1701 – Playing Jazz with James Urbaniak

James Urbaniak

James Urbaniak

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Getting On with James Urbaniak

00 – Little more in the headphones please!! Welcome to 1701 or 17 zed one whatever that means. Jimmy went British. We’re better than them.

We’ll be your favorite once you get used to us!

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www.nevernotfunny.com and www.pardcast.com

Just a few seats left at the second show in Austin!

Matt started listening to Yaz’s first album. Matt not a big fan of Don’t Go but loves Only You. He talks about the second song on the album Too Pieces. We hear a bit of it.

05 – Nothing gets more comments than Yaz and Rich Sommer reporting on the airline apparently. We definitely cultivated My Brother though.

Jimmy doesn’t need to know about the references to other shows.

Jimmy talks about heading to fan appreciation night for LA Kiss.

Eliot’s in the distance! Keep him in the distance!

Jimmy ranks us. Eliot’s a 4. I’m a 3.

Jimmy compares me to Gelman on Regis and Kathy Lee.

Jimmy NNF cursed Kathy Lee to her face for being rude (not really).

10 – Jimmy talks more about heading to the LA Kiss night. His GPS jumped from half hour to over an hour so they just bailed and went to get dinner.

They had a delicious meal at portillos which is apparently just 10 minutes or so from the stadium. Jimmy just couldn’t handle the traffic and didn’t care enough.

They also went to a trampoline place. Danielle has been sicker than Jimmy has ever seen her.

Jimmy talks about the Trampoline place. He’s mad at the woman for not telling him about the 3 hour special on Saturday nights.

15 – Jimmy is tired of it. Do your jobs.

Jimmy is gonna start fining us for insubordination.

We got some mail!

Jimmy reads the mail while I grab our guest.

Some cool drawings from Scott. One of Batman for Oliver and one of Cajun Jimmy.

20 – Jimmy is sending Matt to Big Five Sporting Goods for a Baseball bat. He wants Matt to break every camera (except one) and then Eliot’s jaw.

Choke up on the bat Matt!

Jimmy’s taking the post!

Urbankiak is in here! It’s an embarrassment!

Jimmy’s upset guys.

Jimmy’s not sure if all of that was fake.

He talks about our guest James Urbaniak.

Jimmy says that Andrea Martin is extremely funny.

25 – Early break! Thank you for the letter and drawings Scott!

Jimmy talks to James a bit before we break.

He’s done some books on tape. God is Disappointed in You

It was a dark and stormy night

Jimmy calls the Peanuts unwatchable. He’s gonna be in Muppet hot water.

Jimmy thumbs up Mission Impossible.

James is also on Review. He talks into a turned off mic.

Eliot and I get flip flopped. My audio jumps to a 4, Eliot drops to a 3 (-4).

30 – Jimmy tells matt to get a BATT. Not some piece of aluminum.


We’re back!

1701! New season! Buy something!

My pleasure.

My pleasure.

Jimmy thanks Darryl Asher for alerting him to David Gilmour at the Forum. Jimmy ended up with a great seat for that show.

94/01 – Jimmy
2003 – James
98 – Matt
97 – Eliot

Roy Scheider

35 – James addresses his outfit. It’s a hipster vintage coat and a chorus line t-shirt.

James’s chorus line shirt is both as a fan and for irony.

Jimmy’s wondering the price on that t-shirt.

Urbaniak Wikipedia

James is 51! Doesn’t look it.

40 – James did 2 law and orders! SVU and CI.

Jerry Orbach chat! 

James talks about shooting Law and Order and the bendy prison bars.

T and CoCo were the guests on Conan with Jimmy. James spins it in a positive way.

Jimmy likes Tom Cruise.

James auditioned for Vanilla Sky (He didn’t get it). He got a call back with Cameron Crowe and apparently Tom Cruise. He tells the story. Tom gave him a great compliment.

“Yeah, let’s play jazz.” – Tom Cruise

The part in Vanilla Sky went to Noah Taylor 

50 – The guys talk more about auditioning with Tom Cruise.

Here is the audio of Dana Gould’s Keynote

Dana Gould

Dana Gould

And video and transcribed 

Jimmy talks about Dana Gould a bit.

55 – Hello Eliot! He had a good weekend. Got some work done on his game. Ilios is right around the corner, kickstarter might be coming in September.

Jimmy took Oliver to see Mission Impossible. He calls it a good version of the avengers. Oliver doesn’t believe that Jimmy doesn’t know Tom Cruise.

Eliot compliments James on his work on The Venture Brothers.

Jimmy thought that James was the Nightvale guy.

I run out to take a call for Jimmy. It was a marketer trying to save money on electricity.

60 – I missed Jimmy’s medical talk. Sounds like he is worried about it. Maybe he has CDIFF?

Jimmy apparently has a hernia too. CDIFF and Hernia?!

65 – We’re talking more about Jimmy’s medical issues.

James podcast is called Getting On with James Urbaniak. They’re basically scripted radio shows.

James made a favorite podcast list that we didn’t.

Jimmy enjoys podcasts that aren’t just three white guys talking.

James is on Review!

70 – The guys talk about James’ new show with Billy Eichner Difficult People.

James describes his character on the show.

The guys talk more about the laughs in Difficult People.

75 – James is complimentary of Hulu and how they handle the show. He talks about NBC suits telling the cast of friends to smile more.

Jimmy doesn’t like the idea of all episodes dropping at once but also hates having to wait.

James talks about working with Andrea Martin.

80 – Buster Pointdexter chat!

David Johansen Live it Up 

Medication talk.

We’ll be back!

Back with Jimmy singing a Yaz Mash-up.

Thanks for the kind words about Race to Escape! Decent to good ratings!

Let’s get Myself, Eliot, and Matt on a team on Race to Escape!

FYI everyone, Jimmy is the host only, he has no power at all for casting, puzzles, or anything.

We’re talking Hee-Haw!! Jimmy’s gonna watch an episode.

Hee-Haw was conceived as an alternative to Laugh-In?!

85 – Jimmy is reading the back of the Hee-Haw box.

Jimmy’s gonna watch Hee-Haw with Oliver and pray that he hates it.

Eight is different than nine.

Themed TV show chat.

90 – We’re talking Sha-na-na.

Match Game / Hollywood Squares Hour


95 – Sevens!!

Jimmy gives to James: 5pts (Broadway) This is the worst Jimmy has ever done.

Jennifer Jason Leigh is the daughter of Vic Morrow!

We’re going again!

100 – Jimmy gives to James: 16Pts (Broadway)

James gives to Jimmy: 8(70s)

Clackers chat 

Balls = Clackers from now on on this show.

LA Podfest

We’re adding in some audio from the last players club episode featuring Susie Schaeffer from Smile Train.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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