18O – Getting Hard with Jimmy and the Boys

18O - the gangIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! Jimmy brings us in with a song.

Matt and Jimmy missed seeing Tommy Shaw in the airport by mere moments.

Jimmy recounts how it would have gone.

Jimmy talks about the flight in getting upgraded!

Some women refused to move so Jimmy and Matt could sit together.

05 – Matt talks about the entitlement of first class.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Jimmy turned it off 40 minutes in. He needed a nap.

Sisters talk.

Matt saw Star Wars 5 times in the theater he walks us through it.

10 – Grummgar – http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Grummgar

Patrick was security at Zainies. They talk about him and their conversation.

More fan talk from Nashville.

Our listeners IN Nashville have no interest in Nashville (show). Maximum three people watched it from the audience.

15 – Callie Khouri – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0451884/?ref_=tt_ov_wr

Fred Willard talk!

Jimmy having a sugar crash already?

Jimmy talks about the jocks at 7/11 making fun of him taking a pink donut.

20 – Jimmy and Matt talk about how they and groups of guys react at the sight of a beautiful woman.

Jimmy’s ranting about the donut jocks.

Talking Pink.

Eliot’s dad is in town for some retirement guild event.

Jimmy enjoyed his donut and only would have enjoyed it better if he ate it while he was fucking those jocks.

25 – Jimmy and Matt debate the donut incident.

Three solid jocks, Phobes.

Friend of Garon is our new name for being gay.

30 – I got fingers in pies!

Jimmy tries to talk about a facebook group he is in having stupid questions.

Jimmy talks about learning as an open miker.

Take an exclusive first look at Gary Gulman’s new Netflix special, “It’s About Time”

Jimmy reads more from his comic group.

Eliot asks about bringing your own mic.

40 – Jimmy continues to read from that group.

45 – New comics and open micers, it’s all Trial and Error, figure it out.

Beard talk.

50 – Eliot wants to know which video was used for the Nashville show. They used the Nashville tv show one. Jimmy said it looked great.

There is a list of reasons that Jimmy might be gay, but eating a pink donut isn’t one of them.

55 – Grow out that beard Eliot!

We’re back to the 7/11 incident.

60 – Matt pivots to something on facebook that Eliot posted.

Here is the post Matt is talking about – https://www.facebook.com/AngryMiddle/posts/1182821711762980

It seems also completely ludicrous that anyone would simply believe what someone says. But I think I have to accept that that is in fact the case. I never believe what anybody says. Quite literally. I need proof, even if they are probably right and I am probably wrong, I ALWAYS need independent proof. To be polite, I often pretend like I believe them, then later verify. And now maybe they know this about me. Oh well. Just know that if you say something, I don’t believe you.

Matt says this totally explains Eliot.

65 – Eliot hasn’t found any love according to Jimmy.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Talkin pink donuts and goin hard.

Thanks everyone for coming to Nashville! Especially those flying out and driving in.

Airline mix ups and troubles.

70 – Got some buzz action.

Trump talk. Sanders talk.

Oingo Boingo is not the answer.

75 – Bernie talk!


80 – Blowjob talk!

Record store talk!

“Sunk my seed!” hear that origin on the Nashville episode.

Eliot’s word is OXO.

Eliot’s resolved some appliance issues via text.

Matt’s word is Orbison. The not blind Roy Orbison.

No winner today!

Hello caller Paula! She’s 35!

Paul Reisers wife is Paula!

old telephoneShe’s been married 7.5 years. 2 kids: Jude and Louis. Jude’s middle name is Stanley.

Paula is in Seattle! Her O word is…Oboe. Joel is her husband. It’s Paula from Mara!

90 – Bye Paula!

Jimmy talks about a milkshake they had in Nashville that was super thick, all shake.

Voice mails

95 – Jimmy talks about a Josh Grogan tweet re Bing.

Hi Rachel from NYC! Rachel and Rickie came down to Nashville. Black Lamb is her company.

Bye Rachel!

Hi Eric. He’s a public school teacher who lives in a trailer in west palm beach. He teaches 9-12th grade marketing.

Omegaman is Eric’s word.

100 – Matthew Rude from Saint Louis!

Jimmy is hoping to see him at his SL dates.

105 – Stay home Matthew if Logan isn’t coming with you.

Matt’s O words: Olivia Newton John and Opposites Attract.

Bye Matthew!

Good guy.

Orion was the O word!



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