1823 – OD Fire with Amber Rose

Amber Rose

Amber Rose

In studio notes by Jay Patrick Spaulding
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Eliot condescends to Matt

Jay isn’t vegan

Liezl eats dogs off the street

What animal would you eat off the street?

Jimmy was in Philly, what happened to hid finger?

“Abbey Jew Jew”

Flying in Sunday to go to the Angels/white Sox game

Jimmy’s electric car talk

Jimmy is not a meteorologist

Jimmy is not enjoying the game

[pardostory] What’s up blue guy?

Jimmy Jay walks…(police siren)

Lin-Manuel Miranda in the title role of the musical "Hamilton" at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.Hamilton song break

Jimmy made fun of himself and got out of a ticket

Jimmy reaches into his car and rips the skin off his finger producing a geyser of blood

Jimmy is a member of the human race

24 hour fitness scene

Hamilton reference

Jimmy’s finger won’t stop bleeding

Counter guy is an a hole

Jimmy is home and his finger is still bleeding

Jimmy goes to the ER

Jimmy wasted 4 hours of his life, he found the skin and can’t figure out how??

Wasted day, wasted nights

Jimmy hates Billy Joel

Finger amputated

Finger amputated

Finger care

Jimmy tried to help his finger and messed it up

Jimmy gives Eliot the finger

Kids tricks are dumb

Swearing in songs

Cockrell’s back, alright!

Swear talk

Dave Holmes mention

Dave Holmes book talk

Who talk

Guessing Jimmy’s second most boring show

Vehicle sing along

1982 band guessing game

Amber walks in
w/ joseph-assistant, Bib G-security

Amber’s glasses

Amber’s show Friday night at 11 on VH1

Jimmy explains the booking

Eye talk

Big B sold phones

Booking explanation

Brian McCan didn’t get amber into conan

White Castle, no thank you (DELICIOUS, you blasphemer! -Darryl)


Crazy fans

Slut walk is sic


Makeup talk

Joseph , from Houston, the assistant, muva the emoji are fucking fire

Muva = mother on the east coast

Drug talk

Big B from Miami, the cuban pappi, grew up playing baseball
pitcher. first baseman, started to sell phones to help support phones

Big B talks a lot in the car

Nice security

Big B cooking show

Jimmy’s food issues

Jimmy introduces Amber
-The Amber Rose show
-How to Be a Bad Bitch the book

Belknap should sext his wife

Amber dictates to Matt a gateway sext

Sooley? is great

Amber is taking over Love Lines

Matt’s wife text back “Who has your phone”

Auntie Angel anal story

Anal is a lot of work

“Grapefruit” talk

Aunt for ant

Bash talk

Leash talk

Joseph talk
-Bash “look at my butt”

Bash is from Cruel Intentions

Oliver name talk

Philly talk, segregated

Cape Verdian descent

Amber hasn’t seen Rocky

Amber wants a white boyfriend

Joseph notices the white guys who like Amber

Dropped the juice”

heroin for the sniffles

Amber gets comedy, focusing in on the one bad comment

Jimmy wants to make out

Tie your shoes

Muva in action


Joseph assistant talk

Celebrity sighting

Jimmy texting Matt about the celebrity

Amber asks questions


Amber gets it “Charles Barkley”

Charles Barkley story from Amber

Wait Belknap

Charles Barkley handed Amber $100 for a calling card

Amber talks about her show and the playmate who body shamed the women at the gym

Amber will talk KK and Taylor friday at 11 on VH1

Jimmy is good at plugging

Amber had to sing salt& peppa

Wrapping up

Grapefruit video viewing

Jimmy goes around the horn to end the show