17V – Fighting Words with Joe DeRosa

Joe DeRosa

Joe DeRosa


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello!

Our guest is SO Early!

Jimmy gives him the business.

Joe DeRosa! He and Jimmy debate early.

Joe’s not in a great place today either. He’s going for coffee.

Jimmy thinks he’s happier today. There was a sadness last time.

Jimmy thinks Joe has lost about 26 pounds. Joe’s down to 190, at his peak he lost around 30 pounds.

Joe had some problems with the buzzer.

05 – Joe is probably the earliest guest who came early.

We got six minutes of business from Joe coming early.

We have another special guest! Sarah!

detectiveSarah also likes Matt’s hair.

Sarah watched Into The Woods with Jimmy and John Ross Bowie.

Jimmy explains how having her on came about.

Sarah enjoyed Into The Woods more than Jimmy. She thought they all liked it and was surprised when she found out he didn’t like it.

Sarah brought cookies. Jimmy’s off cookies in 2016! Luckily she has some other kind of pastry.

Sarah enjoys only comedy podcasting in her stake out situations. She doesn’t enjoy true crime stuff.

10 – Nancy was running her mouth about Steven Avery today. Jimmy thinks he killed her but got railroaded at court.
Sarah can give us some info on some of these cases, maybe?

Jimmy keeps no emails in his box.

Jimmy not a fan of IMAP emails. He likes two separate email locations.

Is Sarah investigating someone in this room?!

Sarah describes her car. “non descript.”

bowieJimmy gets some intel from Sarah about the types of cases she handles.

15 – Jimmy sidetracks on the last picture of David Bowie. He thinks it is a great picture.

Back to Sarah.

She talks about the types of cases she does. Civil stuff, personal injury, etc.

She’s the director!?

She gives us the details on her process.

Waterskiing comes up pretty frequently apparently.

“…joe derosa flubbery.”

20 – Strictly Waterskiier is a great podcast!

Crime on waterskiing is not as rare as you might think.

A minivan is more conspicuous than her current car.

Joe is back with an update on what Jimmy texted him. (if you get here early that’s cool too – Jimmy’s text).

Sarah is only able to speak in legalese.

You can sue someone you don’t like working with.

Jimmy would rather sue Eliot than fire him.

25 – The facts don’t lie!

Jimmy is not a fan of Eliot’s laugh.

Nikki Haley

Sarah is in charge of the mic today.

Jimmy talks about getting hate mail from having Joe on the show.

Joe is shocked that Jimmy got hate mail about it.

He was getting severe reactions from Anthony fans, even having them call clubs he was working at.

Joe talks about a conversation he had with someone at Reddit about doing an AMA. They can’t fix the problem of anyone able to chime in and be an asshole.

Jimmy talks about annoying reviews IE pizza shops getting a bad review for there being an annoying customer sitting next to them.

Joe and Anthony had a conversation and put everything behind them.

30 – Jimmy’s gonna sue Eliot for the way he looks on camera.

“Move the box top Joe!”

Joe gives us the “word on the street” about Jimmy.

Joe talks about his set slamming jimmy.

Eliot has a thought on the internet. He says internet negativity is the modern day version of the Roman Coliseum. Jimmy agrees!

35 – “Leave me alone!” – Joe to Jimmy.

Jimmy talks about trying to take a sip out of his microphone in San Francisco.

The guys try to think of questions for PI Sarah.

Jimmy wonders what her biggest case was.

She gets a lot of domestic/infidelity cases. It’s just like the movies.

Sarah has a license. And has seen License to drive. And to kill. And to ill.


40 – She was inspired by Veronica Mars! Jimmy no longer in love with Kristen Bell.
Betting on Kristen’s age:

Jimmy – 33
Eliot – 34
Matt – 30
Joe – 36

She’s 35!

Kristen Bell

We are taking a break! Joe might not be back.

Missy Elliot plays into everything.

Matt’s neutral.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

17 Venom! No winner but there IS a second choice!

Jimmy bought $20 in powerball tickets. He feels really good about it.

45 – Lotto talk!

Joe’s drinking a green iced tea no sugar!

Sarah is married and she keeps her temple clean!

Joe hated Into The Woods.

Sarah found Les Mis depressing but pretty good.

hamiltonSarah loves the Hamilton soundtrack.

Joe talks about Hamilton sounding absurd.

Jimmy defends Hamilton and “broadway rap.”

Joe’s friend talked to him about the debating scenes being like a rap battle.

50 – Joe says it’s for his mom. (Hamilton).

Joe talks about his hatred of Rent.

“You can’t fuck to getting AIDS!” – Jimmy on sex to the rent soundtrack.

South Park talk.

All for humor guys!!

55 – Never Delete Anything!!! – Sarah

Joe keeps old phones for evidence.

Jimmy is not Johnny Google.

He accuses Eliot of taking him seriously and making him feel bad.

Ray Liotta is terrifying to Joe.

60 – Jimmy talks about seeing Ray at a theater.

Joe talks about a celeb he met that was super nice.

Matt guesses Ed Bagley Jr. Joe has met him and he is super nice.

Dennis Miller debate!

Joe talks about Dennis Miller jokes he likes.

Dennis Miller

John Mulaney’s new special is great.

65 – Sarah took off. Something’s up.

Guessing the actor Joe was talking about.

It was Stanley Tucci!

Joe called him “The Tooch!”

“The tooch wrote a cookbook.” – Joe.

Big Night: 

70 – Joe sucks at improv. He is also verified on twitter.

Jimmy finally goes around the room!
My word is Valium.

Fennel Talk

We’re gonna call our official pharmacist!

Sausage talk!

75 – 7/11 hot dog talk.

Did 7/11 get rid of the cheeseburger roll?

Jimmy loved it.

We’re talking to Dane Coffey.

Prescription-Drug-AbuseJimmy asks him about the Valium. What happens if it passes expiration date. Reduction in potency!

80 – The army did a study on expired medication and discovered they do not lose much potency.

Dane is in Arkansas. Dane would drive to Oklahoma City to see Jimmy. So that’s two tickets sold if he decides to go.

Dane is originally from Knoxville, Illinois. Near Gailsburg. Jimmy had to go to court there once.

Dane’s favorite band is probably Kiss but for real is unknown.

The hottest drug currently is Vicodin! Dane is a in hospital pharmacist.

85 – Lotta good info from Dane. Thanks Dane!

Joe shut down his old podcast. He now does a horror podcast with Pat Walsh.

Hanson talk? Jimmy calls them good.

Sarah calls Joe out on not listening to Hamilton and judging it.

Jimmy hasn’t finished going around the room.

90 – Joe is hungry. The guys break into Sarah’s pastries. She got them from Nata’s Pastries – 

Sarah’s V word was Victory.

Win Loss rate for Sarah’s cases? 70-80% most cases end up settling now a days.

Sarah has never had a cheating suspicious turn out to be false. They’re always unfaithful.

Joe’s favorite fraud is fake blind.

We need an intern to be an actual intern.

95 – Cookie talk. Jimmy calls it a zero.

Jimmy and Joe talk about their elevator conversation. Jimmy equates it to getting hitting in the face with a bag of flower.

Eliot’s V word was Vanilla.

You gotta put something on that vanilla according to Joe.

Jimmy will eat a tub of vanilla ice cream while watching Miami Vice DVDs.

Cheap ice cream? Eliot and Matt buy chocolate.

Deep deep ice cream talk.

100 – Jimmy gets Vanilla! Sarah is suspiciously quiet during this talk. Turns out she’s lactose intolerant. Jimmy is too but he risks it for vanilla.

105 – Joe has some kind of dairy allergy to some cheeses and your stronger milks.

Joe describes the opie/Anthony sex acts. Nothing Vanilla about that according to Sarah.

Jimmy is rarely mistaken, and that’s from people on the streets.

Matt’s V word is Vertebre.

Joe’s V word is Vagina.

Low Rent is not as good as Rent. Everyone just gets an STD.

Star Trek talk.

Villain talk. Khan, Vader, Lector best villains?

manhunterTalking about Hannibal (the film). 

Manhunter talk.

Jimmy talks about Brian Cox always holding glasses.

Talking about Brad Pitt casting himself as the good guy in all the movies he produces.

Jimmy thinks Brad Pitt is looking more and more like Jack Wagner.

Soap talk! Jimmy is annoyed that GH is back to the teenager story lines.

Joe did two episodes of Better Call Saul. He is not confirming or denying anything related to the show at all.

Joe is the one that got Jimmy back into vinyl.

Joe’s recent Vinyls: Trex, zztop, tres hombres, acdc, public enemy, the descendants, kool and the gang, alice cooper, John Carpenter’s Lost Themes.

Thanks for being here Sarah!! She’s welcome back anytime.

The PI business is booming! Lots of fraud going on.

Thank you Joe!

He enjoys the ball breaking. He doesn’t get to do it often.

Joe not as bad with getting gifts as Jimmy and Matt are.

We’ll See You In Hell is the name of Joe’s podcast.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth