1623 – Walking the Room with Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Comedy Bang Bang

00 – Boom! Hello! INDEEED! Welcome to 1623! loosey Goosey after recordings commercials early. A little loose A little goose. We talked bonobos and nature box.

Jimmy did a bit of cleaning today after looking for ear buds.

Jimmy has weird ears apparently and MINIMUM 75 pairs at home.

Musicians can’t hear you yelling at them!

Jimmy’s music friends tell him they miss hearing the crowds when thy wear the inner ear monitor.

Jump on board the players club! Lots of great episodes this season.

Hoover talk!


J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover – 

05 – Matt endorses 7 Days in Hell. Says it’s really funny.

X-Files Hair Controversy.

Jimmy thinks taking Dukes of Hazard off the air is an over reaction.

Matt gives a lecture on the subject.

10 – Eliot wants to chime in. Jimmy tells the listeners that they are not allowed to make fun of Eliot. He is a character on Jimmy’s show.

Matt calls Eliot the Bizzaro Rachel.

Eliot suggests digitally altering the car and calling it the Generally.

Leave the Dukes alone!

We talk about Eliot commenting on someone’s Donald Trump posting.

wintersBoth Edgar and Johnny Winter are Albino: 

15 – Oliver was busy so Matt went to see the LA Kiss with Jimmy! Versus the Spokane SHOCK.

It was B-A-N-A-N-A-S apparently.

Jimmy tells the story. He was only 80 miles charged.

20 – Matt and Jimmy talk about a race against time with Jimmy’s car nearing an empty battery. At one point they were on zero power.

25 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the LA Kiss game.

Jimmy volunteered Matt for a dance off to win a free TV.

30 – Matt tells us about the dance off. No explanation on what to do or what is happening. They just get dragged out on the field.

He danced against a mom. Apparently it was a sad performance.

Crowd goes wild for Matt! HE WON A 55 INCH SMART TV!

Jimmy told Oliver and he was super excited for Matt. Apparently, Danielle was insulted Matt didn’t come in and say hi.

They met some NNF fans also!

35 – Scott Aukerman is here!! Lots of nice stories coming up!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

The season is winding down! Get your finances in order!

My name talk!

Saturday Jimmy took Oliver to the Grove and someone took a dog into a barnes and Noble.

Scott saw a dog in London wandering around Piccadilly Circus.

40 – Jimmy quotes Blues Brothers. Incorrectly.

“You’re going to look pretty funny trying to eat corn on the cob with no fuckin’ teeth!”

Blues Brothers – 

45 – Slow it down!!

Movie suggestion??

Jimmy sobbed in Inside Out!

50 – Listeners you can’t make fun of Eliot’s hair! (But maybe you should)

We talk choices and decisions.

The Familliare updates. Not interesting.

Jim+Belushi+-8iqN0OaXjGmCan we still say Transient?

Tell it like it is!

Jim Belushi and John Ritter in Real Men – 

55 – Jim Belushi – 

Kick Leg Jimmy is back! Jimmy gives us Lizard and Kick Leg Jimmy.

Scott played Magaldi in Evita.

Some Patti LuPone talk. Scott’s on her side.

He tells a story about seeing Patti and Mandy with Kulap. Apparently Patti sang directly to them throughout the night. They had front row center. Jimmy had a similar experience when he saw her in thousand oaks.

60 – Jimmy does not like Scott’s joke.

We go through Jim Belushi’s filography.

65 – Complete 8 ball –

I think we’re done with Jim Belushi.

70 – Jimmy and Scott talk about seeing U2 together.

Scott talks about getting a text from Adam Scott at the show saying the band wants to meet them.

"Our friend Darryl Asher gave a tickets to U2"

“Our friend Darryl Asher gave us tickets to U2”

75 – Jimmy and Scott talk about the night, including Jimmy running into a former roommate from 29 years ago.

80 – Scott and Jimmy talk more about the chances of meeting U2. Jimmy and Naomi left behind for about 15 minutes before someone, Steve, comes back and gets Jimmy and Naomi (Adam’s wife).

Scott lists all the celebrities he saw come in the room (Gavin Rossdale, Anthony Kiedis, Hilary Swank, and more). Jimmy talks about George Clooney being mere steps away.

U2 perform City of Blinding Lights at the Forum. Photo by Darryl Asher,

U2 perform City of Blinding Lights at the Forum. Photo by Darryl Asher,

85 – The U2 story continues!!

The guy Jimmy is mad at apparently knows him. Jimmy has no idea who it is.

90 – Finally Adam Clayton comes over and starts talking to them. Adam says Scott’s first words were, “Thank you for talking to us.”

He was a pleasant guy, not as tall as Jimmy thought though. He’s 5’10” as is the Edge. Bono is 5’9”. Larry is 5’7”

Finally the publicist, Laura, grabs Adam and Scott to meet Bono.

95 – Finally Bono meets Adam and Scott. “We know more about you than you’d like.” Bono on Scott and Adam doing the podcast.

The perfect Bono moment.

100 – More celebs spotted on the way to the seats. Paul Rust, Judd Apatow, John Slattery.

Scott talks about selling Adam Scott’s extra tickets to these young kids in the parking lot. They got $350 tickets (each) for $175 total.


We’re back!

Scott is here! He hosts I-Bang Bang.

Apparently there is a show in India called Comedy Bang Bang. They reached out to Scott to apologize.

Woodstock talk!


Jimmy loves the Woodstock movie. He watches it probably 3 times a year.

Live Aid was 30 years ago TODAY. Jimmy had chicken pox.

110 – The guys talk Live Aid. Jimmy and his Step Dad watched the entire thing together. His mom joined them before and after work and watched.

Oral History of Live Aid

Doug Herzog on Live Aid – 

Live Aid Wikipedia

Hall and Oates chat! 

Scott Aukerman! The record stays intact! Kid Cudi is the new band leader on CBB!

Scott announces that Jimmy got cut from his episode. It’ll be on the DVD though!

See ya next time!

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