1816 – Still Standing with Tom Bergeron


Tom BergeronIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


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15 – Matt’s quote: “I made their lives better!” John Hughes movie.

Con Air was 1997.

Matt is upset for blowing the joke on me.

Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars!

20 – Jimmy talks about Tom on Twitter.

Tom’s from Havoral.

Flat Water Fizzing great job at Coachella.

Kenny Loggins is gonna be at the PBS show Tom is hosting in July.

We’re gonna call Oliver apparently.

“I’m still here!” – Oliver quoting Tom from The Muppets. Actual line is, “I’m not on the elevator yet.”

25 – Say Anything! Matt said John Cusack not John Hughes.

Tom talks about his schedule with DWTS. Jimmy asks him about Dress Rehearsal.

30 – Jimmy doesn’t understand fishing.

Henry Winkler: Nicest guy in show business. (Obvious Trivia link)

Tom talks about Henry Winkler.

Jimmy did a pilot with him and says he is the nicest man.
Jimmy talks cohosts with Tom. Tom goes through the cohosts, the latest being Erin Andrews.

Bindi Irwin is gonna here from Jimmy about her first name.

Oliver is going to do an impression for us (maybe).


35 – We’re back!

Jimmy hit his face and talks about Peter Cetera getting his asked kicked after being called a hippie by a bunch of marines.

Calling Oliver.

He says he doesn’t have an impression.

Tom gets him to try it so we do get a Tom Bergeron impression from Oliver!

He talks about his upcoming birthday.

He does some Robert Shaw!

Bye Buddy! (Jimmy’s never called Oliver buddy before.)

40 – Tom enjoyed his impression!

Jimmy does not spank his son so don’t send him letters.

Tom thinks Oliver sounded more like Wink Martindale.

Andy Richter has a jeopardy record: Richter currently holds the record for all-time highest one-day score on Celebrity Jeopardy!, winning $68,000 during a first round game.

45 – Jimmy keeps yelling about Bernie.

Talking MSNBC anchors.


MTP Daily, Hardball, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence.

Tom has never done news, but he did have a talk show, followed by FX Breakfast time morning show.

50 – Tom talks about his roots in local radio and tv in boston.

Jimmy talks to Tom about the judges giving low scores.

55 – Jimmy asks Tom if there are any celebs he’d want to punch in the mouth. Tom says none but he does go on to talk about Roseanne when she had a talk show on the air and an interaction he had with her at an auction. He says there is no one that has been on the show that has been so far afield that they’d cause problems.

Bruno was in the Elton John I’m Still Standing video –

Tom goes through his career.

60 – Tom talks about pitching Alfonso for his replacement on AFV.

Oliver is a Tom Bergeron Fan boy apparently.

We’re calling Danielle!

Tom leaves a message for her as an IRS agent forgetting about the existence of Caller ID.

Tom talks about his kids and his homes.

Jimmy talks about Tom appearing to be accessible. He thinks Tom must be bothered all the time. Tom talks about people usually being really nice and kind.

Tom talks his upcoming schedule.

He hasn’t met President Obama, or Clinton, but he did meet and interview Jimmy Carter!

How close to Kevin Bacon is to Tom Bergeron?

Rock Slyde –

The Night Manager – 

Jimmy talks about the mistake AMC made in canceling movies at our house for stuff like Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

70 –

FX shows talk.

75 – We’re talking to Danielle now!

She’s working on a top-secret animation show we can’t even talk about.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Welcome to 1816!

Tom’s book: I’m Hosting As Fast As I Can – 

80 – Tom talks about calling the three stooges when he was 16 and interviewed Larry and Moe.

Stooges interview-

Tom talks about tracking down Larry Fine and talking to him and getting Moe’s number.

What a great story!



Jimmy talks about calling Woody Allen and always panicking and hanging up when he answers.

Is Ronan Farrow actually Frank Sinatra’s son?

We’re gonna play Sevens with Tom!

90 – Sevens:

Jimmy gives to Tom Bergeron: 10 (Superheroes)

Matt gives to Tom Bergeron: 16 (Superheroes)

Jimmy gives to Tom Bergeron: 11 (70s Music)

Tom Bergeron gives to Jimmy: 19 (80s)

100 – We’re done!

Tom was finally here!

Tom gives a great tagline for a casper matress commercial.

Tom has hosted an award show: The Daytime Emmys, and the (unfortunately) Prime Time Emmys with all the reality stars. He talks about the ideas the producer had for the show.

Thanks Tom!

See you next time!

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