1825 – Threading the Needle with Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Comedy Bang Bang

00 – Hello indeed! Last episode of the season!

1900s right around the corner!

Unbearably hot today.

Talking Shade!

MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile.

Jimmy (and I) use Sprint.

Why doesn’t anyone use MetroPCS?

Jimmy talks his sprint plan.

Why did Jimmy have to apologize at the movie theater?

Matt guesses that someone slighted Jimmy in a way that was non-existent.

05 – Jimmy saw Ghostbusters and enjoyed it.

He talks about the horrible traffic he fought to get there and giving up and walking.

[pardostory] He tells the story of the gorgeous couple behind him that bumped into him and then stayed right on top of him.

10 – Back it up!!

Jimmy finishes the story about how he apologized for yelling like an insane person.

Eliot talks about X and whether jimmy got the feeling from it from that gorgeous couple.

Some Ghostbusters talk. Lots of funny.

20 – Star Trek!

Lunar Cum?!

Alibaba Pictures – 

AbFab talk!

iPod talk.

Steve Jobs talk. Jimmy and Matt talk about the movie being about a guy realizing to spend more time with his daughter.

25 – Jimmy Danielle John Ross Bowie and Jamie Denbo went to see A Chorus Line. It was the full show.

Jimmy talks all the Hollywood Bowl shows he saw over the summer.

Matt went to Disneyland for his birthday!

Scott Aukerman is here!

Matt wants to explain something. This is the last Earwolf episode of the season.

XY and Z players clubs are coming too!

Jimmy wants a hand massage.


30 – Scott talks about his haircut. It’s 3 weeks in from horrible cut.

Talking stuff up the pee hole.

More on Scott’s hair.

Nothing worse that a bad haircut.

Scott talks about his hair cut and not liking long conversations during cuts. This one turned out to be a conversation about his cutter having a sugar daddy in Vegas.

Jimmy wants to know which Floyd’s Scott went to. He’ll tell him off air.

Scott passes on the massages.

35 – Jimmy would let a masseuse cut his hair?!

More penis hole talk!

Scott’s heading to Australia soon! He’s got some shows down there and no personal time unfortunately.

1982-twilight-zoneScott’s dad was in the King Kong remake?! He flew a helicopter in the movie.

Twilight Zone The Movie accident – 

Scott and the gang talk helicopters.

40 – Scott’s dad was in the National Guard in Vietnam. He learned to fly helicopters and volunteers a year or so before the draft because he heard the pilots were better jobs than being on the ground.

Scotty A is here! He’s not taking time away, he’s happy to be here!

Jimmy sings some songs.

Scott wonders why Jimmy is dressed like a bad news bear or a battle of the network stars contestant.

We’ll be back!

45 – We’re back!


Jimmy is asking Scott to please shut it.

Guy auditioning for a blind guy is here!

Talking blind people and eyes.

50 – Party talk!

Some blind comedians?

Victor Varnado, Chris McCausland, Jamie MacDonald, Brian Fischler, Gord Paynter, and Callum Stoneman

Jimmy turning 42!

Chicago talk! Da queers!

Eliot explains why he was late to Jimmy’s party and early to a party at Pat’s.

Eliot went to a movie and so he was late also he got me.

55 – Happy birthday Matt! And Scott!

Matt went to Disneyland on his birthday with a bunch of Brownies.

It was very crowded for Matt at Disney.

60 – Lotta rides for Matt!

Jay Leno impressions!

Jimmy thinks Jay Leno knows everything that he’s said about him on stage, etc.

Andy Kindler helped Jay Leno when he saw his car had broken down as recounted in episode 703.

703 – Andy Kindler

65 – talking actors who were second choices for parts.

Jimmy gets a lot of Spin To Win shout outs! Scott calls that a deep cut of Jimmy’s career.

Scott gets us a new character!

Sigphrase and roy!

70 – Tigerbeat –

Bop Magazine – 

Shoulda been buyin!

Uriah Heap

Scott’s last concert was Weird Al.

He’s not seeing Legacy bands and thinks Radiohead is getting close to that status.

75 – Jimmy and Scott talk Spice Girls getting paid $14mill each for a reunion show.

Matt asks about the Sting/Peter Gabriel show.


Scott talks about seeing Patty LuPone and her singing right to him and Kulap. Jimmy says the same thing about when they saw her.

80 – Jimmy’s got some neck pain and Scott asks if he wants to go to Floyd’s.

Talking hair cuts! Scott has hair/make-up do his hair when CBB is shooting. When it isn’t, he has to find someone.

Mic stands talk!

85 – Mika – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mika_(singer)



Cher talk! Nick Cannon talk!

Expose’s forbidden fruit: A married comedian.

We’ll be back!

90 – Welcome back! It’s 10 to 4! Almost 420? The guys talk about it.

Vaping talk!

EJUICE?! http://eliquid.com/pages/what-is-eliquid

OJ’s son a killer? http://theunredacted.com/oj-simpson-a-killer-in-the-family/

It’s time for sevens!!

95 – Talking game shows. Scott loves Family Feud and Steve Harvey the host.


Jimmy gives to Scott Aukerman: (Stand-Ups)

Scott Aukerman gives to Matt: 23 (Movies Comedy)

We’re done!

Duuuuudddeeeeeee gbye!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth