1824 – Shutting Up Your Face with CeCe Pleasants

CeCe Pleasants

CeCe Pleasants

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell, Return of the Intern
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hey! Hey! Welcome in 1824! Seasons winding down! Sutherland is here! Cougars abound? Cuthbert in a cave?

Jimmy looks like he is wearing scrubs.

Jimmy’s in a V-neck and talking about fires.

I’m back!!!!

Nate Jones talk.

Interns talk

05 – Amber Rose talk!

I give out my business card.

Shaddupa you face – Wikipedia

10 – Jimmy and Oliver went to see Weird Al! Had a great time! Saw some great people there, including Patton Oswalt and Brian Poehsen, which caused someone in the audience to “lose their shit.” Jimmy talks about it. Oliver LOVED it. Jimmy found him to be a little weird.

Oliver’s joke: their number was 381 and when Jimmy asked him their number Oliver said “381” and then yelled out “Number four!”

15 – Jimmy ranks the cast!

Johnathon Jackson is 5’8’’
Hayden is 5’

Ross talk!

Finger healing

Finger healing

20 – Jimmy’s finger is healing.

Talking about The Nightmare –

Box talk!

NNF-Mail call copy

Jimmy’s opening a box from Becky Frasier!

Eliot’s laugh is piercing and horrible according to Jimmy.

Lots of batteries!

25 – CeCee gets some papers tossed at her!

Thanks Interstate Batteries!

30 – CeCe Pleasa

35 – Shaddap your face KRS One –

Shaddap Your Face Lou Monte –

Dr. Demento NOT a real doctor!


Were back! Jimmy and CeCe sing some Shaddap a you to Master of the House.

How much for jimmy to slice his leg open?!

Jimmy bites a good story. – Matt referring to something that happened to Jimmy in texts with CeCe.

Amber Rose talk.

The Garon Cockpit!!

Road Strange!

40 – talking high school loves. “Christy banged CeCe didn’t.” – CeCe on HS boyfriend. She talks about being a nerd.

45 – Schnapps – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schnapps

Im here! Lights out is good!


The Familiare is hopping.

Eliot tells his Ross story by prefacing that its not a great story.
Eliot revealed he hasn’t banged in 3 years. He’s got a date tonight so he wants to put in a little effort so he went to Ross.

50 – It’s an online date so taking slow.

CeCe says she got her husband off of craigslist.

Joe Dolce https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Dolce

Vice Principals – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3766376/

Eliot continues his Ross story.

You gotta go to a Marshall’s for a suit coat according to Jimmy.

55 – Apparently this Ross was mostly women’s clothing.

CeCe talks about Prince and getting sympathy for his death. Jimmy mentions the guy who’s cousin worked with Dennis Farina’s father.

[pardostory] Jimmy tells a story about making a joke sympathy for Steve Allen’s death to someone who took it seriously and thanked him for it.

Eliot continues his story. He gave up on Ross and heads over to TJ Maxx where he could get the Max for the minimum.

60 – Matt says the show is meme proof.

Eliot continues. The clerk asked him if he found everything okay and Eliot said no, the guy told him to go to Marshalls. Eliot went to H&M.

Jimmy’s angered by the H&M belt room at the Fox Hills mall.

65 – Jimmy talks about how much he cried when Jimmy Smitz died on NYPD Blue. CeCe cried a lot when Kurt Vonnegut died.

Disney song talk.

Circle of Life:

Pocahontas – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocahontas_(1995_film)

[pardostory] Jimmy went to see Peter Gabriel and Sting at the Hollywood Bowl. There was a guy coking/tweaking out in front of them in line, “next in the queue! Next in the queue!” He was not British.

Jimmy told someone to go fuck themselves after he snapped at Jimmy and Danielle for talking to the guy behind the counter.

70 – CeCe describes a mustache as the Macho Chacho.

Eliot was late because of his trip to the fox hills mall for this sport coat.

Jimmy recommends Uniqlo – 

Eliot scolded for not going to Marshals.

75 – Good luck on the date Eliot!

Jimmy asks Eliot if he ever thought about going to a bar and finding someone just so he could, “shoot his load.”

Talking Eliot’s date.

Where does this lady live? Is it Area E? – Jimmy.

80 – CeCe talks about hipsters.

Jimmy finishes the horn and introduces our guest!

CeCe went to Universal Studios yesterday. She and her friend went to Harry Potter land together. She enjoyed it and got a little sunburnt.

She talks more about Harry Potter land and waiting in lines and rides. Matt talks about his experience with riding the Hogwarts ride.

85 – Jimmy wonders if we were in a break after listening to CeCe and Matt talking about the Harry Potter ride.



Students belonging to this house are known to be hard-working, friendly, loyal, honest and rather impartial

Suicide Squad talk.

90 – Jimmy wants a modern day version of the 60s batman series.

Jimmy talks about the character people on Hollywood Blvd.

Stepping in poo and slipping talk. It happened to me.

Matt says I am a real life Charlie brown.

CeCe is not related to Donald Pleasance.

Laurie KILmartin and Paul GILmartin are not related.

We’ll be back!

95 – We’re back! Jimmy takes care of some business. Good luck David! Andrew and everyone this show helps, we’re happy we can be here for you!

Best of luck to everyone out there going through a tough time.

Jimmy delivers a Lisa Best joke that he loved. http://lisabestcomedy.com/

“Every tells me it’s gonna get better but they said the same thing about Bloodline.”

Some live shows are coming up! Phoenix, AZ! Stand Up Live. Drive in! Burbank CA! 5PM Thursday slot.

CeCe and Jimmy should be better friends he says. Ted Sullivan talk.

Chicago live as well! Jimmy’s doing a show in Frisco, An Evening with Crowd Work and Stories.

105 – ID4 talk.

Jimmy talks about Oliver’s reaction to Bill Pullman showing up clean shaven at some point in ID42.

Masturbation talk.

Here are some boats – http://www.boattrader.com/browse/pleasure-boats

110 – Jimmy enjoys Small World at Disneyland. He finds it relaxing. CeCe and Jimmy explain Small World to Matt.

Sunshine and Rain – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunshine_and_Rain_(song)

Oran Juice Jones – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oran_%22Juice%22_Jones


115 – CeCe Sevens!!

Jimmy gives to CeCe Pleasants: (music)

CeCe Pleasants gives to Jimmy: 0 (Broadway)

Unexpected musical loving gas station guy!

Nathan Lane played Nathan Detroit in the 1992 Broadway version of Guys and Dolls.


120 – We’re done!

jimmytattooJimmy’s showing the shark part of his tatt.

Hamilton talk. Eliot started listening to it. Gives us his thoughts.

Back to Eliot’s Ross story and back to Hamilton.

God forbid Jimmy give a compliment!

We’re done again!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Sad Sack Black