1724 – Sitting Down with David Steinberg


The legendary David Steinberg

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 1724! 17th Season!!

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It would be awful to be blind we all know this. Matt and Jimmy discuss what’s worse being deaf or blind?

Loose lips sink ships! No bullshit about that today guys.

The Finest Hours

Jimmy did a half marathon yesterday so he is a little sleepy. The marathon was for fallen police officers and fallen firefighters.

The race went through the Paramount lot so Jimmy was able to check out the old parking spot for Becker.

ParamountGate05 – Jimmy talks IT Band situation. Jimmy has that tape on his leg right now.

Beautiful weather for his race. Paramount had some old police cars all set up for the race.

It felt right to be back on that lot for Jimmy. Lots of Becker and Monk memories.

Jimmy talks more about Monk and the lot and a mansion where they shot the show. The patio was bigger than Matt’s house.

10 – Lego display talking! Jimmy and Eliot talk Hay.

Andie MacDowell talk – 

Tourist class – 

15 – Phillip Seymour Hoffman was indeed in Scent of a Woman – 

Matt went to Boarding School this is apparently news to everyone.

He lost his virginity there. He tells us some about it.

Jimmy wonders about Eliot’s use of “we” in regards to that story.

Comedy legend! Comedy Royalty David Steinberg is coming in today.

Jimmy insists that Eliot and I be on our best behavior!

20 – No FBI out there!

Jimmy tells David that we’re talking about Matt losing his virginity in a “boarding house.”

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!


David Steinberg is here! We’re gonna talk to him at length!

Brigadoon – 

Van Johnson was indeed on Love Boat! 

loveboat25 – David has a podcast also!

Movie talk and jerry lewis chat.

30 – David tells a story about doing a vulgar joke at a roast.

David talks about people getting upset and the FBI watching him because he said Nixon’s face looks like a foot. Also, he was saying stuff about Watergate out in the open.

35 – David talks about doing the first correspondence dinner in NY.

He talks about how heckling is a myth, it’s just someone who wants to be involved.

At that dinner he was killing and in the middle some guy yelled out that he was a goddamn mockey. (No one know what that is)

Later, the guy ended up on the elevator with them. Paddy Chayefsky grabbed the guy and pushed him against the wall and yelled at him. He also corrected him that the word isn’t mockey it’s kike. David then talks about how funny it is that he was correcting this guys grammar.

40 – David saw Michael Keaton doing stand-up! He says he was really good.

Can anyone name a Blood Sweat and Tears song?

Jimmy was videotaped signing one of their songs as a 2 year old.

Eliot’s sneezing like crazy.

Eliot’s gotta take off to blow his nose so he’s losing his statement.

Jimmy admits to putting a bunch of dust on Eliot’s table.

Matt wants to hear more Blood Sweat and Tears song Jimmy can name.

45 – Jimmy goes through Eliot’s nicknames.

David’s podcast is called The David Steinberg Podcast!

Jimmy talks about not understanding why David Steinberg is not a household name.

Quality Balls: The David Steinberg Story – 

steinbergDavid talks about his career.

50 – Jimmy and David talk second city, Robert Klein, Fred Willard, and more.

55 – Jimmy talks about Chicago being the perfect place to start comedy.

David talks about being a surprisingly good athlete. He talks about a game he played in during the NBA finals.

Jimmy makes an awful segue and admits to it right away.

Jimmy asks David about meeting Groucho Marx. David tells the story about meeting him and how Groucho was a fan of his!

steinberg carson60 – David would have lunch with Groucho, George Burns, and Jack Benny every Tuesday for 6months hearing all of their stories.

Andy Kim! 

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Eliot is fine!

David says that Robin is a hypochondriac. She’s actually germophobic.

65 – Zika

Jimmy has become Jerry Lewis.

Jerry-Lewis-The-Day-the-Clown-CriedMatt wonders about The Day the Clown Died – 

Maybe we’ll see it in ten years.

More Jerry Lewis telethon talking.

70 – Quality Balls is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

David talks about The Smothers Brothers and David getting them kicked off the air.

He talks about how he got the most hate mail in the history of the show. It was a room full of duffle bags. He was forbidden to do another sermon on the show.

One night they were short on time so Tommy told him to do another sermon since he improved it. After that, CBS yanked the show. It made the NEW YORK TIMES.

75 – Jimmy wonders if David being Canadian had anything to do with the backlash. He doesn’t believe so. He thinks they wanted the smothers brothers off the air and this was their key to do it.

Jimmy asks about guest hosting the Tonight Show. David talks about doing whatever he wanted when he was a guest on it but sticking to the weekly news type stuff when he guest hosted. He’d always think really hard about his monologues.

The FBI was always at his shows in fact, he because friends with two of them.

80 – He talks about Watergate happening and the events involving him around that.

David talks about Beverly D’Angelo saying he gave her the best note a director gave her, “Don’t’ fuck him until page 46.”


curbDavid talks about directing television and directing Curb Your Enthusiasm.

They are at the 50/50 mark of Curb coming back.

Jimmy does his Curb audition.

Jimmy wants to hear David’s story about his first tonight show appearance.

David talks about it. He was bumped four nights in a row. The show was 90 minutes long back then. He talks about his agent guaranteeing that he’ll be on this one night. This night they have one guest: Tony Bennett. He went through almost all the segments. His agent was furious and went to yell at the producers about it. He came back to David and said it wasn’t gonna happen tonight but he got a personal guarantee about the next night.

90 – David did the show hundreds of times including guest hosting 140ish. Carson loved to watch him (and Bob Newhart) bomb.

Matt asks what made David stop stand up. David says it was the directing. He never wanted to stop standup.

He talks about doing some new shows lately and robin telling him he isn’t making enough money.

Jimmy tells David to get out of podcasting. This is his world.

Jimmy loves Inside Comedy.

Jimmy is getting sincere!

David loves Jimmy and loved doing the show! David talks about loving Conan and that he is “fucking spectacular.” He now feels the same about Jimmy.

See you next time!!!

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