1613 – Crashing the Party with Timothy Simons

Timothy Simons

Timothy Simons

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Yeeeess welcome into 1613! Jimmy is wearing a shirt he got courtesy of a fan sending in a gift card. Jimmy can’t remember if it was Jason Wilcon or Jason Baldwin


“Three beautiful ladies and a queer…” – Jimmy singing in his head when he saw this group enter a restaurant.

Jimmy talks about a Carol Burnett sketch that made them all laugh to the point of tears.

Jimmy binged Silicon Valley! All through season one and part of two.

05 – Jimmy and Oliver watched some Deal or No Deal reruns on GSN. Oliver pointed out that it’s the same thing all the time.

National Bingo Night


Eliot chimes in with an attempt at humor about Courtney Cox having a donkey. Jimmy wonders if he’d get off if he murdered Eliot.

Jimmy wants to get mad at Eliot for coughing but can’t.

Jimmy talks about his Wings for Life run. Calls it one of the cheapest and well organized races he’s ever done.

The race is in 31 countries around the world starting at the same time. Jimmy’s started at 4am.

Apparently this race doesn’t have an endpoint. You run until the chase car catches you.

10 – The run has a neat vibe, felt less self-involved. Jimmy felt great. There were people in wheelchairs participating as well. Jimmy was going to help one up a hll but someone else stepped in.

Jimmy talks about the chase car closing in on him. Said it was exhilarating.

He made it to 7.1 miles before he was caught.

15 – Jimmy gives the details while I run and get the guest!

20 – Jimmy took Oliver to See Tim doing a puppet based sketch show. Tim’s kids are 3 ½!

S-eye-mins. We’re right! There’s only one M. The controversy is solved.

Tim and Jimmy talk Matt Walsh.

Jimmy knew Matt pre-UCB.


25 – Eliot shows off a Meeple that he thinks Jimmy shirt resembles. Jimmy wants Tim to take a swing at Eliot.

“Lip stroke.” – Eliot.


Jimmy and Matt talk about Eliot’s email to change a feature on the show. “Imagine I’m staring at you with a blank face.”

Matt wants to develop Jimmy Emojis.

Secrets and Lies chat!

We’ll be back!!

30 – Eliot counts us in with clucking. Jimmy wonders if Eliot just spitballs ideas to annoy him on Mondays.

We talk movies, The Imposter, and try not to spoil it.

Tim suggests Ex Machina and Under the Skin and Obvious Child.

Obvious Child it is!

35 – Tim gets the Jimmy emoji face after he locked up when Tim mentioned Frances Ha.

Jimmy saw While We’re Young and we talka bout the directors other films.

Frances Ha
Catehrine Keener
Frances McDormand 

40 – Eliot’s thumb is up! We’re talking about Eliot’s property.

Tim wonders what Eliot would do if a fan really came to rent the apartment.

Eliot goes through what he can do with applications as a manager.

Still an opening over at the La Familiare.

Tim lives over in Silverlake.

Jimmy talks dogs.

Tim tells a story about getting drunk at a wedding and calling someone a dumb idiot after they said they knew what it felt to be a parent because they had a dog.

45 – Tim talks more about the wedding.

Chicago Bulls song is Eye In The Sky

The guys talk about pets for the kids.

Oliver called Hamsters “Chubby Weirdos.” Matt told that to Zoe and she just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Zoe may have a crush on Oliver.

50 – The guys talk Hamsters.

Jimmy wonders if Tim remembers vacuum banking.

Jimmy lets Tim know that we support Bill Cosby. For humor.

Tim’s twins are named Hopper and Marty. They were expecting two boys but got a boy and a girl but decided to keep the names the same.

55 – We talk about Tim’s wife. She works at a performing arts high school now. Tim says his wife is a planner. He’s gone 4 months on and off to shoot Veep in Baltimore.

Jimmy talks about expecting Oliver to be a girl and having to give away all of the stuff they had for a girl. Apparently it was the talk of the hospital.

Kaiser Sunset asks Tim? Kaiser Sose answers Jimmy.

Jimmy thinks Oliver was the first kid born in the new digs at the west side Kaiser.

