18Q – Riding the Rails with Jimmy and the Boys

18Q the gangIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

The Gang

00 – Hot and loaded! Like a pile of jism on our chin!

Jimmy is tired. Jimmy needs a little jolt of energy and should have gone with a coke zero but hopefully the tea will help!

No batteries! Got Jimmy’s records.

Jimmy talks to Ryan about antibiotics.

Earthquake stuff – 

Something’s going on!



Jimmy hasn’t been sleeping well.

Brief election talk.

05 – Jimmy talks about the primary election.

Jimmy talks about friends in the circle being asshole Bernie fans and being happy that it’s finally over.

Jimmy did the phone banks for Hillary!

He talks about it and says to be nicer to people.

He talks about calling a guy who said Hillary was a “lying bitch.”

Jimmy talks about taking Oliver with him to vote.

10 – Jimmy comments on Matt’s new shoes.

Matt and Jimmy talk about the Primary.

15 – Jimmy talks about the crazies coming out on twitter with threats and white supremacists.

20 – The new pardcast poster is up!

Lots of no shirt wrestlin’ amongst skinheads apparently.

25 – Jimmy talks about his new Garmin and a funny email from Danielle.

More Garmin talk.

Get your resumes in to take my job for two weeks!


30 – Doc talk!

Jimmy watched The Short Game – 

Anna Kournikova is 35

Her “brother” – 

35 – Matt watched Fed-Up. 

Fed Up on Amazon

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake

40 – Bibleman talk.

Eliot has a minidoc on YouTube.

Amtrak commercial –

Richie Havens sang that jingle – 

50 – Woodstock talk

More Bernie talk!

55 – Taking a break but first having a look at the Portroid posters.

Now Jimmy’s talking Vinyl.

60 – Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shephard and Barry Goldberg – The Rides


The Rides

Jimmy doesn’t believe Eliot has buddies and played poker with them on a train to Del Mar.

65 – More train talk.

There is something about a train.


We’re back!

Trash talk!

Vin Di Bona – 

Jimmy talks about the joy of watching Oliver listening to his call with Tom Bergeron.

Matt talks about his childhood heroes.

Queensryche is my word! Not a match?

Jimmy saw them with Chris Mancini.

70 – Jimmy tries to fix a picture he took.

The struggle goes on!!

Horror talk!

75 – Roots

Jimmy’s going to finally dive into FNL.

80 – Carrie Underwood’s new song – 

Eliot’s Q word is Quarterflash! Matt and Eliot match!

85 – Bumper Sticker opening night is tonight! Good luck! Break a leg!

Jimmy talks about someone in that open mic group saying, “Break a lip” and Jimmy wanting to literally murder him.

Jimmy and Matt talk about “theater people.”

Jimmy talks about his mother in law reacting to asking about Tonys.

90 – Carpool Karaoke

Jane Krakowski is currently in She Loves Me – 

Here is the “broadway” carpool karaoke –

Tony Danza – 


Will Hamilton sweep?

95 – Jesse in Toronto!


Jesse’s Q word is Quiet Riot.

telephone1Jesse does social media for churches and launching a podcast for a church.

100 – Bye Jesse! Hi Bobby! He got through on the first try.

Bobby guesses Quiet Company, incorrect.

We’re calling back a winner who guessed correctly.

Matt calls me!

The Quarrymen?

Ted over in Lansing actually Mount Pleasant.

Only know beautiful in Michigan. Jimmy talks weather with Todd.

Ted’s married for 8 years. Jimmy commented on his wife’s breasts.

He’s a big fan of Jimmy’s. His wife’s cleavage is distracting.

Ted’s wife is Lauri.

By Ted!

Hi Jeff! Lotta Canada today. Barenaked Ladies talk.

Last call! Who is it? “Oh shit!” and hung up.

Sorry you cant call us Nick!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth