1625 – Taking Your First Step into a Larger World with Andy Daly

Andy Daly (Boobee Boobee)

Andy Daly (Boobee Boobee)

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Hello indeed! Final episode of the season!

Get your finances in order and join the players club!

Happy birthday John O’Halloran! (Spelling?)

Belknap Facebook birthday controversy.

One and done Johnny!

Put freeze frame on the list Oddvar!

Jimmy can’t remember if that song Dale played was Freezeframe or Centerfold.

05 – More Yaz chat! Jimmy suggests just getting the hits.


Jimmy has a celebrity sighting! He also saw Kumail in the airport.

He sat next to a celeb in first class.

Jimmy couldn’t think of who it was. Everyone on the plane was looking at him.

10 – Jimmy gives us some info on the celebrity. He is a football player. May 15 69. 5’9.

Matt guesses Emmett Smith! Correct!

Great shows in Indiana!!

Jimmy has a new character! Plantation Jimmy! Also Gerald who might be fucking plantation Jimmy’s wife.

Jimmy gives us some details on his Plantation Jimmy character.

Jimmy saw Brad Wilhelm and he looks great.

Jimmy gives some trip details and hotel problems.

15 – He just wanted a nap! Do your job!

Andy Daly is here!!!

One more thing about Jimmy’s trip.

Referencing the Sinbad Episode.


Ted Nugent

Jimmy talks about doing Bob and Tom.

He met Max of Cards Against Humanity fame.

Jimmy talks about talking about Nugent getting everything wrong about the Cecil incident.

The emails that jimmy got after calling racist homophobe! Insanity.

Jimmy tells us more reactions from Nugent fans.

Eliot chimes in. Jimmy not happy with it.

20 – “I’ve already alerted Ted to your comments.” – fan of Nugent to Jimmy.

The hate letters Jimmy received taking down Terrible Ted are unbelievable.

Jimmy still loves Stranglehold though.

Traffic made Jimmy late. There was an accident that he was close enough to hear but not close enough to pass.

Andy Daly is here!

Jimmy didn’t get to watch Review yet. He fell asleep intending to watch.

Comedy is not on the morning agenda.

A rare second appearance in the same season on the free feed.

25 – Jimmy not letting Matt talk bad about the fans excitement about getting Rich Sommer on the line for the new details on the found airplane.

Jimmy tells us what its all about. Social media, pressing the flesh, listeners = dollars.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Andy Daly is here! Review season 2 started this week! Andy is playing keyboard on his chest.
Jimmy had some dental issues happening. He gives us the details!

Dr. Michael O’Neil opened up specifically for him when Jimmy landed in Indiana. Jimmy’s 99% better after that. Very helpful! Chic McGee helped him find this guy and get it all set up.

No charge! Who does this guy think he is!?

30 – Jimmy sent over an edible arrangements to show his gratitude!

Im here! Good weekend!

Christopher is not a disciple. He is a saint though: 

The Twelve

Saint talk!

Andy was raised by Catholics but it sounds like they didn’t take it very seriously.

The guys talk church experiences.

35 – Jimmy talks about the kids who were way into church who would always comment on how they didn’t see him in mass.

The Annunciation: 

Barbara Mandrell (alive)

Ruth Buzzi on Laugh-In

Ruth Buzzi on Laugh-In

Ruth Buzzi

Ruth Buzzi

Ruth Buzzi:  (alive)

Robert Klein talk! “What does she do?!”

40 – Andy talks about a Johnny Cash impersonator that he watched a documentary about.

Doc Talk! The 75! Jimmy calls it really good. Jimmy rented it on iTunes .

Andy’s movie recommendation: Yojimbo!

Jimmy sets up!

Jimmy asks Andy if he would agree that John Belushi should be in the top five of SNL. Andy thinks he does. He talks about it.

Jimmy and Andy talk more about it. Jimmy thinks it’s a little high.

45 – Andy called A. Whitney Brown on the phone.

Jimmy talks about calling Woody Allen and freaking out and hanging up. Multiple times.

He even gave the number to a radio DJ.

Jimmy talks about the stars that he wrote to when he was 13 via this book.

55 – Jimmy talks to Eliot. He’s got a friend of the family looking for an apartment.

Eliot played a Role Playing game with a creator of the 13th Age.

Andy played D&D as a kid.

Andy talks about doing a show called Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons.

Eliot talks about RP games and the necessity of dice.

Dice are rolling the knives are out!

60 – Matt went to an arcade with the kids. Calls it a junior casino.

Andy talks about his kids loving claw games.

The guys talk about claw games.

Alphabet game! Star Wars version.

Jimmy and family play that game during dinner and in the car.

65 – Matt talks about Andy’s kids seeing Star Wars. He showed his kids Empire yesterday.

The guys talk about Empire Strikes Back.

Oliver loves all of the Star Wars movies.

70 – Andy tells his daughter’s reaction to discovering Vader is Luke’s father.

The guys talk about Michael Jackson wanting to play Jar Jar.

75 – The Wiz casting

Also Stephanie Mills is Auntie Em.

Beyonce and Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes) from OITNB wanted for Dorothy.

80 – The guys talk about The Wizard of Oz and 3D movie events on TV.

Kiss’ Psycho Circus tour was in 3D.

Review is back for season 2!

Star Trek Renegades! 


We’re back!

A live commercial for naturebox! We just enjoyed some Nature Box.

Hamlet Harry Potter this year at that thing in Culver City.

85 – Nature box! Asagio is not an option.

Matt enjoys Cashews. They got a kick!

Meghan Trainor is gonna be at the El Ray. 

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah starts on September 28.

90 – The guys talk Craig Kilborn.

Review talk!

Andy talks about the last minute of this weeks review which leads into Jon Stewart’s last show is apparently really gross and its delighting Andy that people will see it out of context when they tune into Daily Show.

Andy tells us one of the ideas they couldn’t use which is a review of “What is it like to go off the grid?” He talks about it and how it turns out to be a group of pedophiles. It would have ended with a chase scene in a stolen car where forest tells his son to take off his jeans and throw them out the window.

true-detective-season-2Jimmy is apparently the only person enjoying True Detective SSN 2.

95 – True Detective talk. Who is Stan and who is Dixon?!

100 – Dixon is W. Earl Brown. 

TV Show chatter. Andy brings up Halt and Catch Fire.

Andy is on a whirlwind tour promoting Review. He talks about the review from the New York Times. Lots of good reviews for the show!

Andy has a look at the artwork depicting the 7/11 sign mystery as drawn by Jon White.

Sewer talk!

Kidspace incident: 

The Tonight Show said no to having Andy on but he will be on Seth Myers!

Ice T and CoCo on Conan tonight AND host of Race to Escape Jimmy Pardo!

Ice-T’s podcast is called Final Level. 

The guys talk talk shows.

110 – Jimmy says he is gonna watch James Cordon instead of Review tonight.

Andy always wonders what they’re dreaming up in Disney when he drives past there. Jimmy does the same thing with the Toyota dealership and the Nissan dealerships near the freeways.

115 – Mall talk!

100% of Andy’s clothes are from J. Crew.

Jimmy got a Woot Suit!

Andy tells us where you can watch Review if you miss it!

Jimmy wonders who’s job it is to measure how people watch their shows.


120 – Race to escape chat!

See you next time!!!

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