Tim talks about the issues with donating to a hospital for a named building and having someone else donate more and taking the name.

60 – Tim is from Maine. Jimmy assumed Tim’s HS would name the theater after him until he found out he didn’t do theater but played basketball. Tim hated playing basketball but played for 12 years with no success. The teams he was on sucked.

Tim did barely any theater except for a being a pallbearer in Our Town.

Jimmy wonders if every school does Our Town and that people buy tickets to HS shows no matter what.

Eliot has an Anecdote about a high school production that people should not have bought tickets because it was bad.

Jimmy talks about doing West Side Story. He was either a Shark or a Jet. It was a variety show where they did a few songs from different shows and closed with You’re a Miracle by Barry Manilow.

65 – Matt not a fan of You’re a Good Man Charlie brown because it can have multiple Charlies and no star.

Tim did theater in college. Jimmy tries to guess. Tim went to the University of Maine. He talks about his experiences with summer stock and driving to Wisconsin for shows while totally high and getting stuck in Chicago traffic after driving 24 hours straight.

70 – Jimmy and Matt try to guess where in Wisconsin Tim worked. They seem to name every big town but none right. Right outside Minaquah in Hazelhurst Turns out Jimmy did comedy there.

Water skiiers have strong thighs and strong toes.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy talks about Pardini’s Chicago Documentary. He finally saw it. Says it’s great. Great footage, great interviews.

Tim wonders if Chicago is from Kansas.

75 – Guys talk Chicago and Jimmy Hendrix touring together but there being no photographic evidence of this.

Tim wonders if Chicago shows up on every podcast.

Jimmy asks Tim what his favorite band is. He says he’s had a troubled relationship with music of late.

He’s into outlaw country lately. His brother is a bluegrass player.

Tim talks about how the digital age has damaged the mystic and mystery of rock bands. Both Matt and Jimmy agree that Tim has voiced what they’ve felt but could never put into words.

80 – Tim talks about Vinyl and movie theaters never going away. Tim still goes to his local video stories.

85 – Jimmy gets Tim’s pre-Veep resume. He did theater in Chicago. He gives the story about getting Veep.

Jimmy talks about agents in Chicago telling him he’ll never get on camera work because he is too short. He got a gig within months of moving to LA.

90 – Tim lists off some “Chicago things.” He met his wife through his boss.

Ben Kingsley was on Conan. Here’s a clip!

Jimmy talks about him being a nice guy and leaving his dressing room door open and being super nice. Mel Brooks and Dick Van Dyke are the same way.

Jimmy just confused Zach Woods for Tim.

Tim talks about going to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

95 – Tim was there by himself this year. No one else from Veep was able to go. He sat with the CEO of Cadillac and his wife, a watch guy, someone from Hilary’s campaign, and some oil guy.

Tim talks about the president doing jokes and doing great. Everyone thinks Cecily Strong did fantastic.

The guys talk more about the WHCD.

Tim talks about going to a party and being the only person there and having that be used in some article. He then tried to go to another party and was denied entrance after they got his name.

100 – Matt wonders what the background check situation is to go to the dinner.

He was able to go into the Situation Room on a small tour.

Jimmy wonders if Wolf Blitzer was there. Jimmy thinks he is a joyless fuck based on the reactions they caught of him at the dinner.

Lester Holt is the guy taking over for Brian Williams.

105 – Time for Sevens in Sevens! Created by Travis Blaine!

Tim feels like he and Jimmy “get each other.”

Jimmy – Tim: 16 points

Tim – Jimmy : 0

Matt giving to Tim and Jimmy: 18 points!

Jimmy gives to Matt and Tim: 17 Points

Aretha Franklin is the soul mother?

Tim gives to Matt and Jimmy: 9 points

White sports coats: ER.

120 – That was fun. Thanks Travis! What a joy!!

Heads Up Seven Up talk. Oliver just played it in school recently.

Jimmy "true-or-falses" something he knows about Matt, which is a really weird way to play the true or false game

Jimmy “true-or-falses” something he knows about Matt, which is a really weird way to play the true or false game

Matt’s first election was a vote for Bill Clinton.

We’re done!

See you next time!!

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