1817 – Acting Crazy with Diedrich Bader

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader


00 – Hello! Welcome into 1817!

Matt and Jimmy talk scheduling and having some episodes banked!

The guys had a nice trip to Nashville, you can hear all about it on a player’s club (O?)!

Eliot and Matt sing Flag Time to the tune of two different songs. One being fake and the other being the theme to Hang Time?! 

Jimmy and Matt talk about the show.

05 – Eliza Dushku talk.

Basketball terminology talk.

The Key – 

Colbert did ads for Wonderful Pistachios –

10 – Golf talk.

The Visor is the Ruth Buzie of headgear.

Tommy Armour III wears a visor – 

Jimmy thinks that his dad can still beat him.

15 – Talking Urinals!

Get crackin’ – 

Talking about possible Basketball court changes.

NNF-Mail call copy

20 – Mail time!!

Jimmy and Matt met the guys behind the mail song.

Jimmy describes his mail opener thing.

Package full of packing peanuts.

Jimmy reads the letter. It’s from someone who puts Loteria art on coke bottles.

25 – Jimmy goes off on a tangent to talk to Eliot about one of his costars in his play being the wife of someone he knows.

Jimmy finds a new home for paul Stanley.

Congrats to Paul Stanley’s son for graduating NYU.

Jimmy opens more bottles.

El Intern (711), Senor Pardo (69), El Maestro (69), La Ottomana (0).

30 – Thanks Kevin Tigh(Sp?)

More mail!

Jimmy wonders why Eliot hasn’t made any theme songs to shoehorn himself further into the show. Eliot points out what he’s done.

Eric J Harter sent us some stuff. He sent Jimmy a signed Frank Thomas baseball. A signed Majic Johnson poster, a signed photo of Martin Short for Eliot, and a signed Jason Mask for me!

Jimmy talks about displaying baseball and taking down Kurt Schilling.

35 – Talking about taking records to the theater for autographs.

Nice Guys talk!

What musical was Sebastian Bach in? He was in JC Superstar, and Eliot invites him to suck it.

40 – Our guest is here!

Jesus_Christ_SuperstarEliot’s talking about something to do with JC Superstar.

No payoff at all.

Diedrich Bader is here!

Mel Blancian talk!

Jimmy and Diedrich talk about the show, Everyone’s Crazy But Us, being under consideration for an Emmy.

Diedrich loves Nashville!

Diedrich has known Chip Pope for years (since high school!)

45 – Congrats to Diedrich for his show pickup!

Talking about Nashville being cancelled.

‘Nashville’: #BringBackNashville Movement Is Growing

No one knows yet how Nashville is going to end.

You have to have a good ending on a story! Unlike life, where there is no closure, so we need it in television.

We talk to Diedrich about the loss of his parents. His mom, somewhat suddenly, and his dad from Alzheimer’s.

Diedrich talks about brains and human’s hunting and how we can construct a story, especially in terms of a hunt.

He equates hunting to storytelling.

50 – Jimmy saw a movie on the plane he did not like.

More Nice Guys talk!

We’ve had most of the cast of Everyones’s crazy but us!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Round the horn!

55 – Happy birthday me!

Jimmy talks about the guy in front of him at the nice guys who may or may not have been Fat Jew.


Diedrich tells a story about a kid in a theater asking questions.

60 – Training Day series – 

Training Day – 

More Top of the Key talk!

Elbow – The elbow is the area of the court where the free throw line meets the lane line.

65 – Diedrich talks about playing basketball in Hollywood vs Beverly Hills.

Bumper Sticker is Eliot’s show.


70 – Gang tags showing up on Eliot’s building.

Talking Golf on TV, Hockey and co owning a team.

Jimmy’s favorite hockey team is Nashville Predators.

75 – Diedrich tells a story about meeting a team owner.

Jimmy introduces our guest! Diedrich Bader!

Exclusive! Diedrich’s character is back on Sunday!

Talking about the Veep cast. Diedrich’s character was only supposed to be on one episode!

Jimmy talk about Veep being maybe his favorite comedy of all time and he doesn’t know any character names.

80 – Diedrich talks about how great the cast is even off set. Everyone is nice and fun and Julia is amazing. There isn’t anyone there who trashes or anything.

Diedrich talks about shooting Veep and in some cases not getting a script until shooting day.

Jimmy talks about Dale Stern directing Veep since he knows him.

85 – Diedrich talks about TV versus movies. He prefers movies.
Diedrich talks about Gary Cole, Mercy Street, and actors who went to his high school: TC Williams High – Thomas Chambliss Williams https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T._C._Williams_High_School

Unsung hero of Veep? Kevin Dunn both Jimmy and Diedrich agree. Diedrich describes him as the “gene Hackman.”

90 – Diedrich talks about his dad going from homeless shoeshine boy to assistant secretary of state! Including being a CIA agent?!

Jimmy guesses how many siblings Diedrich has. They’re all academics. Diedrich’s dad described them as, “Four PHDs and a millionaire.”

Diedrich talks about Batman: Brave and the Bold. He plays Batman!

John DiMaggio – 


95 – Jimmy talks Hamilton with Diedrich.

Diedrich and Jimmy talk coming around on Twitter.

“You eat human turd.” – Someone to Diedrich on twitter after joking about Trump.

Simpsons predicting trump presidency – 

More Simpsons/Trump

100 – Diedrich talks about Everyone’s Crazy But Us and loving the script and how talented Christy and Janet Varney are.

Jimmy wants some dirt about a bad experience he had on a set.

Jimmy tells Diedrich the Stooges story from Tom Bergeron.

Diedrich talks about visiting the Motion Picture Home. 

Diedrich talks about the home and seeing people, including his old friend who used to be in the Raisin Bran commercials.

105 – Diedrich talks about his dad’s retirement home.

Jimmy calls out Diedrich’s millionaire comment.

Talking Drew Carey Show. He calls Ryan Stiles a genius.

Diedrich confirms the story about Clooney flipping off Ryan Stiles from a golf cart on the lot. He says Clooney is really funny. Apparently Ryan and Clooney have known each other for a long time.

Talking Richard Kind and stories.

110 – Diedrich talks about Beverly Hillbillies being “Problematic.” He talks about Jim Varney being a great storyteller and having unlimited jokes.

Diedrich tells a story about drinking with Jim Varney and getting shitfaced drunk with him. Turns out they changed the schedule on him and he had a 5am call time that he found out about at 4am. He was expecting to be off for 4 days.


115 – Break!

120 – We’re back to basically say goodbye!

It’s a crash out!

Diedrich’s favorite band currently is Luna. His old roommate is in the band.

His all time favorite band/artist is Jonathon Richman, Iggy pop, Beatles, Zepplin, Metallica…he likes a lot.

Diedrich is very loyal friend and keeps close to friends he has had for years.

American Housewife –

Congrats to Diedrich AND John Ross Bowie on their pickups!

If you are in the academy vote for Everyone’s Crazy But Us! Also watch it! 

Jimmy tells a story about meeting Gary Mann on Star Search.

Diedrich has a lot of stuff going on! – 

Thanks Diedrich!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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