18S – Making Sandwiches with Aparna Nancherla

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Aparna Nancherla

Aparna Nancherla


00 – Indeed Everybody! Everybody indeed!

I’m rattled!

We talk a bit about Orlando and the alligator attack in Florida as well.

There is a hellmouth open in Orlando apparently.

Jimmy accepts your offense.

There is an elephant in the room!

I’m voting republican?! (NEVER).


Back Door Jackson.

05 – Street repair talk!

Eliot makes an elephant noise. Big shot stage star making noises anytime he wants?!

We all went to Bumper Sticker to see Eliot perform!

Jimmy almost brought Oliver but Eliot might have convinced him otherwise with 4000 texts.

Oliver asked for easy on the cheese on his tuna melt.

I rush out to answer Jimmy’s phone but miss the call.

10 – At the end of the day Jimmy thinks Oliver could have seen the show.

Jay Spaulding lost some weight! Jimmy wonders if he is getting ceremony ready.

Jimmy talks about getting asked about Don Pardo.

Jimmy and Matt sat FRONT AND CENTER.

15 – I run out to look for a guest. No one out there.

20 – More Bumper Sticker talk.

Jimmy overheard what Matt said about Eliot.

Courtney Love talk.

25 – Jimmy fills in Aparna about the show.

Venue talk.

Jimmy wants to talk to someone about it.

Jimmy talks about the woman sitting next to him getting REALLY close to him.

Jimmy was going through hell in his seat.

30 – Orlando is not gonna replace 911, don’t worry.

“Oh beautiful.” – woman behind me about Eliot’s song.

Do more performing Eliot!

Jimmy wants me to take over for Eliot.


35 – Jimmy wants to know where he met Aparna before. He’s almost sure they have met in person. She was surprised and flattered to get an invite.

Jimmy says Aparna is one of her five favorite people on twitter so he asked her to be on the show. He isn’t even that familiar with her comedy. He did enjoy her on Conan though!

Aparna confirms they have never met.

She is familiar with the show!

Aparna Nancherla!

Jimmy still trying to pronounce Liezl’s name.

Eliot’s got a problem with facebook messenger I guess?

Aparna and Jimmy talk Flappers.

Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch – http://variety.com/t/10-comics-to-watch/

Aparna was a writer on Seth Meyer’s show.

Jimmy talks to Liezl about her name!

She loved Eliot’s show.

Jimmy’s down! He got caught on the mic!

45 – Break!

We’re back!

Quickly going around the horn.

It is not Styx! Which is my word.

Words With Friends talk!

Subway talk!

Eliot is here and we’re all proud of him!

50 – Eliot’s S word was Steve Winwood and it was the ONLY thing he wrote down.

Eliot gets along with everyone in the cast, but one person is annoyed with Eliot. He will tell us after. It’s because he asks too many questions.


55 – Matt and Jimmy singing Steve Winwood.


Matt’s S word is Steely Dan!

Hit your wife, off the shelf.

Aparna’s word was Steve Miller Band!


Jimmy is upset that Aparna is not on @Midnight.
Her showcase was all industry but went well.

60 – Aparna talks more about her showcase.

Black Magic Cumen – Aparna.

Black Magic Penis – Eliot

Jimmy points out that Aparna laughed at Eliot’s joke.

Marker?! Black Majic Marker.

Eliot gets a little confidence from his how.

65 – Jimmy talks with Aparna and her trip here in town. She’s done 5 podcasts while she was here!

All of the shows she did are friends of the show.


Aparna wrote for Seth Myers for under a year. It just wasn’t for her.

She talks about the process and requirements of monologue writing.

70 – they hired an engineer to write based on his twitter feed.

Jimmy is trying to think of a word and cant figure it out. He knows he couldn’t do the job so he feels her pain.

Alex Bayes is the head writer of Seth Meyers show.

75 – The industry got Aparna her hotel room.

Jimmy talks about Oliver doing his second city camp and loving it.

Robert Cheeleaders, I Just Said That, Anything – possible improve team names. (Oliver’s suggestion was I Just Said That).

80 – Jimmy still wants to throttle either Zach or Cody for asking him, “how ya doin’ gov’na!?”

Aparna tells about a casting director telling all the kids at an audition they cant do the role if they don’t have all their teeth.

85 – “How you doing little guy?” – Jimmy to Emmanuel Lewis.

He’s still alive.

Jimmy made some weird kind of noise just now. No one knows what it was.

A cat from Jimmy’s neighborhood has gone missing. They call him Crookshanks.

Jimmy talks about the Coyote Situation.

Matt tells Aparna about his coyote incident.

Aparna grew up near DC. She currently lives in NY with her older sister, who works for a non profit.

90 – Aparna talks about what she experienced on 9/11. She was in school working in a kitchen for the sports team.

Aparna is a psych major and only did it because it was the only subject she didn’t mind taking multiple classes.

95 – Talking who should and shouldn’t do comedy.

Aparna says that no one ever told her she should be a comedian.

Jim Caretti was really really funny and should have been a comedian but didn’t stick with it.

Aparna started at an open mic called Wise Acres at a Best Western.

You’re supposed to bomb when you go to the clubs! That’s how you learn!

100 – Aparna wants to know what bumper sticker is about. Eliot talks about it and Jimmy and Matt go through some of the songs.

Aparna talks about all the ways people can see people’s work. She talks about being recognized after being a guest on a podcast.

[pardostory] Jimmy tells a story about getting recognized in front of Oliver and his friend. She asked Jimmy if that happens all the time and said, “What a life!”

115 – Jimmy asks about the baby on board car hangers and why that fad went away.


Jimmy talks about the origin of the I Hate Jimmy Pardo bumper sticker.


Aparna doesn’t have merch for her shows.

Aparna talks about seeing Tina Fey at the airport and taking a creepy picture.

Jimmy and Matt talk about seeing a Chicago drummer and yelling at him.

Celeb sighting!

Suzanne Cryer!

Aparna might go see Pop Star tonight.

She is staying in Little Ethiopia with a married couple. The panel talks about the neighborhood, the traffic, and the food.

Talking about Aparna’s car situation and car screwing.

Clinical term for loving your car? Aparna says they are transferring feelings for something else.

Some quick Sevens with Aparna.

Jimmy gives to Aparna Nancherla: 13 (Movies)

Jimmy gives to Aparna Nancherla: 25 (Animals)

What a joy!

I’m just missing a few shows!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth