17X – Topping the Charts with Kevin Bigley


Kevin Bigley

Kevin Bigley

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed yes!! Welcome in to 17X!

Jimmy’s got some filth on his mic. He doesn’t know what it is except that it’s gross. And it’s GROWING!

99 for the whole year and a multi tool!

$29 for 6 months, $49 for the year, $99 for the multitool and the year.

Eliot made a great logo for it.

Lorie Moulton is here taking pictures for Ghetto Blaster magazine for Jimmy.

Jimmy cut himself shaving.

There is a protest in Manitoic! We’re gonna check in with Mike Cusick after Jimmy’s celebrity shghting.


Ghetto Blaster

05 – Jimmy talks about where he wants to sit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Picture talking.

Jowl talk!

Celeb sighting!

Beverly hills restaurant. Jimmy describes his meal.

It was David Steinberg!! The day after the podcast!

He came over and chatted with them!

Jimmy drank a Naked juice and is having some allergy issues apparently.

10 – Eliot tries to teach us about proteins but Lorie distracts Jimmy by sneaking around like a ninja.

Tide carcinogen

Jimmy’s opening mail!

(I guess I’m going to have to make a mail icon. – Darryl)

How much did I spend on this Taylor Swift shirt??

15 – Betting on the shirt and betting on the total.


Kevin Bigley is here!

85 – jimmy
110 – lorie
75 – matt

No winner!!

20 – Jimmy opens the mail. Billboard top 40 Trivia!! 6400 questions and ANSWERS!

Jimmy reads the letter. Thanks Colin!

Taking a break! We’re gonna play that game in a few!

Sirens has moved to Netflix!! Season 1 and 2 are now on Netflix.

We’ll be back!

25 – We’re back!!

17 Xenophobe!

unforgettable fire u2Unforgettable Fire came on in October 1984!

Cajun Jimmy!

Hillbilly Social Network guy!

Xerox was my word – no winner!

30 – Grease Live this week!

Kevin coulda been a t-bird! Maybe canicky?

Matt has high hopes for Grease Live because it’s a fun show.
Summer Nights spoof on Galavant last week.

Eliot deeply defends Vinnie Jones.

Mad Dog Russo went crazy today apparently.

Kevin and Jimmy talk Mad Dog and Jason Hayward.

Kevin plays fantasy baseball but forgets that he’s playing sometimes.

35 – Eliot’s X word is Xena!

Eliot was late due to “men’s issues.”

We wish Eliot all the luck.

Vinnie Jones never has bathroom issues!

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is back also! Everyone watches it. (except me).

Guys talking about her winning the golden globe.

Actor doing a blind guy! Kevin wonders if he has a hearing problem too.

40 – Eliot does indeed have something else.

Apparently, if you win an Emmy you do not own it. If you die, the academy takes the award back.

Galavant is a fun show apparently.

45 – We’re calling Mike over in Manitowoc.

Happy birthday Ellen! Mike’s watching her birthday show. She gave away a lot of stuff.

50 – How nice of Mike to say hi to all of us. No one was mad or upset he didn’t mention us last time!!

Mike was a Navy Intelligence Analyst! He used to work at Norad. Jimmy wonders if he’s seen Borat.

No Way Out – 

55 – Matt’s word was Xylophone! That’s Jimmy’s backup word.

Sirens is back! Watch it on Netflix.

We’re calling Kevin’s publicist Jen! She was here last time with him.

Jimmy talks about the blizzard messing up Broadway Con so Anthony Rapp and someone else just called famous broadway people on the phone for the crowd in the big ballroom.

60 – Kevin is a valley guy. He’s in Burbank near WB.

Sliders hamburger talk and Sliders TV show talk.

Kevin was last on episode 1607.

Here is DePaul –

65 – Mount Rushmore/Grand Canyon talk.

Kevin talks about doing a helicopter tour to Catalina.

70 – Helicopter cost – 

75 – gas price talk!

Jimmy finally introduces Kevin. Sirens and a couple episodes of BoJack Horseman! Kevin’s wife was on Scandal!

80 – The Red of my shirt is making people angry.

Kevin’s last concert was The OCs and Ty Segall.

Ty Seagall talk!

We’re gonna play some Billboard Top 40 Trivia!
Thanks Colin!!

Kevin – -2
Garon – 0
Matt – 1
Eliot – 1

Matt Vs Eliot

Matt 3
Eliot 1

Matt wins!!!

Round 2:

Jimmy: –
Garon: –
Kevin: –
Eliot: –

Fun game!!

We’re done. Fun show!

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Now We’re Talking from LeBron James. –

My pleasure,

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