1624 – Licking it Up with Todd Levin

Todd Levin

Todd Levin

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Arizona tea!!

Send us stuff Arizona and bonobos! Jimmy talks sponsors and plays a voicemail from Naturebox reminding him to add some stuff to his shelf.

Matt gets a character coined as Uncle Dennis.

Kesha talk! It’s not a crime to love Kesha unless you are robbing a bank while you do it.

We talk Taylor Swift vs Nikki Minaj.

05 – The show Danielle is writing on, The Comment Section, premieres August 7.

Jimmy talks about E News considering the Hulk Hogan story as “serious news.”

Jimmy compares Eliot to the hostage on Speed that tries to stop the bus and blows everyone up.

Jimmy’s long Rock Solid episode is fun!

Jimmy is in Indianapolis this weekend!

Velveeta Room on 8/15!

10 – Thanks everyone for Reddit and the Race to Escape love!

Race to Escape review: 

Jimmy is an “unobtrusive narrator. “

Jimmy talks Kathy Lee. “Allegedly”

Thanks for the nice words on the today show! Jimmy is good with the analyzing of the show though.

More It Follows talk. Jimmy stands by his belief that the movie is awful.

15 – Parcastathon will be moved to the spring! Take note!

20 – Jimmy’s A-Ha t-shirt looks like Peter Cetera.

Jimmy talks Scoundrel Days by A-Ha. Great album! He has it on Vinyl.

A-Ha albums

1035x1035-largeJimmy says U2s latest album, Songs of Innocence, might be the best album they’ve done.

Matt suggests listening to Song Exploder for some U2 talk about Cedarwood Road.

25 – Jimmy talks NNF F-Baseball. Play the game right!

Matt thinks that league sounds fun.

Jimmy shows off that Mad World book.

30 – Jimmy officially comes out against the prologue. He also explains he was sick but is feeling better.

Brand new riff from Matt re: shoe licking.

Wear shoes in the airport!!

Jimmy and Matt talk the cost of licking a shoe.

We’re taking a break! Todd Levin is here working in his notebook. Matt thinks Todd has perfect licking shoes.

35 – Jimmy is on Conan the same night as Ice-T and Coco.


Welcome back to 1624!

Penultimate and Teller perform in Vegas regularly.

Penn Jilette is an atheist apparently.

Spimoni! Danielle ate that last night oddly enough.

Matt continues to apologize for contaminating the room with his shoe lick talk.

40 – Pistachio disguisy is a Dana Carvey character. Jimmy recounts what happened when Oliver met Dana.


Todd hasn’t seen It Follows. Heard both good and bad things.

rent logo45 – Rent talk!!! Jimmy and I both saw it. Neither of us liked it.

La Boheme

Consumption – 

50 – Guys talk Apple Music.

Sammy Adams – 

55 – “Its about time!” The guys talk about audiences being there specifically for one person.

Guys talk comedians opening for musicians.

60 – Jimmy talks about Gary Lucy’s tweet about “Amy Schumer weather.”

Jimmy enjoyed Ant-Man! Calls it the best superhero movie he’s seen in ages. He says Paul Rudd is great in it.

Jimmy also saw Pixels over the weekend, for Oliver. Danielle hated it. Jimmy didn’t hate it. Oliver loooooooovvveeeddd it.

Jimmy describes what he would do to make Danielle laugh during the movie.

65 – Todd wonders if Josh Gad fucks Q-bert in the movie. In fact, he does.

More Pixels chat! Spoiler alert!!

Jimmy enjoyed Kevin James in Pixels.

Jimmy talks about the timeline in Pixels being all wrong.

Samantha Fox chat!

70 – Todd talks Timeline problems with Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, Denis Leary’s new show. –

Remember when the World Trade Center Sammy Adams?

Nice 9/11 bit!

Doesn’t ANYONE remember ANYTHING about 9/11 anymore?

Jimmy finishes going round the horn.

Eliot showed off his game over the weekend. He talks about it. Ilios!


75 – We’re back!

Jimmy tells Todd why he was thinking about him.

They talk about Chuck Johnson. Jimmy calls him a Racist Provocateur.

Here is a Gawker article about Chuck Johnson – 

80 – The Boz! Jimmy talks about telling a reporter who called the white sox manager “the shoe” that her doing that is off putting. She said she’s heard that before.

The guys talk about calling famous people nicknames (ie Marty, Bobby, Jimmy (woods), etc).

85 – Clint “two takes” Eastwood talk! Oscar Buzzy is Ruth Buzzy’s brother.

90 – CD/album chat!

First CD released

95 – Guys talk about what they would NOT do for their family. Todd doesn’t think he’d see Minions.

100 – Todd asks Matt what movies he took Zoe to see when she was younger.


Todd talks about Matt winning the TV. He said it would be great if Matt would have refused the TV and thanked them for the opportunity to dance in front of everyone.

Prices are down to renew seats for LA Kiss AND a loyalty discount.

Write offs talk!
110 – Talking verifications on twitter.

Twitter apparently taking action against “stolen tweets” – 

Victims-of-Bill-Cosby-against-the-actor-on-the-cover-of-the-magazine-New-York-Magazine-250x300New York magazine cover – 

Jimmy tells a Carlos Mencia story.

115 – Jimmy tells another story about a doorbell label that said Francis Pardo.

Todd’s got a son! He wasn’t prepared for the penis.

120 – Twitter jr! The guys talk about kids and remembering the lack of sleep.

Clint’s back!

More talk about the kids!

125 – True Detective talk! Vince Vaughn talk! The guys love him. Matt calls him “an original.” Todd compares him to Bill Murray.

We’re done!

See you next time!

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