2925 – Making faces with Mindy Sterling

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 2925 – Mindy Stirling


00 Welcome in! 

I’m already laughing. 


I vacuumed! 

Who spilled coffee? 

Jon Ross Bowie or Rich Sommer?


Season finale! Join up in Platinum now and get the hot new perks! 

Jimmy has a story to share! 

Happy birthday, Danielle! 

We’re talking about the Whitney Cummings tweet – https://twitter.com/WhitneyCummings/status/1490312297117589504?s=20&t=5iSVfF20fbWQygVa_FdG5Q


Sorry David! Jimmy opens the package he brought. 

It’s custom baseball cards?!

Jimmy talks about David having to live away from his newborn due to covid. 


15 – Thanks David!

Jimmy goes back to the story about dinner with the in-laws. 

Oliver did his own version of Jimmy’s voicemail to this restaurant. 

“Give us a shout about those rezzies!”  

20 – I go get our guest and return to How To Survive talk. 

Matt talks about his sister dropping hot bacon grease on her head. 

Jimmy and family went to see Moonfall. It might be the worst movie he’s seen in his life. Worse than Halloween Kills. 

25 – Popcorn spilling everywhere at the theater. 

There was a soccer tournament this weekend in Grananda Hills. Super windy! 

Matt explains the outcome of the tournament. 

Is the season over?! Matt hopes so. 

Mindy Sterling is here! 

It’s been forever! 

35 – Jeff Garlin is confirmed gone! 

Stephanie Courtney is Flo and is also on The Goldbergs. Her character is inexplicably there. She apparently has no kids or anything 

Mindy shares her Joe Rogan thoughts. 

Mindy thinks her son might be a secret Joe Rogan fan. 

40 – How does a CEO navigate the type of situation. 

Mindy doesn’t listen! 

Brief Trump talk. 

Too much Mindy Sterling! 

Mindy talks about the video she sent about being on the show. 

45 – Lots of Goldbergs talk! 

Jimmy Fallon is hosting Password?! 


Jimmy wants to be on The Goldbergs! 

We’ll be right back! 

Welcome back! 2925 with Mindy Sterling! 

Mindy’s hair looks wonderful! 

50 – Talking Righteous Gemstones! 

Talking Danny McBride shows. 

Talking Cathy Ladman! 

Mindy and Cathy talk every day!

55 – Hair talk! 

Jimmy had to show off his haircut to a bunch of nurses because they didn’t believe he did it himself. 

The science is in, Jimmy is 5’4 exactly. Matt measured! 

60 – Face care talk! 

Mindy talks about Jimmy’s genes. 

Jimmy’s gonna ask about whether his medications are causing his new issues. 

Mindy thinks Todd Glass is funny. She loves Stand up and is a fan of Last Coming Standing. 

1h5m – Mindy did not have to audition for The Goldbergs. She talks about auditioning now and all of them being self-taped. 

Mindy talks about her experiences with auditioning and casting agents. 

1h10m – Mindy talks about where she grew up and where her family lives. 

Covid and allergies! 

Testing talk! 

1h15m –  Mindy talks about her condition, lymphedema, and why she has to get shots in her left arm. 

Eliot hasn’t had any kind of illnesses since March 2020. 

We are not doctors.  

1h20m – It’s Trivia time!

Category: Remakes and Reboots

Question: What popular 80s film is based on an obscure film from 1948 called Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream Home?

Talking movies we can’t remember seeing.

Jimmy’s dived into Quincy M.E.! Again. 

1h25m – Was Walter Matthau an asshole? 

Mindy doesn’t mess with games on her phone. Matt teaches her what Wordle is. 

Jimmy is going to get an official height from his doctor. 

1h30m – Talking the Olympics! 



Jimmy got foot odor from Reebok, no other shoe. 

Mindy had no idea Joe Rogan got $100 million from Spotify. 

Podcast talk! We’re #1 in the hearts. 

1h40 – Matt pitches Mindy a podcast idea: Good Morning, Pretty! Mindy and Cathy giving daily affirmations. 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back! 

Jimmy’s just making Mindy laugh off air. 

Funny faces! 

Lotta grab ass during the break. 

Round the horn! 

Who are our sponsors?

1h45m – Mindy wants some free stuff from our sponsors.

Happy wife happy life! 

Jimmy 2/2 on birthday presents for Danielle this year! 

Talking receiving gifts. 

We’re gonna find an advertiser who sells bracelets just for Mindy!

My answer is The Money Pit!

C-Word talk! Someone said it on a Bonanza blooper.

1h50m – The Nut Shell! Eliot says The Money Pit.

Matt says The Money Pit

Jimmy: The Money Pit

Mindy made up a movie called Homewreck. 

Answer below! 

1h55m – Garon wins!

Mindy is doing sevens!

Jimmy gives to Mindy Sterling: 5 (Celebrities)

Talking Sevens scores! 

A joy! 

Watch for Mindy in a Super Bowl commercial! 

Matt suspects it’s Austin Powers related. 

Mindy wants to play five things with Jimmy. 

We’re done!

See you next time! 

Trivia Results: 

Category: Remakes and Reboots

Question:. What popular 80s film is based on an obscure film from 1948 called Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream Home?


Garon: The Money Pit (23 pts)

Eliot: The Money Pit  (2 pts)

Matt: The Money Pit (11 pts)

Mindy: Homewreck (5 pts)

Jimmy: The Money Pit (1 pts)

Answer: The Money Pit

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole