1801 – Looking at the Wind Blow with Ellis Paul


Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed! The inaugural episode of the 18th season!! Eliot is getting a little maudlin about the new season! He wanted to add some zaz!

It’s all numbers!

Seasons change, people change, expose taught us that!


Jimmy sings a song!

Jimmy and Matt talk Dirty Ed McMahon.

Jimmy loves talking about the craft of comedy and comedy in general and he did so on Sirius XM recently.

Some are great because we have to say they’re great IE Transparent. Jimmy likes it but he doesn’t think it’s great. He talks about it. It likes itself too much.

05 – Jimmy and Matt continue to talk about Transparent.

Speaking of heads.

Eliot stepped into the bear trap of my head.

10 – Ellis Paul is here! He brought friends!

PJ works in TV! Watch the Henry Rollins Show

Ellis is early!

They watched the Superbowl and Ellis did th halftime show at PJs house.

Jimmy calle GaGa’s performance “houston-esque”

Lin-Manuel Miranda in the title role of the musical "Hamilton" at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.15 – Jimmy was in NYC over the weekend and saw Hamilton.

The soundtrack does not do justice to the show. Jimmy says the hype is all true. “it’s the greatest thing he’s ever seen.”

They also saw School of Rock. Oliver loved it!

School of Rock

Jimmy talks Ellis Paul albums.

More hair talk!

hairdadJimmy’s gonna write down a song request and see if Ellis will do it.

20 – Jimmy writes down three songs!

We’ll be right back!!

We’re back!

Episode 1801!!

It’s a long time to be doing this. “Ten years, bro!” – Matt.

True or False Jimmy met the director of Grease Live! True! Backstage at Hamilton. Weird Al Yancovic was there too!

25 – Jimmy met Lin Manuel!! Jimmy thinks Hamilton will be the biggest musical on film when it gets there.

Jimmy Pardo and Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Pardo

Ellis confirms we did get rid of the Brits.

Jimmy just bought LA Woman on Vinyl. He loves the doors. Matt does not and Jimmy makes him tell Ellis to his face. Matt does, without eye contact.

Jimmy’s cousin wont shut up about Zepplin and it drives Jimmy nuts.

25 – Jimmy’s top three includes Ellis Paul and Iron Maiden.

Jimmy talks about weeping in the car listening to a song of Ellis’ that he will be talking about on a show about songs that changed your life.

30 – Jimmy explains to PJ his relationship with ellis.

Ellis loves 3 songs that he has heard from Adele’s album. He can’t wait to hear it.


David Gates 

30 – I’m here! Ralph is here! PJ is here!

Eliot, the walking ottoman/human ottoman is here!

Jimmy explains the nickname to Ellis.

Ellis performed at McCabes and a theater in San Diego.

McCabes is one of Ellis’ favorite venues especially because of the history of the place.

Ellis has bought a Ukulele from there. He was going to buy a guitar from there only to find out Neil Young had just come in to buy it.

Jimmy asks Ellis about guitars and what makes them worth more than others and how he chooses his guitar.

40 – Ellis talks more about how he picks a guitar.

Elis briefly recounts his battle with an airline after they cracked his guitar.

Ellis is gonna sing! He’s gonna do a brand new song for us!

45 – Ellis plays his new song.

Jimmy is infuriated that Ellis doesn’t have a clunker.

50 – Reaction to the new song is great!

Jimmy tells Ellis about Oliver picking Ellis’ book The Hero in You as his bedtime read.

Jimmy and Ellis talk about the book and the album that comes with it.

The other kids album is Dragonfly Races: 

runningshoesJimmy talks about his running shoe.

Ellis talks about running.

Jimmy tells a Mike Siegel story about finishing a marathon all worn out at the same time as two smiling old Asian women.

55 – Matt did the Disney 10k in 56 or 57. Ellis would do a 10k in around 30 minutes. Jimmy appears to be amazed by it.

Jimmy and Ellis talk about early days on the road and what they used to do.

60 – Jimmy talks Nashville and tells Ellis he should watch it.

Matt and Jimmy talk about turning into groupies at the Nashville show.

Jimmy and Ellis talk modern country. Jimmy thinks its more like 70s pop. Ellis not a fan of this new “Bro country” style.

Ellis talks about artists opening up genres to people.

Maria’s Beautiful Mess, Look At The Wind Blow, Take Me Down

Take Me Down is the one Jimmy wants to hear. Ellis does it accapella.

65 – Jimmy confirms some lyrics with Ellis. Ellis talks about the lyric and how it might be written different today.

Dirty Carson is here!!

Might be the best he has sounded.

Ellis Paul is going to sing Maria’s Beautiful Mess!

Last time he was here he did Drive-in Movie, a little bit of Take Me Down, Wasted,

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Dirty Carson is back!!

And a little Dirty McMahon.

Ellis not at all annoyed by asking for old songs. Every night people say he didn’t do a song they loved but he has such a huge catalog of tunes that its hard to stay on top of them all. He is an evolving artist and wants his fans to come with him on the journey.

80 –
Get your Ellis Paul albums here:

If you are able to, Go See Ellis Live!!!

Ellis is going to do Look At The Wind Blow!

Ellis talks about his set of shows where he did every album consecutively.

Rad’s not with Ellis this trip.

Ellis Paul Cruise! Next year Vance Gilbert might come along.

Dirty Carson talks about Shelley Winters!

We’re gonna play some billboard trivia!

90 – Billboard Trivia.

Ellis: 5
Matt: 4
Ralph: 5 – Win!
Garon: 2

Ellis 1
Matt 2 – Win

Matt: 2

Matt wins!!!

The Cars – 

We are closing it out with one last song from Ellis Paul song!

Ellis has fans who have come to hundreds of shows! He also has fans tattooing his lyrics on them.

Jimmy asks him to do God’s Promise and Ellis tells the story about it. It’s a Woodie Guthrie song that he put music too.

Songs Ellis Performed:

New song (I’m no jesus)
Maria’s Beautiful Mess
Some Take Me Down
God’s Promise
See you next time!!

My pleasure,

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