18T – Parking on the Dance Floor with Dan Telfer.

Dan Telfer

Dan Telfer

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome to 18T! Eliot’s recording in various places and Jimmy’s got friends in low places.

And we’ve never forgiven Garth for Chris Gaines.

Eliot wonders if Chris Gaines or Sasha Fierce did a tour together. To full iciness. (Eff them! That is an awesome joke. -Darryl)

We talk about my possible last show.

Matt is in denial and Jimmy now has hysterical blindness.

Cock talk!

Paula Abdul talk.

05 – Thanks for listening players club! Jimmy can’t remember what he was going to tell you.

Matt and Jimmy talk about release dates and record dates.

Jimmy’s got some new shoes.

Lamp controversy!

Hoka Shoes – 

10 – Jimmy talks about his shoes. They might be big and he hasn’t run in them yet.

Shoes talk! Shopping online after shopping in store talk.

Michael Kosta – 

Noah, Steve Hollander’s son, is a fantastic golfer apparently.

15 – Jimmy talks golf with Matt.

Conan Golf outing talk.

Golf-excuse-providing tendonitis

Golf-excuse-providing tendinitis

Jimmy’s tendinitis was acting up so he did not do well.

20 – Dan Telfer is here! So many connections to the show!

Dan’s dad really wants him on the show!

Dan takes off and commits to the bit.

[pardostory] Jimmy follows up (strong word) on the old man golf course story. He talks about it. Oliver, Jimmy, and his dad went together.

This guy wouldn’t let them on the course and was being a DICK.

“That guy was really rude, dad.” – Oliver

30 – Which Wich talk.

Eliot wonders about the smell in the area where the culver city location was. HE thinks it smells like sewage.

Talking about these new subway style pizza places.

Jimmy talks Napoleon Complexes.

Efren Ramirez – 

35 – lamenting the loss of The Grinder.

Fred Savage talk.

Dan talks about his hair and tries to talk like me.

Jimmy and Dan talk about Dan’s battle with cancer.

His hair is growing back a different color.

He is done with chemo and had a scan today to see how he is doing.

Talking verifying Jimmy.

40 – Dan’s got the twitter 411 on why some Podunk town’s weatherman gets verified.

Jimmy wants to be a weatherman guys!

Jimmy’s great with a prompter, horrible with cue cards.

Jimmy’s new goal is weatherman in Victorville!

Dan gives us the ways to get verified.

Jimmy lost interest midway though it.

45 – Dan Telfer is here! We might wrestle?

This episode airs July 10?

We’ll be right back! Jimmy’s gotta pee.

Welcome back!

Like a hot tub get in here!

18 Triumph! He’s changing it! New word.

50 – NJC – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Jack_City_(soundtrack)

No parking on the dance floor!

Toto is not correct!


Lego talk!

55 – http://www.lego.com/en-us/elves

Jezebel.com is the new takedown for Matt.

Dan and Matt debate Lego Friends for girls.

Here is the yacht that infuriates Matt – 

60 – Dan’s kids are 8 and 4.

Lorie Grenier owns a yacht.

65 – From a top ten fringe hit Bumper Sticker The Musical: Eliot Hochberg is here!

I Heart was not the right choice for this award ceremony.

Thin Lizzie is Eliot’s word.

Jimmy talks about the broadway tribute to Orlando.

What’s next for Eliot’s stage career? He has no idea.

70 – Bernie Bro talk.

Who’s Jim Reeves? – Dan

Jimmy sings us some Jim Reeves.

Elise got her “woman card” from Hilary.

75 – Jimmy talks to Dan about his father.

Former guest Paul Gilmartin grew up in Homewood.

Matt’s word was Toad The Wet Sprocket! No winner.

Jimmy talks about them not doing PCAT because they were in Santa Barbara.

Jimmy and Dan talk about Dan’s father.

80 – Dan talks about not liking nostalgia.

Let’s get Donnie T in there!

Dan refers to Donald Trump as “that strange rat.”

Matt goes back to lego.


Rich Dad Poor Dad is by Robert T. Kiyosaki

85 – Dan talks about the Trump conference call thing. 

Talking Trump on SNL.

90 – Donald Trump is the media equivalent of roaches.

Dan’s T word Three Dog Night!

No winner!

Is there better music education in Canada?

Here is the youtuber Dan was talking about –


Escaping Robot?

Dan has pitched a few shows to Science Channel and they wanted none of them.

95 – Dan talks about going to see the Bozo show live!

Dan wonders if he’d ever walked past a record store where jimmy was fucking someone in.

Talking 80s!

KB Toys:

More connections to Dan!

Jimmy talks about dating Pam, someone Dan knew, and tells a story about how he and Jimmy Dore ruined a party. We were going to call her but apparently no one has her number.

Jokes and Notes closed. No one knows what that is.

Jimmy and Dan talk audiences, bombing, and performing for specific types of audiences.

Dan tells a story about bombing. He wont name who this headliner was but they were always high and had a hooker back stage.

Jimmy knows who it is now and has only heard good things about this guy.

110 – more talking about this comedian.

Jimmy tells a story about doing a show with Guy Torre.

115 – Apparently you cant say spaz in the UK.

Eliot chimes in on Trump using the election for earning money.

We’re done! Great job Dan!

Eliot’s life: The Third Wheel. Great name for his one-man show.

Should Eliot do a Jim Croce one-man show?

Eliot’s 60s Batman villain would be The Stickler.

More Bernie talk.

No buy no fly! Flip-flop those – Jimmy.

Dan talks about getting a upgrade to first class

The Kindly Brontosaurus move:


Dan tells us about the myth of the brontosaurus.

Apparently triceratops aren’t real either.

Jimmy wants to end the show but Dan refuses to allow it!

We’re done! Jimmy’s on board with Dan’s rage at Matt.

Business write off for political campains!

Dinner with Hilary? Worth $2700.

See you next time guys!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth