1822 – Name Dropping with David Wild

David Wild

David Wild

In studio notes by Andrew Wild
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Jimmy misses the buttons and starts to sing Iron Maiden

I am introduced, Garren is not welcomed back

Jimmy is home alone, family in Tulsa. The rice cooker is very scary

05 – Dead skin on Jimmy’s microphone is causing a brouhaha.

Elliot and Jimmy can not catch a screw, Matt and I can. Or maybe Elliot can’t throw

I discuss my major and my mother’s fandom is brought up

10 – Matt’s vacation to the east coast is discussed

hamiltonZoe loves Hamilton, and Matt is done with Facebook. Deleting the app was terrific

Jimmy saw a redhead making out with her boyfriend outside his house

Jimmy tries to give out Roald Dahl books

Intelligent/Information Dance Music

15 – PBS will not air Hamilton, but they will do a doc

Rent got a movie after 10 years, so fast

Matt regrets not listening to Hamilton sooner

Jimmy doesn’t approve of Matt’s kids listening to Hamilton

20 – I play Boards of Canada, Jimmy doesn’t approve

There’s no such thing as moral shopping

Jimmy forgot 9/11, and today is 7/11. The day Aaron Burr shot Hamilton

Live show in Chicago, Rosemont Zanie’s

25 – Beautiful, the Carole King “jew-box” musical. Rave reviews

The City, the unsuccessful King album, right before she peaked with Tapestry
David’s first joke bombs

David calls “Motown” the musical a whitewash, Matt and Jimmy are offended

Nepotism comes up, I feel tense

30- Father daughter dances are definitely creepy

We’re the first Rockwell Gordy podcast

Michael McDonald great SNL sketch. Doobie Brothers on What’s Happening

35- Hamilton made Matt sad on the way back from home

Lin-Manuel Miranda in the title role of the musical "Hamilton" at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.So hard to avoid the coverage and only listen to the music

Lamar Odom’s IDM album

Elliot says “Somebody’s Watching Me” went to #1. David says #3. Fran #2, I go #4. Jimmy says #9, Matt says #1, but has to take #5.

40 – No one can guess that “Jump” was a #1 song in 1984

David tells story about getting into a fight with David Lee Roth, Jimmy doesn’t want to hear it

Years ago, David was in David Lee Roth’s father’s bar, Roth shows up, David is forbidden to talk with him by Eddie.

45 – “Trying to get a word in edgewise” with David Lee Roth during his radio show

Roth confronts my father after all these years at Billboard Music Awards

Matt gets a case of the mush mouth

David name drops Chris Isaak as a friend

50 – David and Fran had first date at Van Halen, Fran gets to meet Valerie Bertinelli, sees Roth showering.

Eddie likes to vape in studio with L.L Cool J, David doesn’t know what it is, and neither do I

I have to confront that I don’t like Chicago

55 – We go around the horn, David makes a poor incest joke

Jimmy asks me if I bang around at college while I’m with my parents

LMFAO are old guys

60 – Jimmy explains the Mark and Brian morning radio split

Jimmy and David argue over Chicago’s manager

Jimmy defends Chicago’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl

65 – Chicago is repped by a mafioso apparently

Borderline Doc Talk, no theme song

David tries to explain what a phone is

70 – We all love Love&Mercy

David wants to know about Jimmy’s time at MCA, Jimmy tells how he got hired

75 – David says MCA rejects first version of Tom Petty’s “Full Moon Fever”

David said no to getting high with Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn, and George Harrison

Beatles gift exchange in front of George Harrison

80 – David calls Ringo the nicest guy in music

David and Jimmy discuss the hottest Jews of all time (their wives)

David and I ignored Jon Hamm when we met The Gang

85 – Jon Hamm kills at SketchFest, bombs at the Emmy’s

David discusses writing Tom Bergeron’s Emmy’s

He also wrote the James Franco Oscar’s, not his only time bombing an award show

90 – David tried to stop Bergeron’s improv monologue

Neil Patrick Harris holds a grudge

The Gang visited the Familiare, wonder if Rockwell could live there
Opening at the Familiare

Jimmy and David duet on a love song to a horse

95 – We all get to fuck teenagers when Donny T is in office

Jimmy and David bash Pat’s music taste

Jimmy and Fran disagree on Bon Jovi

Jimmy is mad that Bon Jovi did some nice things

100 – Name that tune, Chicago edition

Old Days or Roses, Chicago fan doesn’t know the name of his favorite song

David is mocked for name dropping, but Jimmy and Matt like the stories

105 – What Chicago liner notes did David do

David hosts a Swingers reunion, is mistaken for a swinger

Dirty Carson sees the Beach Boys

David was cut out of Popstar

110 – Jimmy commiserates over being cut out of Dreamgirls

Jimmy thinks Matt doesn’t know Gloria Gaynor did “I Will Survive”

Stevie Nicks loves David, and she makes a great prime rib

115 – David started with Esquire, went to Rolling Stone, fell into T.V

Jimmy is from T.V!

120 – David and Fran love Bon Jovi, saw Paula Abdul on an early date

David tries to defend music while MC Scatt Cat is in the background

125- Lou Reed kissed David on the lips for making him money

Dave Grohl is a prompter natural, and likes to improvise

Pee Wee Herman, straight or not?
David is a reluctant tennis champion

My pleasure,