18P – Keeping the Car Warm with Jeff Cesario

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Jeff Cesario@realjeffcesario
www. jeffcesario.com

00 – Alarm! The clock started beeping for no reason.

Set it and forget it!

Welcome to 18P!

Jimmy’s got a question: When you see a tesla going down the street do you look to see if it’s a celebrity? Matt does it with any fancy car.

Apparently Paul Stanley, rappers, and “high end cs” drive Bentleys.

Lick it Up was 1983!

Matt compares Paul Stanley to Yogi Berra to Jimmy’s delight.

Kiss Logo – 

helmet_la-kissAce designed it!

Jimmy had a nice time at the Decibel Geeks podcast.

More Tesla talk.

05 – Did Jimmy drag Danielle to Largo to see Stan Ridgway? Yes he did.

Jimmy and Matt went to see The Cure at the Bowl and discuss scheduling.

The Cure delivered apparently.

Matt talks about the show and an unnecessary number of encores for a casual fan since he didn’t recognize any of the songs.

Jimmy recognized all of the songs except a few of the encore songs.

Lots of weed happening around Jimmy at the show.

10 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the huge latino following The Cure have in Los Angeles.

Matt talks more about the literal Mexican standoff he experienced.

15 – More talk about The Cure show.

Apparently you could never see Robert Smith on the big screens.

Jeff Cesario is here!

Matt is in row 21. Jimmy in row 2

20 – More Cure talk!

The Cure bassist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Gallup

More about the Mexican Standoff at the Cure show.

25 – Mail coming next show!

Jeff Cesario is here fresh from his Funny or Die show.


“funnier than hell.” – Jimmy

welcome back!

18 Planet P! UNFAIR! No one knows what that is.

Jimmy agrees that it’s unfair and also that Matt needs to fuck off.


Backup pink Floyd? Prism?

30 – Live NNF in Phoenix!! August 14 7PM!

Pantera! Not a winner but I matched Matt! Some Rainbow Bridge talk. Break up and reunion name change to Pantera is true!

Jimmy wants to go on Jeff’s show.

Koss is still here – https://www.koss.com/

Jeff is from Kenosha.

Jockey – http://www.jockey.com/

35 – Jimmy talks with Jeff about when he moved out here.

tvstandHere is the TV stand I got – it’s a Sonax not a Saxio.

Jeff talks about he and Louie reading each other bad reviews.

He and Jimmy talk more about the reviews and comedy in the 80s.

Jeff talks about lighting charcoal under a car to keep the engine warm overnight.

40 – Jeff talks more about his early career and moving out here. He says the key was Minneapolis at the start of his career. He talks about why he chose that over someplace like Chicago. HE checked out Chicago and it was just oversaturated with comics and not a lot of clubs at the time so he chose Minneapolis since there were like 8 guys.

Talking X-Men

Tom Bernard talk.

45 – Fix your stuff itll make you feel good.

Jimmy gets the fix things feeling. He called Oliver to look at a door knob he tightened.

Matt talks about how he got a broken key out of a lock. Jeff says to use powdered graphite.

Matt took the entire lock apart and got the key out from the inside. He was very proud of himself for handling it and getting it put back together.

Jeff talks about getting zapped trying to fix something in his crawlspace.

Jimmy talks about his crawlspace.

50 – Jimmy doesn’t get cleaning a crawlspace yourself.

Hello Eliot!

Bumper Sticker preview night is June 4.


Eliot’s word was Parliament.

Bonus P!

Eliot calls out Jimmy about Rekeying a lock.

55 – We need a refresher course!

Who’s picture and name is everywhere!

It’s at the frame shop!

Matt’s P word was Pantera.

Jimmy introduces Jeff Cesario!

He did 7 tonight shows and 3 panels with Johnny.

Jeff talks about doing The Tonight Show and how it worked.

His first show was 1987. He did 14 total, 7 with Johnny and 7 with Jay.

Jeff talks about taking a chopper from the tonight show!

60 – Jeff talks about writing for Garry Shandling when he guest hosted The Tonight Show. It was Jeff and Denis Miller.

Jeff talks about giving jokes to Denis for Weekend update and working with him on Denis Miller Live.

Jeff tells a great story about producing Denis Miller Live and getting Jim Carrey on the show.

You can watch that here:

Jeff’s word was The Pretenders. F word callbacks!

Jeff has a 7 YO daughter.

70 – Jimmy talks about Oliver commenting on an episode of Modern Family, that he didn’t quite get what was happening, “Yeah they’re getting ready for family camp!” when in reality it was luke having sex with a girl in his room.

Bailey is Jeff’s daughter’s name. She’s an old soul and loves David Bowie currently. “Pablo Picostco.” She’s also enjoying Prince now that his wife is playing him a lot since his death.

Prince supposedly was 5’2’’.

Jeff talks about meeting Prince.

75 – Jimmy resets and talks with Jeff about The Dick Rossi Show.

He talks about it being clips taken from two pilots they shot. He wants to do more and calls it such fun.

Talkshow with Spike Feresten – 

Jeff talks about talkshow.

80 – Jeff talks more about The Dick Rossi Show.

Jeff wants Jimmy to come on as Buddy Camden, Dick’s great comedy friend who he gets into a fist fight with live on the air over a joke.

Jimmy’s worried about the smoke but they’re fake cigarettes.

Jimmy and Jeff workshop Buddy!

Jimmy calls Eliot out for being on his phone.

Some talk about Eliot’s musical and his role on the show.

There’s always a foil! Jimmy says Eliot is very talented and is looking forward to the show.

90 – Dueling Carsons! Dirty Carson talks about Joyce DeWitt giving Dick Van Patton a BJ.

Joyce DeWitt talk.

Johnny Carson book – 

Jimmy talks about some carson impression going around online that is awful and he doesn’t understand why it’s being shared.

Jeff talks about a monkey bit. Jimmy blames the mother.

Some talk about the Gorilla situation.

Article Matt is referencing about Accidents in America – 

Zoo and Gorilla talk.

Talking about things to do with your kids.

We’re done!

Look up Jeff on line!

My pleasure,

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