16U – Dressing for the Part with Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


16 Umpire

00 – Players Club 16 U! Lot going on in the studio today.

We got a film crew in studio.

If this IS a snuff film Jimmy humbly requests they kill Eliot and not the rest of us.

Eliot drops some French as the film crew is from Cananda.

Frank’s in great shape.

Frank’s director wants Frank in the big chair. Jimmy says he’s not the director of this show!

Matt says Jimmy comparing Eliot to ZZ Top is the nicest thing he has ever said.

Jimmy talks with Frank. They’re traveling around the world talking with people about comedy and the things that make people laugh.

Frank is a stand-up in Canada.

05 – Jimmy practices some French with Frank.

Montreal Expos – 

Jimmy guesses Frank’s all time favorite expo. 3 guesses: Gary Carter.

10 – Frank talks about the episode he hosts and the various comedy they’ve seen around town.

Frank likes the areas outside of Paris.

Frank is newly single.

Rich Sommer is here!

Frank’s done! They crew’s gonna stick around.

15 – 7/11 is our finest cuisine.

Fahrenheit vs Celsius chat.

Presidential candidate chat.

20 – Someone at Groundlings said Frank looked like Jimmy. When he got here and saw him Frank was disappointed.

Jimmy has a legit question for the Canadians. Eric LaPointe?

Jimmy plays some Denis DeYoung live stuff.

The World Laughs is the name of the Doc.


30 – We’re back!

16 Universe!

Rich was a bible camp counselor for a couple years.

He tells us about wanting to get a Cajon. He kept seeing adds for a music app called Youcisian and it got him to get his guitar out for the first time in a long while.

Jimmy calls Eliot a human Jenga piece.

Jimmy goes through the nicknames for Eliot. Walking Cactus and Human Jenga Piece are favorites.

35 – Apparently Eliot “finished” Jenga with three other friends.

Eric LaPointe is like the Bruce Springsteen of Canada according to Dominic.

Eliot’s being rough with the camera guy. Jimmy apologizes as an American.

3litreWe tried metric in 1976.

What is the thing we kept from the metric system? The 2 Liter Bottle. There were 3-Liters for a while. Too big! – Jimmy

40 – My word is umpire!

Rich recommends Inside Out!

Jimmy shows off $3.75 to our guests (it’s a $5 bill.)


Betting on French connection year:
73 – Rich
74 – Jimmy
75 – Matt

Rich loves Sunset Blvd. Billy Wilder, “knows what he’s doing.”

Cellphone ruining cinema!

French Connection was 1971.

Conversation was 1974.

Frank’s word was Unique.


45 – There are no openings at La Familiare. Another one coming up shortly. Smallest single in the building.

We’re guessing the price of the single at Eliot’s place.

50 – Rent for a similar place in Montreal is $500 – $600 (around $350 american).

Who would the guests be if NNF was in Montreal.


We’re back!

Unprecedented 2nd break! The foreigners are gone. The clock is back to Fahrenheit!

Nice people those Canadians. Lotta people at once though. Canadian’s travel in packs it seems.

Lateral doesn’t ruin it. It just doesn’t help. – Rich on Eliot.

Eliot makes a Delta reference. No one gets it.

55 – You Win Again –  1987 went to #75

60 – Rich talks about his nerves coming on the show for the first time and fearing music talk.

Eliot’s U word was Understand.

TreatmentOptions_1webJimmy got a root canal recently and has a temporary crown.

Matt’s word was Ukulele

Rich’s word is Uncle

Rich talks about Arena Football. He watched a game on tv and is officially not a fan.

65 – “Arena football. Yeah. No.” – Rich’s tweet. He tells us about it.

More Arena Football chat.

Jimmy says it’s a nice time. Rich concedes that it seems like it could be fun in person.

70 – Jimmy reiterates how boring it is when the team is getting their ass kicked it’s extremely boring but when it’s an even matched game it can be super fun.

Oliver is getting bored with the games so it seems like Rich will get an invite.

Jimmy’s seats are on the aisle and I got it.

Eliot doesn’t wanna go to the game and now Jimmy wants him to go.

Oliver goes right for the bottom end piece when they play jenga.

Rich is able to name 5 Elvis songs!

80 – Rich is moving! Same neighborhood. Renting a house again. He’s also renting a space for studio AND 900 Board Games.

He’s moving in six days!

Jimmy talks about full pack and feeling guilty about the mover taking out the AC and putting in the new one.

85 – Rich won a $100 bet! The guys analyze it. Jimmy talks about the tragic events surrounding Humpty Dumpty.

We lost James Horner. Matt is gonna play us into break in tribute to James Horner.

Unprecedented 3rd break!

95 – We’re back!

We hope you enjoyed that little tribute to James Horner courtesy of the talented Matt Belknap.

Rich has an audition tomorrow that he is a bit frustrated about. They want him to be off book, a hard copy of a headshot, and dressed in costume as the character.

100 – Jimmy talks about the McDonald’s commercials with the guy from New Girl.

Indigo Girls – 

We talk a lot about Indigo Girls.

Jesus Christ Superstar: A Ressurection – 

1105124_origEliot sings us some JCS.

Jesus Christ Superstar talk.

Jimmy is in midsentence when Eliot starts singing again.

Matt tries to get out of going to get his album signed.

Failed! Although the album was left behind to get signed.

Jimmy and Rich talk about how to fix this situation.

Rich tells an autograph story that happened as a kid.

Rich tells a story about when he was in Harvey in NY. An autograph guy asks for his autograph and he gave it to him he said, “legibly please!”

Matt just went over to ask for an autograph and a moment later Rich yells legibly please.


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