17Y – Wrapping Up the Season with Jimmy and the Boys

thegang-tableglobeIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 17Y – Phone Calls!

17 Yanni

00 – Hello! Indeed welcome! Jimmy is not happy with his haircut. He’s been getting trims to avoid this exact issue.

There is a 2-bit difference between a trim and a haircut.

Matt says it looks good, he doesn’t know what Jimmy’s talking about.

Man in High Castle is renewed for season 2.

Streaming of Grease Live is extra long because of double the commercials that you can’t skip.

Jimmy and family watched the first hour of it last night.

Matt calls this issue biggest mistake since lack of belt in Mexico.

05 – Hi Jeff Johnson! Jimmy takes a call on air.

Jeff did not caucus! He talks about it for us.

He owns the Penguins name and licensed it out.

Matt asks about Penguins of Madagascar. Jeff says he owns anything and everything involved with Penguins.

Great friend of Jimmy’s! He’s out in Cedar Rapids.

Jimmy talks about his EXTENDED family.

Some Grease Live talk. Matt is loving it.

Kether Donahue plays Jan – 

Julianna Hough –

10 – More Grease cast talk.

Jimmy calls Eliot out mistakenly thinking he is slacking on Matt’s shot.

15 – “Stage-dooring” chat.

Jimmy talks about how great it feels to be part of that and how bad it feels when no one notices.

Jimmy got an “up top my brother” from an airport employee, Ryan.

Our thoughts are with you Joe Blankenship!

17 Y!!!

20 – 17 Y’understand!

Trivia chat!

25 – Yawn chat. Jimmy cant

17 Yanni – no winner!

I’m stagedooring in long beach.

Hollywood convention talk.

Jimmy talks about doing a character at one of the shows and it was still hurtful.

30 – Eliot interrupts his own intro. His Y word is Yul Brenner.

Talking about Rap in the old days and the lack of rap in record stores.

Jimmy talks about record chains being wary of the people who would be buying rap albums.

Yul Brenner took us on a journey to racism.

Jimmy loves that Yul Brenner story that Anthony Rapp told.

Jimmy and Eliot talk about when the power went out at the building and Eliot having to lift the garage gates.

35 – Eliot mentions rust and Jimmy goes off on a Peter Cetera story or a former Chicago guitarist story about Donnie Dacus.

Apparently Donnie has not been seen or heard from since that day in the record store.

Peter mentioned saying they should be inviting all the old members to the hall of fame. Donnie Dacus sat in with Peter at a Miami show. Jimmy was blown away and went searching for footage.

Jimmy goes off on Chicago fans making jokes about Donnie working at a jiffy lube.

40 – Someone wrote, “a rusted note that needs to be sanded” on a message board. It INFURIATED Jimmy.

Matt’s Y word was Yodel.

45 – Matt reads a story rom a listener. She is a judge, and said Never Forget outloud, on the bench, when a witness said Nine-eleven instead of nine one one.

Bunnicula starts 2/6!

Bunnicula: New Animated Series Debuts on Cartoon Network on Saturday

We’ll be back!

50 – We’re back!

Jimmy just yawned!!

Jimmy enjoyed some Tamales for dinner last night!

Progressive talk!

55 – Commercial actor talk!

Talk into the mic Eliot!!!

65 – Phone calls.

I’m coming into my own!

Jimmy leaves a message for himself via the mic.

Phone problems!

Bring it on Garrity!


Further Seems Forever – 

Phone issues!

75 – We got a call! Will in Phoenix!! We talk softball with him. Happy anniversary to Will and Veronica!

80 – Will goes for the Diamondbacks.

Good guy that Will!

Hi Justin! Yamaha is Justin’s word. No win.

Hi Jason in Cali! Bye Jason.

Hi Andy! Cincinatti. He has seen Jimmy at a show. He’s 23.

He’s going for his masters in physiology. Or Fizziology! Andy’s Y word is Yanni! Andy matches me!

Bye Andy!

Hello Laura! Up on Spokane Washington. Another student, majoring in Computer Science. Her Y word is Yakuza.

Laura’s on the OK Cupid. Jimmy is happy he found Danielle so he doesn’t have to go through all these games.

She’s an intern at a tech company. She’s supremely bored.

90 – Eliot and Laura?! Nah, he’s too old for her.

Bye Laura! Hi Laura’s mom, Catherine!

Bye Again Laura!

Jimmy talks about insubordination! Trish from Vancouver’s y word was “obviously yolo.”

95 – Jimmy talks about Cristela calling herself Chris.

Hi Rachel! Over in Brooklyn! Jimmy’s going to be in Brooklyn in April. Spelled, Rachele. Jimmy’s got no problem with that spelling. Her Y word is Yuck! Only Jimmy can call her Rach apparently. She’s shacked up.

Eliot is playing Pachenga according to Matt.

Ricky and Rachele. Together six years. The man upstairs and mr roper downstairs don’t like it.

Rachele may have just won listener of the year with her “What” comment to Eliot.

We’re gonna try calling that dick head back. He can’t talk right now.

100 – Hi Kevin from Wisconsin! Some snow talk.

We’re calling this guy back. He’s at work so he cant talk right now.

Hi Ezra!

Matt gets a top five favorite things Matt has said.

States with Caucuses: Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Idaho, Kansas, Wyoming, Alaska, Washington, Florida and North Dakota

Ezra’s Y word was Young. Ezra is cut loose.

Hi Anna! Lots of girls today. Anna in Iowa. We’re gonna talk about the Caucus, or not because Anna didn’t go.

110 – Anna’s Y word is Yeti. No winner! Yeti is Matt’s favorite word of the day. Anna and husband married 5 years. His name is Matt. No kids.

Jimmy and Matt talk about Hillary and Bernie. 

Stop taking shots against other democratic candidates.

Anna is a graphic designer! We have a lot of graphic artists in our listeners.

115 – Politics talk!!

Bye Anna!

Hi Sam in Los Angeles! He works at a Movie Studio in the legal department. He’s never seen Legal Eagles or The Judge. He confirms that Judge Reinhold is his real name.

He has a celeb sighting!! This is at Trader Joes and the check out guy said he was in a trader joes.

It’s a film star, who won an Oscar.

Adrian Brody!! I win!

125 – Jimmy calls Wasilla back. Hi Tyler. He’s up in Alaska, building aircraft engines.

Boeing does make engines.

Tyler’s been married for 3 years.

130 – Jimmy wants to laugh but already decided to be angry.

Great show today! We rallied, we got through it, tolerated Jimmy’s political rant.

Bill Cosby case will go forward – 

Jimmy has a pet peeve when someone says Obama and not PRESIDENT Obama.

We’ve lost listeners. Gun toting nuts, rifling off emails!

Nashville tickets are for sale!!

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Bernie Sanders Supporter