1819 – Blowing Up with Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 –3-2-1 blast off guys! 1819!

Matt’s taking a two week trip back east with family! He talks logistics of who and how to visit everyone.

Dan Folgelberg talk.

Jimmy plays song Longer for us.

Matt knows these.

05 – Tons of Dan Folgelberg songs and talk.

10 – Jimmy talks going to see A Chorus Line with Jon Ross Bowie and the wives.

Turn Garon Around.

15 – Nick Jonas – 

Talking Chorus Line Cast and versions of the show.

Country Hip-Hop –

Girl gets doll with Prosthetic leg –

25 – Maria Bamford is here!

Singing Boston!

dynamiteLotta filth in her new show.

Supermen talk!

Lady Dynamite talk. Maria wins!!

Maria’s here!

We’re opening mail!

30 – The mail is here!

NNF-Mail call copy

Jimmy’s doing the slow low blade bit and Maria interrupts it.

Matt talks about buzzing people in.

We have no idea who sent us this package of shirts.

“The guys get shirts” shirts.

Thanks listener!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing


35 – We’re back!

Matt confirms he will suck it when he learns Eliot needs the beep.

Jimmy talks about how we have a lot of female listeners who drag their husbands to his shows.

Watch Lady Dynamite!

40 – Maria gives her ideas for future seasons of LD including other people playing her.

I’m Not There – 

Maria enjoyed a Soy Milk Latte.

Maria does Drop Box.

Round the horn!

Crowd Work talk!

Same ol same ol talk.

45 – Career and Grad school talk!

Going Through The Motions: The Garon Cockrell Story


Lazy Lip.

Jimmy talks the joke machine with Maria.

55 – Jackie Kashian joke about getting one bullet delivered from pink dot.

NNF Doc?

Closing night of Bumper Sticker The Musical as people listen!

Jimmy’s dad is coming to town, Matt’s going out of town, and so am I!

Jimmy and Matt talk schedules.

“You want the black.”

Jimmy has a question for Eliot that Maria can contribute to.

Clorine –


60 – Cloris Leachman talk.

3 Feet from Comedy doc?!

Great staff at St Louis Funny Bone.

65 – Maria talks about her museum shop etiquette. She just touches everything and GETS OUT.

Maria talks about her openers. Jackie Kashian is her exclusive opener unless she cant do it and then it’s a local comic, female preferred.

She talks her dates.

She talks about bipolar traveling and discovering hobbies may have been mania.

Maria talks about her new album, “20%,” which is not on AST Records guys. She calls it an “epic try.”

70 – Maria doesn’t get notes, they go to her manager Bruce, who is also Jimmy’s manager.

She talks about Bruce.

Maria talks about the writers room and the collaborative effort of the writers room.

75 – Talking more about Bruce vs Bruce in life or in Lady Dynamite.

She tells us a goofy Bruce story.

Jimmy tells his favorite Bruce moment.

80 – Maria talks about getting teary eyed while doing rehearsals for Prairie Home Companion, because she couldn’t speak right.


We’re back!

Talking Klout!

Im now an expert in Comedy!


Matt’s a 60!

Maria talks about houzz and finding a worker.

90 – Klout talk.

Maria talks about her bathroom renovations and the problems coming along with it.

Maria’s friends shop: http://www.societyspectacle.com/

100 –

Mary Kay Place talk – 

Maria just gave Jimmy an opening.

Maria! Thank you!

We love Lady Dynamite!

Bloodline theme song:

Congrats Maria!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth