16Z – Wrapping up the Season with Jimmy and the Gang

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Eliot, Garon, Jimmy, Matt

Eliot, Garon, Jimmy, Matt

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Jimmy needs a little juice in the cans! Jimmy concerned he might have a hernia but he hopes its just a muscle tear. He says there’s a little thing poking out though. He felt it at after the Teleprompter show.

He talks about it and it’s nauseating me.

Oliver came along to watch the show! Jimmy loves the show and enjoys doing.

Oliver and Jimmy played prompter on the way home.

Oliver is a master impersonator. We all know this.

Everything is a contest with Oliver and Jimmy. He talks about the rubber toys he got for Oliver and the contest they had.

05 – Jimmy has some Vinyl updates. He traded some vinyls in!

Jimmy is on the latest episode of Rock Solid: Kiss – Keepers and Clunkers! It’s a long one.

Jimmy goes back to the vinyl stories. Some he’s buying over and over because he forgets. He had a few albums. He was expecting $60 for the lot. The guy comes back saying, 32 cash or 44 store credit. Jimmy wasn’t sure about it. He tried to talk about it with the guy who then started to get combative.

10 – The guy was still a dick even after Jimmy tried to apologize despite having done nothing wrong.

Just a second later in front of the guy, “Are you Jimmy Pardo?!”

15 – Jimmy brings up Eliot’s Chrome v Firefox posts.

OK, not so much a shout-out as Matt outing me as a participant in Eliot's browser chat. It so happened that JUST THAT DAY I had issues with Firefox and Adobe CC downloads, I needed to VENT, I tell you!!! I'm not ashamed.

OK, not so much a shout-out as Matt outing me as a participant in Eliot’s browser chat. It so happened that JUST THAT DAY I had issues with Firefox and Adobe CC downloads. I needed to VENT, I tell you!!! I’m not ashamed.

Browser talk!

Jimmy’s on Firefox 4.

The guys enjoy the Firefox logo.

The Edge

The Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new Microsoft browser.

Happy birthday, Matt!

20 – Jimmy and Eliot enjoyed Difficult People, Billy Eichner’s new show.

It’s on Hulu.

Welcome to the final episode of the Players Club season 16! Season 17 is available now!

Jimmy had a nice conversation with Steve Dahl. He also did Chic McGee’s show.

We appreciate you listening!!! Jimmy appreciates you using your firefox to sign up.

Jimmy talks about Lenny Kravitz’ “crank.”

25 – Jimmy and Matt talk cover songs both from Lenny and Chicago.

Jimmy not a fan. He calls him a poser.

More cover talk.

Here is Lenny’s dick.

30 – Jimmy not a big Blondie guy.

He talks about getting a vinyl he got from a local Chicago band. He used to think they should have been bigger until he listened to that album and realized it.

More LK Dick talk.

Lenny is 5’7’’ Matt changes his tune and admits it’s a nice dick.

35 – Thriller! 

Jimmy has spoked: He loves the stones Dirty Work album.

We’ll be back!

40 – Welcome back to 16 Zepplin! Last three Led Zepplin albums reissued on Vinyl. Jimmy says it sounds better than ever.

Jimmy talks about it.

In Through the Out Door

Jimmy calls it a great album.

Tells Eliot to take his horn thoughts to facebook.

Jimmy’s updating Danielle on the Hernia situation.

Around the horn!


45 – Jimmy suggests I watch infinitely polar bear – 

Eliot has a birthday story. His parents always told him the wrong day.

50 – Jimmy wants a meatballs review!


55 – Eliot’s word was Zithromax.

Phone calls!

Hi Jamie from Canada.

Jamie is a Bryan Adams fan. He’s also married with two kids. 17 years married! 14 and 11 aged kids.

60 – Jimmy talks sports with Jamie. Soccer and Basketball. Good luck Jamie! Oh wait, stupid question.
Stones or Beatles? Matt immediately goes Beatles.

Jamie goes Stones.

Canada’s own Jamie!

The 917! Hi Jeff Williams from NYC! Jimmy wonders what police precinct he is in. He hopes he’s not in The 75!

Jeff asks the best cheese for a grilled cheese.

Gouda is great! Bye Jeff!

Jimmy wants a mix of cheddar/provolone.

Yeah hey = fuck off goodbye.

65 – Hey Matthew! One of the same nine callers. Jimmy grills him.

They’re calling girls Eliot now.

Matthew’s question involves something I can’t hear. I think it’s baseball related. Oh what song would you go up to the plate to?

Jimmy is leaning towards Happy.

Jimmy talks about Kirby Puckett beating his wife.

Cecil Fielder – 

In 1990, he became the first player to reach the 50-home run mark since George Foster hit 52 for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977.

Jimmy changes to Ke$ha Warrior.

Eliot goes LaGrange.

Looks like plenty of sauce to me.

Looks like plenty of sauce to me.

70 – I’ll go with the best around or power of love. Or wrecking ball.

Johnny!! He’s also not had Mama Mancini’s meatballs. He does Mannequins.

Jimmy does his mannequin guy voice.

75 – Jimmy asks if Johnny’s ever fucked one of the mannequins. Jimmy and Matt both sing different songs.

Let’s squeeze in one more call.

Chef Jeff from Cincinnati! Salmon on the menu today for lunch!

I rush out to look for someone at the door. No answer.

80 – Bye Chef Jeff!

We got a lady! Hi Mandy! From Ashville, NC.

Jimmy calls Virgina, ‘Ginia. Mandy talks about the “hill folk” in her area flying Confederate Flags. Jimmy suggests punching them in the throat.

85 – Mandy has a 6 year old son named Oliver. She thinks she is in the grace period though. Also it is a family name.

Jimmy’s allowing children named Oliver as long as they are 5 and up.

Mandy is not married. Here we go.

Jimmy thought Mandy was serious when she said she had a picture of him in her kids room.

Jimmy has not met an oliver that was dumb.

Bye Mandy!

90 – One last call! Hello David!

NNF Live in Toronto is not sold out. Get your tickets!!

David’s podcast is The No Sleep Podcast! 

95 – Jimmy explains how phones used to work and how twitter now works. World Wide Web.

Oliver is a future Improv superstar.

Jimmy now has someone in his life that he can tell the difference between real and fake enthusiasm.

Last call (again) Stephen! From Virginia. Jimmy asks him if he is a yankee and if there are any confederate flags around.

100 – Stephen’s been married two years

Some Smile Train folks are here!!

Quick break!

We’re back!

Susie Schaeffer is here from Smile Train! She is the CEO!

Justin looks great! Matt thinks he looks like Al Franken, 80s Al Franken. He’s very tall.

Susie talks more about Smile Train and what they do.

urlSusie confirms that Justin is a joy. They have lots of conversations and singing.

Justin loves U2! Jimmy talks about meeting Adam Clayton.

Train played at the 1 millionth smile gala.

Jimmy talks about how great everyone he’s met at Smile Train is. Everyone is always so happy. Susie talks about it.

Never Not Funny has raised over $650,000. Susie wants to know the date of the next one. Jimmy and Matt are still trying to decide on a date.

Check out Smile Train’s facebook and Twitter pages to help Smile Train get a $500k Donantion from Microsoft!

What a joy to finally meet Justin!

Smile Train

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth