18W – Making Change with Keith Stubbs

Keith Stubbs

Keith Stubbs

In studio notes by Guest Intern Julie Dixon Jackson
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


5. It’s 102 degrees outside. Matt walked to get his lunch and is now a mush mouth.

10. Introducing “Garon for a day” Julie Dixon Jackson. Talk about theatre and Jimmy likes the term “slammed shut”

15. Evita Talk. Evita singalong. (Julie should have warmed up). There is more talk of Matt’s tostada.

20. Talking about “Superstar”. Who played Pilate?

25. Keith has arrived. He is cleaning his glasses.

Jesus Christ Superstar30. Back to the cast of “Superstar”. Pilate was played by James O’Neill. Jimmy is talking about a Christian Radio show.

35. Jimmy talks about “filters”. He doesn’t like it when people use them. Talks about Gas Station attendant who gave him too much change.

40. Jimmy opens Oliver’s gift. He asks about Julie’s kids as well as Keith’s kids. He has many- of varying ages because he is from Utah.

45. Red Hat ladies? They’re just there to live their life to the fullest.


46. Jimmy talks about using his phone as a magnifying glass. Asks how to pronounce Loratadine. Is there a magnifying glass app?

50.What is that golf course near SLC airport? Apparently it’s closing.


Young Tom Jones

Young Tom Jones

55. Keith tells story about Wayne Newton. His voice is really shot- but the veterans love him. There is talk about Tom Jones.

60. “Ooh, he went grey.” Matt would like Tom Jones if he just gave him a chance. Young people go to his shows. Matt WILL NOT read his book.

1:05. Elliot wins $5.00 for guessing “Wham!” He is wearing day-glo colors. Matt guessed “Winger”.

1:10. Keith had Filet Mignon for lunch for the first time. He likes it medium-well. He met a lot of agents this week. Shmoozing is uncomfortable.

1:15 Keith talks about a female comedian who sold lots of tickets at Wiseguys. He “handed” her to an Agent in LA. She is HUGE now.

1:20 Jimmy says the local comics at Wiseguys treat the headliners with respect. The greenroom is beautiful.

1:25 There is talk about WW1. There is talk about an Illinois Airforce Base. There is more talk about golf courses.

1:30 Keith thinks Elliot’s joke was not that bad.


1:35 Celebrity with Matt’s birthday has initials G.C. It’s Geraldine Chaplin. I guessed it after many clues.

1:40 More famous birthdays. Talk about Sanjay Gupta, Tony Robbins and Joel Osteen.


1:45 Keith is not a fan of documentaries. He liked “The Shallows.”

1:50 Keith and Jimmy’s kids both went to Second City Summer Camp. Jimmy missed the final show.

1:55 Matt guesses that Keith’s celebrity sighting at Second City was Will Ferrell. No. John Favreau? No

2:00 It was Bob Odenkirk.

2:05 Keith had another celebrity sighting a couple of days ago at a new Italian restaurant across from Canters. He calls her a “starlet”- but she is about 40. She was swilling red wine.

2:10 She had a VERY FAMOUS boyfriend. We guess everyone but Cameron Diaz. It was Cameron Diaz.

2.15 More celebrities who share Jimmy’s birthday. There’s talk about Xavier Hollander. Beatrix Potter. Wrapping up.