmy’s podswag ordered was delivered!

We got lives!

We are talking about internships!

35 – What are the rules for internships?!

Paul Reiser is here! He teaches us how to sit.

A small tour, one show in Cleveland!

40 – Paul doesn’t often refer to himself as Reiser as he just did on the phone.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Paul Reiser is here hot off the SAG awards and hot in general because its 80 degrees in the valley.

Once Paul’s categories were announced, he decided to leave. His wife wasn’t feeling well so he wanted to get home to her.

The SAG Awards were held at an airport hangar at Santa Monica Airport.

Paul talks about never winning any awards, at least not since he got something from a cereal box.

45 – Paul talks about his shows and doing 80-90 minutes and getting back to stand up post pandemic.

Paul talks about SAG awards and talking to Jeremy Strong at the show.

50 – Paul talks about knowing and working with Michael Douglas prior to the Kominsky Method.

Michael Douglas is great in everything.

Jimmy talks to Paul about the celebrity bowling he and Oliver watched that featured Michael Douglas in 1971!

Michael Douglas – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000140/?ref_=fn_al_nm_2

55 – Jimmy and Oliver rewatched The Game recently. Both enjoyed!

They also went to see The Philadelphia Story together!

Seeing former high school/school friends at shows.

60 – Paul tries to remember what he did before he started in Hollywood. He worked in dispatch and screwed up constantly. It was a summer gig.

Martin Sheen confused Paul for Tim Roth in Selma.

1h5m – Jimmy talks about a conversation he had with someone who thought he was Jimmy Kimmel. Paul has a story where someone thought he was Joe Montana.

1h10m – Paul is just now realizing Joe Rogan was on News Radio.

Jimmy tells Paul about Mel Brooks making he and Oliver laugh.

Paul’s kids are funny and it makes him very proud!

Paul talks about exposing his kid to comedy albums when he was Oliver’s age and listening to and meeting Bill Cosby. This was YEARS ago. His song got a hug from him. Years later, Paul heard his son telling the story to his friends and when he mentioned the hug his friend asked what happened next and his response: “I don’t know I blacked out.” We all laugh.

1h15m – Jimmy and Paul talk about their kids getting into showbusiness.

Paul’s kids are “finding themselves.”

1h20m – Trivia time!

Category: Games & Toys
Question:.Since 1932 every year in West Sussex England, a tournament is played featuring what school yard game?

Jimmy got a lower measurement than he was expecting at the doc. 5’3 ¾.

Jimmy tells Paul about seeing Marty Sheen at a Patty LuPone show. Paul tells a Patty story from when he was filming Aliens in London and she was in town doing Les Mis. He told her he and his wife were crying during the show and she said, ‘I know. I saw you.”

1h25m – He saw her years later at a small event and she did Don’t Cry For Me Argentina twice in a row. The exact same way.

Paul share a Billy Crystal story about opening for Sammy Davis Jr.

1h30m – We’ll be right back!

We’re back! 3003! Paul Reiser is here!

Round the horn! Jimmy controls some sound drops!

Lots of Taskmaster!

Why deny the My Two Dads years, Paul?!

1h35m – Paul talks about the new show he’s part of: Reboot. His wardrobe lady was the same from My Two Dads.


My guess is Red Rover!

Hello Eliot! Units are renting! Rents are not going down, in fact the opposite.

His answer is hopscotch.

schoolyard vs school yard affected his guess.

1h40m – Matt’s guess is Hopscotch.

Paul’s guess is Beat up the new jewish kid. Really, Johnny On The Pony. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buck_buck

Jimmy puts $1000 on the line that Paul is wrong.

The answer is Marbles!

1h45m – Jimmy wins with the wager!

Paul talks about Mel Brooks on Mad About You.

He and Helen went to Mel’s office and asked him on their knees to be on the show.

Anne Bancroft came and watched the show get shot.

Paul’s got a lot going on later this year!

1h50m – Jimmy hasn’t been to Cleveland since 1990.

Trivia Results:
Category: Games & Toys
Question:. Since 1932 every year in West Sussex England, a tournament is played featuring what school yard game?

Garon: Red Rover (20 pts)
Eliot: Hopscotch (25 pts)
Matt: Hopscotch (16 pts)
Paul Reiser: Johnny On The Pony (12 pts)
Jimmy: Kickball (11 pts) – Winner (Wager)

The answer is Marbles.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole