1815 – Role-Playing with Kira Soltanovich

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Kira Soltanovich

Kira Soltanovich


00 – Hello! Welcome in 1815!

We’re back from that trip!

Dirty Carson right off the back! Dirty Carson mucked up that reference.

Gashes in their guns!

Dirty Carson stunned Ed to silence. Jimmy laughs.

We got priority mail!

It’s from Meredith Moulton in New York!

Mike Henry made a celeb sighting song!

Mail bag song!

Jimmy reads a letter.

It’s business cards for me?!

05 – Matt’s ready to cut this all out.

Awesome cards!

Jimmy talks about my duties.

I was working as if it was 8 hours on a barge.

Jimmy needs an address from matt.

Dirty Carson caught Fred Savage jacking off to Jaclyn Smith.

Ed has a “very thin penis.”

10 – Jimmy was a miller light bottle guy.

Matt says Eliot takes them into a darkened wood.

The Big Short is not a documentary.

Bullying talk.

15 – Talking about Eliot’s dad.


Doc Talk!

Mic caught on sweater.

Orion: The Man Who Would Be King

20 – Matt was not a fan of Dope.

I enjoyed it.

Doc Talk: Iris – 

Watch Orion. It is on Netflix.

Jimmy did that car chase run again.

Jimmy talks about the race.

25 – http://live.wingsforlifeworldrun.com/en

When they set off (30 minutes after the runners), the Catcher Cars will do 15km/h. This will increase periodically at exactly the same time all over the world.
11.30 UTC – CATCHER CAR START – PACE of 15km/hr (approx. 9.3 mph)
12.30 UTC – PACE INCREASE: 16 kph (9.94 mph)
13.30 UTC – PACE INCREASE: 17 kph (10.56 mph)
14.30 UTC – PACE INCREASE: 20 kph (12.43 mph)
16.30 UTC – PACE INCREASE to 35 kph (approx. 21.75 mph) until the final participant is passed.
Jimmy make it 6 miles this year before the car caught him.

Jimmy went 7.1 miles last year – http://www.nevernotnotes.com/?p=5390

30 – Kira Soltanovich is here!

She has a purple phone and Jimmy calls her on it being for Prince.

Matt wonders about Alice in Wonderland movies.

Jimmy is thrown by Kira’s phone throwing him back to mourning

D’Angelo covered Sometimes It Snows in April

Can Jimmy name a D’Angelo song?

Comic Paul D’Angelo has a joke about the song Brown Sugar.

Brown Sugar is great to have sex to according to Eliot.

Everyone thinks Eliot puts music and candles.

Billy Eliot soundtrack –

Jimmy and Kira talk about Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin’s podcast.

Jimmy calls Kira out about not being on her show.

Hal Sparks has a podcast now.

Kira talks about there not being a podcast bubble.

40 – She talks about famous people podcasting (I.E. Anna Farris).

Fulcrum talk.

Althea Gibson is a tennis player AND a golfer – 

Jimmy asks Kira if she has a celeb sighting we can guess. She does.

She also back peddles on Anna Farris.

Jimmy thumbs down Paul Gilmartin’s podcast. (FOR HUMOR)

45 – Jimmy was talking about Nancy Lopez – 

D’angelo this D’angelo that!

Dottie Pepper – Gym Teacher?

Judy Rankin is the golfer Jimmy was after – 

50 – Book Kira wiseguys!


Bobbie McFarron talk! Slappin’ chest!

Bill Irwin was in the Don’t Worry Be Happy video – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Irwin

Kira Soltanovish is here! Not promoting her Salt Lake City dates.

She’s done a lot of podcasts lately.

We’ll be right back!

55 – We’re back!

Kira talks about doing all the shows and how the views for her specials are affected. She doesn’t know how to find that out.

It’s on Hulu! iTunes, Amazon, etc. Not on Netflix yet but she’s on the list!

Jimmy is allergic to peanuts yet still eats them so his throat is closing up as we speak.

Asian talks!

Michelle Wie’s parents

Michelle Wie with her parents

Kira talks about dressing up with her husband for sex.

60 – Real quick times!

Kira’s mom is not talking to her

Michelle Wie has no siblings.

65 – Talking about Eliot’s Bernie Sander’s video.


Friday, October 7 & 14: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan
Saturday, October 8 & 15: Paul McCartney, Neil Young
Sunday October 9 & 16: Roger Waters, The Who

Jimmy guesses the last concert Kira saw. It was The Police!

The guys talk about the show since they were at the same concert.

Jimmy calls The Greek the best venue in town.

Kira saw The Gypsy Kings there.

CCETV – Comedy Club Ettiqute TV

The panel talks how to behave in a club.

75 – Kira talks about how some girls started taking selfies at her show taping. There was also a black family with a baby sitting in the front row who left half way through.

You Did This To Me is the name of Kira’s special.

Kira talks about meme’s that her mom posts that she thinks are directed at her.

80 – Kira talks about the mom situation. She told her mom not to criticize her breastfeeding and when Kira was at the pediatrician, her mom packed up and left.

Jimmy and Kira talk about therapists and how to find a good one.

Eliot wonders how many therapists Jimmy went through.

85 – Jimmy talks about his past therapists including leaving one because thoughts on politics didn’t mix.

Kira use to do tours at the San Diego Zoo and had to be a teamster!

90 – Apparently Asian children were the most often lost at the zoo.

Kira admits she lost her kid at the zoo once and it was the scariest moment of her life.

95 – San Diego Zoo great retirement plan.

Pauley Perrette – 

100 – 1815 welcome back!

You Did This To Me is available on everything but Netflix (currently).

People still buy DVDs.

Kira is focusing on one nighter events.

Through the lobby/through the sun roof t-shirts (related to giving birth).

Jimmy talks about enjoying the word Puss.

Jimmy goes back to the dress up stuff. Kira has indeed done it in the past.

Kira talks about a time when she and her husband were dating. She gave him an envelope with an address and a hotel key. She staged the room and describes it to us. Lots of food and drink.

105 – Dressing up is not Jimmy’s bag. Jimmy thinks he’d break Danielle’s heart if she surprised him dressing up as something.

“You know I like wig play.” – Jimmy

110 – Matt talks about seeing a preview for a KISS fathom event and Zoe laughing at it.

Danielle dressing as Sandy at the end of Grease might work for Jimmy.

Jimmy doesn’t understand the Kiss fathom event.


Eliot has a question about Kiss rebooting ala Menudo.



Music doc talk.

Jimmy is a JR to Kira’s delight.

Jimmy used to be called Jim Jim by his grandmother.

Food talk. Kira ate tongues.

“WJRP in Cincinnati.” – Matt

125 – Kira gives us one of her greatest thrills ever was seeing her name on a card behind Jay Leno on an episode of Louie.

Kira never did stand up on The Tonight Show but she appeared on a bunch.

The headwriter of the show told her why she could never do stand up on the show. HE told her on her own show.

She wasn’t able to do most other late night shows either.

Basically it was, “she should be grateful for the photo booth time she gets. It should be enough.”

Band leader: Ricky Minor – 

Talking about Soylent – https://www.soylent.com/

Kiwi effects jimmy horribly. Kira asks if it makes him a douche.

Watch Kira’s show! You Did This To Me!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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