18V – Driving Stick with Jimmy and the Boys

Guest intern as star of the photo? WTF?

Guest intern as star of the photo? WTF?

In studio notes by Nate Jones
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


Jimmy starts by singing Blue Daze from Wild Blue

Jimmy and Matt begrudgingly admit that fans like Garon

Jimmy contemplates retiring Cajun Jimmy after doing it in Philadelphia but ultimately decides it still works

Matt comments that Cajun Jimmy is becoming Frank Underwood like

Jimmy and Matt agree it’s really cool that Matt Walsh got an Emmy nomination

Lot of general Hamilton talk including how the Mixtape looks like a money grab

Jimmy and Nate discuss how they first met in Fairview Heights

They talk a little about Mizzou

They talk about his girlfriend, Casey and his loser high school friends


Elliot is trying to plan a potluck at the Familiare, Jimmy suggests doing a live NNF from there

The V word is Vangelis, Matt for it right.

Jimmy opens mail from Don that are pictures featuring both real and fake signatures of everyone NNF supports

Jimmy and Elliot discuss how they need to hang the new poster

Jimmy and Elliot are convinced there’s a Rosey from Jetsons being an umpire due to the idea that robots may replace umpires in real life

Jimmy, Matt and Elliot discuss the Bernstein Bears pronunciation controversy and if it’s because of time travel

Jimmy talks about Matt’s wife Facebook post about their son saying “bastard”

After Chazz Palminteri is discussed Nate looks up if Chas is short for Charles

Old_box_telephoneNate has a disappointing Howard Kremer celebrity sighting

Jimmy and Matt take calls

The first call backed Nate up on Howard Kremer being a celebrity

Someone recommended Voxtrot, everyone liked them

Two scientists call, one was a PhD student researching something similar to restless leg syndrome who confirmed that LSD is taken under the tongue.

Jenn called from Tampa and has gators in her lake

(Yep, that’s it. – Darryl)