1721 – Meeting the World Half Way with Matt Oswalt

Matt Oswalt

Matt Oswalt

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Hello indeed! Yes yes bark bark?! 1721! Happy new year! Sunny jan 4 in LASOCAL.

Jimmy does indeed have a head wound.

Jimmy’s joined a Harry Potter fan club and his initiation tattoo isn’t done.

He tells us what really happened, after talking about his Chicago t-shirt, a reunion announcement is imminent!

The t-shirt he is wearing is 39 years old. A 1977 promo shirt for Chicago XI.

steam_ironMatt points out that Star Wars also came out in 77. It looks brand new.

Matt says the shirt could use a little ironing.

Jimmy got it from eBay.

05 – Our guest is here early! It’s Matt Oswalt, Patton’s brother.

Jimmy is unshaven and fresh off a marathon.

No need to come early Matt!!

In reality no traffic!

Matt O is gonna tweet.

Jimmy talks about Matt being the funniest guy on twitter. Jimmy doesn’t know anything else about him.

Jimmy and Matt O talk seeing Jimmy at the old Largo “might have” or “may have.” Jimmy takes offense.

10 – Jimmy never did Lucy’s Landromat. Jimmy made the mistake to think he was too big to do open mics in Los Angeles.

Otsego Street is in North Hollywood.

Jimmy and Matt O talk more about Jimmy’s early LA comedy days.

Jimmy talks about how his first Largo set was the best one he’d had there.

Jimmy’s lower back is also hurt. He shows it off to Matt. It’s chaffed. He goes back to the race.

Jimmy talks the vertical inclines and slight decline on that race route.

15 – Now that Nick Simmons has a man bun it’s time to drop that fad. Also Justin Bieber has one.

No IT Band trouble on this race. 2hr28m on the race. Great time for Jimmy. No injuries on this race, aside from the chaffing.

81kTaaxI6dL._SL1500_And NOW he tells us what happened to his head. He started with checking the perimeter (aka the doors).

Headband lights – 

Jimmy knows his door is on wrong.

20 – He opened his door and leaned in to check the screen door. His head collided with the door. He split his forehead open. Danielle and Oliver thought he was doing a bit until it split open and the blood started. Oliver immediately went for ice (which he does all the time). It was bad enough that he went to urgent care.

A little make up on that and it’s good as new.

Matt is unsure about Jimmy’s hair.

25 – Jimmy’s mom was in a hit and run accident on New Years Eve but she is fine! Jimmy makes a point to say how great the police was in that situation.

Jimmy opens up one of the gifts we got. He reads the letter included.

Complete Series of The Wire on blu-ray!!!

“Thank you my man!” – Jimmy

Blu-ray is one of Jimmy’s favorite blues guys.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Eliot is calling Matt Mr. B and Matt has to call him on it.

Mr_beans_holiday_ver2Some Mr. Bean talk. Jimmy laughed as hard as ever the first time he saw it, and then never laughed at it again.

30 – What a bummer the Mr. Bean movie was. 

Three Stooges movie talk! Jimmy again praises Craig Bierko for making him laugh.

“Lotta funny!” – Jimmy on stooges.

Jimmy laughed a bunch at Daddy’s Home.

Voting in D.C. – 

Matt O. talks about Jimmy having to reschedule because he was going to be “out of the country.” Matt O. calls him on it only being Mexico and not like France or Europe or something.

Farrelly Brothers – 

Movie of the year? Room or Creed?

40 – Matt O. is a writer and a hobnobber.

Chi Raq

45 – Richard Dreyfus talk.

I watched – 

Max Dugan Returns

Matt gets it! Poseidon!

50 – Matt O is jetlagged.

Police Academy

55 – Cast

Georgina Spelvin – 

Debi Diamond – 

60 – Happy new year Eliot!!

He tells us about Georgia Spelvin’s stage name.

Mr. B!

Jimmy is insisting that Zoe call him Mr. Pardo and Oliver calls Matt Mr. Belknap.

Matt Oswalt is here!!

Three seasons of Deadwood – 

Jimmy’s favorite shows? Deadwood, Newhart

65 – Light down!!!!!! Light down!! On the M.A.S.H. talk.

Matt goes with Breaking Bad.

Jimmy talks to Matt O about being brothers in comedy and entertainment

70 – Do we want georgina spelvin as a guest? Matt O is instant that he can get her for us.

Guest: Meet the world half way.

1. 1.
a person who is invited to visit the home of or take part in a function organized by another.
“I have two guests coming to dinner tonight”
synonyms: visitor, house guest, caller; More
1. 1.
appear as a guest.
“he guested on one of her early albums”

Matt O is a single hetero dude living in LA. He’s tried dating sites.

Eliot also does the dating sites. Jimmy insists no one likes to talk to him after “seconds”

75 – Cosby’s shirts are all fake! “Van nuys thread” – Matt O.

We support Dr. Cosby.

Matt also lists the other folks we support.

“When I took the lion…” gross.


Eliot caught playing games. Jimmy chastises him for not being on the light the second it went off.

Jimmy still doesn’t want Elf on a Shelf to go away.

80 – Elf on a Shelf

Matt O talks about seeing a trailer for Dirty Grandpa and the audience going nuts over it.

Jimmy and Oliver went to see In The Heart of the Sea. Oliver is very proud to have seen it. Olvier loved it, Jimmy thought it was okay.

Matt O. says that all ron howard movies are lies.

Matt O. enjoyed The Big Short.

1BevHillbillies11_400x400Max Baer Jr – 
(Not Dead) – 

Chain restaurant talk!

Arthur Treatures?!

Chuck E Cheeses not bad by Oliver’s school. Shakey’s quality pizza is angering.

Jimmy supports those guys up in Oregon.

We’ll be back!

We’re back! Talking Making a Murderer during the break.

90 – Matt thinks it could have been a little shorter.

Jimmy insinuates I spoiled MaM.

MAM_Vertical_Keyart_US.0Blind guy actor is here.

That character for some reason hurts when Jimmy does it.

Matt O. says a great web series would be having actors come in and audition for a blind guy and see how they do it.

Kirk Cameron talk.

Easy River is our country band.

They don’t seem to already exist!

More Making a Murderer talk.

Manitowoc golf courses:

Fox Hills –

We’re calling Mike Cusik for some details. He doesn’t answer.


Mike is indeed available.

Jimmy talks to Mike about the city.

He lives in Manatowoc! He is neighbors with Lenk and the judge.

100 – Matt wants that old van.

Matt O finds out that people in WI are more Bucks fans.

Mike’s professional sign off, “Goodbye everybody!”

More Making a Murderer talk!

American Crime Story – 

Angry Birds – 

Matt O did something with Eddie Peppitone and Bobcat Goldthwait for Jash. It was a Christmas thing.

Matt O. talks about working with Robin Williams and how he is a super nice guy. Jimmy mentions how Robin complimented him by saying he was faster than he is.

Bean and Bee movie suck guys.

Disneyland talk!

120 – Talking about Matt O’s tweets that made it on the debate crawl on the bottom of the screen.

We’re done!

It was great!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth