17U – Knowing the Shot with Pete Schwaba

The long-awaited return of Pete Schwaba

The long-awaited return of Pete Schwaba


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

00 – Awkward gift guy is here! Hello everyone!

Every night Jimmy drops to his knees and preys to peter cetera that Eliot dies.

By murder. “That’s no accident that’s murder!”

We lost Schnieder – Pat Harrington. 

All of Jimmy’s references are dying.

harringtonFocus in! Jimmy and Matt both got haircuts.

Jimmy’s growing a beard. It’s itchy currently. Date: Jan 1/7. Matt will see tomorrow whether Jimmy’s gonna ride it out or not.

Sporting a week growth currently. The beard might affect Jimmy’s ability to enjoy the Peter Cetera concert.

05 – Jimmy’s sick of everything. He’s gotta shave.

Jimmy tries to sing a song from Jimmy Pardo’s Dance Party.


Jimmy saw Jimmy Dore yesterday! He called Jimmy a jaywalker when he went across the street. Jimmy didn’t see him at first and was ready to fight until the moon hit Dore’s face and he recognized him.

Eliot had building manager stuff slightly delay him.

dick_van_dyke-trips-ottomanThe mustang’s running good. Jimmy not interested in any further details.

10 – Eliot has a thing! Jimmy calls him the ottoman of Dick Van Dyke.

Matt stumbled across what he calls one of the worst songs of the 80s. Jimmy wants to guess it.

It is not Tarzan Boy – 

Soundtrack song.

Meet Me Halfway –

From Over the Top – 

fruitcakeKenny Loggins talk!

Pete Schwaba is here!!

20 – Aryn sent us a record! Quiet Company

Eliot’s phone distractions are over!

Fruit cake! We’re gonna try it.

30 – Pete says it’s not terrible. Matt has a slice. Jimmy has a slice.


Not good enough to eat the whole thing.

Jimmy tells Pete that he saw Jimmy Dore.

Dore fights a week since starting comedy.

Thanks Brian!

The-Grinder-Season-1-FOX-artwork35 – Lots of funny in the latest Grinder!

Pete Schwaba is here! It’s all pleasure!

Pete’s kids: Joe is 15 Kate is 10!
Lotta Shakey’s talk lately.

[pardostory] Jimmy tells a Shakey’s story. Pete tells a jimmy story. Both involving Pete’s wife.

We’ll be back!

40 – We’re back!

17 Umbrella!

Utility! No winner.

Baseball talk!

Matt met Constance Zimmer at a birthday party –

Craig Bierko talk!

Sour Grapes: 

Cindy Sandberg – 

400 in 2016???

50 – Ross talk.

The fastest growing sport in America is either Rugby 

pickleballOr Pickle ball – 

Eliot has a pipe burst story to tell us. It burst on NYD and he had to let it go for 24 hours before someone could come.

Quick break!

We’re back!

All is good at Jimmy’s!

Eliot’s U word was Uber.

Pete rented a car while in town.

What company did Pete use?!

Matt Enterprise
Jimmy fox
Eliot national
Me Hertz

55 – Do we have a winner? No winner! The answer is Dollar Rent-A-Car

Chase Utley – 

Jimmy introduces our guest: Pete Schwaba!! He was in Jimmy’s wedding and at the roast.
(Note from Darryl: I read this note from Garon as “He was in Jimmy’s wedding and ate the roast.)

60 – Pete lives in Wisconsin now. This trip he drove to Chicago to fly out.

Helluva sneeze.

65 – Jimmy and Pete talk stand up.

Pete’s word is Usurp!

Letter game talk.

Twitter character change? 

70 – [pardostory] Jimmy tells a story about having Wendy’s with Pete.

Jimmy talks dating two Jennifers.

“The impulse is in his pants!”

Jimmy continues the story.

“Hey it’s the shooter!” guy in street.

“Happy holidays!” – Jimmy in response to the guy.

The floor is open to questions.

Pete talks about getting messages any time he is mentioned on the show from Scott Tomin. Pete asks Jimmy to talk about the good guys story.

75 – Jimmy talks about the t-shirt he made for a show with him Steve Ayatt and Pete. It had tour dates on the back with all listed as TBA except the show date they were doing. No one got it.

Curly getting a blow-job?

80 – Jimmy says Bill Hicks was perfect for 1992 but not sure if he would put him top comics of all time. The guys talk about what Bill Hicks future would have been like.

John Caponera’s memoir: 

Jimmy and Pete settle the time in Appleton when Pete couldn’t make a visit. Jimmy takes part of the blame for it.

85 – Jimmy talks about having to cancel a show in Madison because of a blizzard. Unfortunately, it didn’t hit Madison and people are still mad at him about it. It was the weather!

You never open your mouth until you know what the shot is – Glengary Glen Ross

Pete owns David Mamet’s old car.

Throwback! When Kenny Rogers was mentioned in ep 623, Mike Schmidt wondered if there was a Kenny Rogers icon, so I made one. I knew I'd get to use it again some day!

Throwback! When Kenny Rogers was mentioned in ep 623, Mike Schmidt wondered if there was a Kenny Rogers icon, so I made one. I knew I’d get to use it again some day! (-Darryl)

90 – Kenny Rogers’ Roasters

Jimmy and Pete talk Golf! Jimmy’s back in strong and finally coming back!

Steve Ayatt windmill story! Steve and Jimmy got into many a fight on the mini golf course because jimmy never realized Steve was really mad.

95 – Pete’s renting a Hyundai while he is here. He feels compromised in that small car.

Chevy Bolt: 

No doubt in Jimmy’s mind that he’s shaving tonight. It’s red and irritated.

Politics talk!

100 – Trump/Cruise? Rubio?

Foreign Friends?

Piece of cake! Long time fans have wanted a Pete Schwaba return!

Pete was on episodes 209 and 216.

JimShooter@webtv.net Jimmy loved his WebTV.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth