18X – Having a Summah with Howard Kremer

Howard Kremer

Howard Kremer

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


18 X – XTC

00 – Hello! Welcome in to 18X!

Jimmy’s got a pink donut in front of him. Happy 42 Jimmy!!!

It’s Jimmy’s birthday we’re recording on.

The guys talk about One to grow on and a pinch to grow an inch.

05 – Band-aids, spanking, Trump.

We’ve all been spanked in our lives.

A pinch to lose an inch! Nothing. Hey-oh!!

10 – Jimmy saw Planet of the Apes with Oliver and Danielle and his mom.

planet of the apes


The guys talk Apes and its ending. (One reason that the ending was spoiled for an entire generation, is that the “twist” scene became the picture for the video rental box! Idiots! – Darryl)

“Dad now this is a great movie but you have to admit it has its cheesy moments.” – Oliver

Apparently Oliver’s favorite movie is the new Ghostbusters!

Is Jimmy giving away a lot of money?! Oliver’s 2nd favorite movie? It sounds like upwards of 600 dollars in Jimmy’s pocket!

15 – No winner, apparently it’s Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I forgot Jimmy’s tea!!

Jimmy enjoyed Biden’s speech.

Charlie watches a robot show. Oliver is watching Backyardigans again.

Jimmy talks about some of the convention speeches.

Matt recounts an Andy Kindler joke about Dane Cook.

Jimmy and Matt talk Dane Cook.

20 – Jimmy talks about the appeal of comedians like Carlos Mencia, George Lopez, etc.

Russel Peters is Indian – 

Howard Kremer is here!

25 – We’re talking Latina comedians.

Jimmy suggests Howard mention him to George Lopez and strap it in for the reaction.

Maybe Jimmy can be on George Lopez’s show to reenact?

Jimmy gives some details about Lopez not wanting to even sit next to him at a comedy central event.

30 – Happy birthday Jimmy!

The comedian that Eliot was thinking of is Anjelah Johnson.

House Party – 

 – Kid
– Play

Finger still healing!

Finger still healing!

Jimmy’s main medical issue right now is his sliced open finger.

Howard is doing both Who Charted and his George Lopez work. He talks to Jimmy about working with Earwolf.

40 – LaBron James was at the Earwolf studios today. Apparently Katie Couric is on Earwolf now?

Talking studios with Howard.

Matt tells a quick story that relates to Howard’s use of “OG.” Matt went to the Art of Rap show which had a bunch of his favorite rap groups involved. He tells the tory about a guy coming on stage with Ice T and saying that OG meant Original Generation and then being an amazing dancer.

Ice-T was in Surviving The Game:

45 – Krem de la Kremer? Furture Howard Kremer album? Some kind of problem with that? Apparently he pitched a MadTV sketch called Krem de la Kreme and they thought it was too punny.

Jimmy thinks Lopez dislikes Carlos Mencia more than him.

50 – We’ll be right back!

Welcome back!

Jimmy’s standing up, he’s got a lower back issue.

Jimmy’s talking like popeye and it leads to an ice for Eliot.

Jimmy wonders if Matt sees Vanilla Ice at the High Hair Club.

Mr. Brooks – 

Going around the horn!

My word is XTC?! Did I win? Did I?!

55 – The first who charted show did NOT include Kulap! It was Howard and Steve Agee. Agee was the guest. They didn’t play clips either.

Phone talk. Howard has over 30k unread emails! It would drive Jimmy nuts.

Eliot’s X-word is X (the band). X opened for Pearl Jam once.



60 – Talking renting movies online.

Johnny depp time movie was Nick of Time.

Talking Jaws!

65 – More Jaws and birthday talk.

Jimmy talks about his inability to receive gifts. Matt talks about the hat he had made for him back in season one.

Howard asks about Jimmy’s man cave, a phrase that Jimmy hates because it makes him think about frat fucks.

He talks about his signed covers.

70 – Matt’s word was Xanadu after he charged it to Extreme which he thought might be spelled X-Treme.

Howard’s X word is Kings X. Not allowed. X-Ray Specs!



Howard wants Jimmy’s blessing on something Howard has started a new podcast and he wants Jimmy’s blessing on the title.

We’re gonna try and guess the title. It’s a way of addressing the audience.

No guesses.

It’s Hey Gang! Jimmy can’t take credit for it but he used to say it in his stand up back in the day.

Laurie Kilmartin calls the crowd, crowd.

75 – They talk about who else works with Howard at the Lopez show.

Talking about Pitbull remaking Heard it from a Friend, called Messin’ Around

Jimmy talks about seeing Jaws for the first time.

Howard says he ran out crying from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – 

Raiders of the Lost Ark – 

Matt ran out of the movie too scared to finish it.

80 – Matt talks about seeing it with his friend who shared a birthday and making him leave.

Matt’s still off facebook. His twitter usage has grown.

Howard describes facebook as a Civil War.

Howard’s brother is here!

Jimmy talks about having a picture of himself hanging at the Improv and finding out when someone took a picture of it to send it to him.

85 – Jimmy is verified on twitter! He apparently had someone impersonating him and tweeting at guests with homophobic tweets.

Jimmy talks about the reaction to him voting for Hillary Clinton.

Matt talks about the guest intern, nate, that used Howard as a celeb sighting.

90 – Howard gives Jimmy a Have A Summah sticker.

Eliot was panicing over Howard’s mic placement.

Howard talks about The Goldbergs naming their finale Have a SummER. Jack Threads named an event on their site Have a SummAH and Howard had to send a cease and desist.

95 – Howard retells a story he told us off the air. He talks about how he was dating a stripper at a time when his car broke down. She told him to go into a popeyes and he watched while she popped the hood and in seconds some guy showed up and fixed the car.

Jimmy and Howard talk Bob Odenkirk and the time he came into Jimmy’s record store.

100 – Howard talks about Michael Shannon hanging out at Largo and wanting Howard to teach him how to do Stand up.

Elvis and Nixon – 

The Winding Stream

Amber Rose talk!

Some Tickled talk.

Quick round of Sevens with Howard!

Jimmy gives to Howard Kremer: 18 (80s music)

Howard Kreme gives to Jimmy: 13 (70s music)

Great job on the show Howard!

His new show is called Hey Gang.

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth