1621 – Fighting with Microphones with Anthony Rapp

Anthony Rapp

Anthony Rapp

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

The Clubhouse Podcast
00 – Hello welcome! Season is flying by! And a Great season it has been.

Matt and Jimmy talk about Matt’s messiness and obsession with 26 lettered episodes.

Jimmy calls it the Z-Pack!

Q can fuck off.

Jimmy leaves the room to check the tag on his shorts.

05 – Jimmy finds a cargo short to be comfortable but won’t wear a cargo pant.

Our guest today is Anthony Rapp!

rent logoJimmy’s gonna get out in front of his thoughts on Rent.

Matt built a bed from Ikea this weekend. It’s a loft bed for zoe or zozo as Jimmy called her.

It’s a nice bed.

Apparently Ikea has videos now to help you put their stuff together. Except the video is basically just silent animated versions of the instructions.

Jimmy and Matt very timely take down Ikea.

The Stuva system is the bed!

10 – Jimmy likes the bed set up!

Jimmy did a show at UCB with Julian McCullough. Matt and Jimmy think it’s time to get him back on the show. Or maybe just talk about him because he was my first show?

Matt is Ikea sore.

Jimmy went to see LA Kiss football this weekend. It was bring friends game so the crowd was doubled in size. Jimmy prefers the smaller crowd.

IMG_4199Apparently they stopped following him on Twitter also.
Jimmy talks about the team and the game. Everyone was into it this time as it was a good game but in the end they lost.

15 – LA Kiss

They’ve won twice this season

LA KISS 52, Portland Thunder 40
LA KISS 48, San Jose SaberCats 42 ( OT )

Jimmy talks about his LA Kiss Tweets and an incident that happened revolving with the new sound system at the stadium.

What is the solution for a too loud sound system?

Matt guesses turn it down.
Eliot says tell people to move seats.
Anthony guesses earplugs! Correctly!!!

They handed out earplugs!!

20 – Anthony has a podcast. Jimmy talks about it.

Jimmy counts it out!!

Jimmy wants to sing Rent with Anthony. Jimmy tries to remember the words to 525,600 minutes AKA Seasons of Love.

Anthony is in 2 of Matt’s favorite movies.

Matt loves Twister. Anthony says it’s terrible. He was in OK and Iowa for 10 weeks for that movie.

25 – We’re gonna talk about Twister!


Jimmy says Twister drinking game for the times they say Debris and Lets go.

Jimmy talks about quoting Twister incorrectly.

Jimmy talks masturbating to Elizabeth Shue


We’re back!

Jimmy wanted some back up on Seasons of Love.

30 – Jimmy talks about Twister. Jimmy hates Phillip Seymore Hoffman’s character.

Anthony talks about sitting on the set all day doing nothing and riding around in the black caravan while it was being filmed. They were doing nothing. It had black windows you could not see through.

Kankakee, Illinois

Anthony went to high school with Andy Dick and John Barrowman. He worked in the same mall as Daver!

Anthony had moved away by the time the gambling boats came in.

35 – Rent!! Schedule


Jimmy sings some Rent!

I bought some movies!

Jimmy and Matt talk Twister quotes and scenes!

40 – Anthony gives us some behind the scenes on Twister.

Anthony says the cast was amazing.

Speed is much better than Twister.

Jan De Bont – 

$20 if we can guess the city Jimmy saw Twister in in 1996. By himself.

Matt guesses South Bend.

Anthony guesses Montana

Livonia! My hometown!!

45 – 96 was a bad time for Jimmy.

Catastrophe – 

Jimmy and Matt love it!

Jimmy talks with Muneesh. He is single ladies!

50 – Muneesh puts 20 on the Tigers! Jimmy takes the Royals. Anthony goes Royals also.

Do the Cubs have a chance? Anthony thinks they have a chance.

Jimmy thinks the Cubs have a good squad.

Eliot’s here!

Jimmy fills in Anthony on Eliot’s building manager story.

Jimmy hired a guy instead of asking Eliot if he could fix something as Danielle suggested.


55 – Single + Loft available!

NYC is Anthony’s city.

Anthony was cast in a music at 10 that did previews then closed. It was The Little Prince and the Aviator. Michael York was in it, he couldn’t sing.

We’ve had two “broadway” guys on the show. Craig Bierko and now Anthony Rapp.

Jimmy introduces our guest!

Anthony graduated at 16.

Jimmy talks about the mutual decision of leaving his acting school.

60 – Full disclosure time!

Jimmy loves Anthony.

Anthony talks about what makes a great theater house. He loves the Pantages and thinks that LA audiences are getting much better.

Anthony talks about performing Rent in town in 2009 and how it had a whole new life with the recession.

Jimmy talks about Rent and his feelings on the play and his history with the show.

65 – Jimmy can’t explain his feelings on Rent and hating it while he watches and then sobbing in his car and loving the show.

70 – Jimmy wants more Anthony in Rent.

He hates that one line, “mimi.”

Anthony’s favorite musical right now is Hamilton. He also likes A Chorus Line, Spring Awakening, etc.

Jimmy went to the movie theater to see the stream of the last Rent show on Broadway.

Anthony talks about the cinematographer using him to bounce light off for Taye Diggs in the Rent movie.

Jimmy and Anthony talk about the movie version of Rent.

75 – Jimmy talks about the cast of Rent.


Rent and Twister are the best and worst experiences Anthony has had.

Anthony talks about the impact of Rent and why it was so popular.

Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr in The King and I

Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr in The King and I

80 – Anthony tells a musical theater story involving his touring with Yul Brenner in The King and I.

Apparently Yul was not a nice guy. “Louder!” Yul to Anthony on stage at the end of a show.


We’re back!

NBC’s dropped Trump. 

Jimmy wonders what Anthony would do if he was asked to be on a sitcom. He says he would really have to think about it.

85 – A little tail would loosen Muneesh up.

Jimmy blames someone telling him he shouldn’t love Rent so he hates himself for loving it.

Anthony loved seeing the Brazilian version of Rent.

Some Dazed and Confused chat!

90 – Jimmy mentions that Anthony is in both an iconic film and musical.

Jimmy did some research on turf for his yard. He wants the green yard in back.

95 – Astroturf talk!

Anthony and his brother were guests on Joan River’s short lived talk show.

Erik Estrada was not on Celebrity Apprentice.

100 – Anthony’s first concert was Wham! At Alpine Valley. Jimmy is pretty sure it was Poplar Creek.

Jimmy talks about taking his girlfriend to see George Michael and getting jealous when George held her hand for a split second.

105 – Jimmy and Anthony are gonna sing a duet!!

Steve Perry and Peter Cetera are Jimmy’s favorite singers of all time. Seeing George Michael 4-5 times is a lot for a straight white dude. Anytime he toured, Jimmy was there.

Jimmy and Anthony sing together The Tango Maureen.

We all Sing seasons of love!

Anthony says he wouldn’t go back to Rent if they offered it again. “We did it. We did the hell out of it.” – Anthony.

School of Rock The Musical is happening.

We’re done!!

See you next time.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth