17W – Swallowing Pills with Jill Kushner


Jill Kushner

Jill Kushner

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hellooo! Welcome into Never Not Funny’s players club! New Mic arm for Jimmy. Gonna take some time to get used to.

Mail bag! We need a mail bag theme song. Jimmy reminds Matt how many shows we have to do.

Jimmy talks about the NNF Curse striking again. Jimmy sang The Heat is on for about six seconds and after the show Glenn Frey was dead.

He was a notorious dick.

You can’t argue the impact of Frey and Don Henley. Fantastic songs.

We’re about to have an avalanche of heroes from the 60s 70s passing away.

Matt’s gonna riff on the recorder if he can find it. He can’t. he has multiple recorders though.

Vanilla Ice’s debut album, To The Extreme, went 7X Platinum.

Charles John Miliken needs to change his name to CJ. He sent us some music.

Jimmy is guessing the LP is Chicago Question 67 – 68. He’s wrong.

It’s a 45 of Kenny Loggins Meet Me Half Way!

05 – Our guest is here!

Sarah BLEEP sent us some healthy snacks along with a card.

Hillbilly social media guy is getting a lot of play.

Cats is coming back to broadway! Worst musical of all time.

10 – Eliot hates cats so much he made his own Dogs sweatshirt.

15 – Jimmy’s gonna try some kale chips.Matt says it tastes like Kale. Jimmy not a fan.

Eliot gets up to try and Jimmy tells him to sit down.

Trying the pumpkin seeds. Jimmy reads the label.

Jimmy likes them!

Eliot likes the Kale chips!

20 – Everyone in heavy coats.

Jimmy bought a pair of golf pants.

30: Matt

Asian asses swishing on the fairway.

“so relaxing.”

Boys Extra Large golf pants.

Matt talks about kids clothes.

“Oh Jimmy!” – Jill

Jill and Jimmy worked on the wil wheaton project.

25 –Jimmy and Jill talk about the comic-con segments.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Welcome back!

17 WWWWW Winning.

Jimmy sings I’m winning. Doesn’t sound like any of us are.

Jimmy’s wearing a OneKolor t-shirt.

1984 Pontiac Fiero Foldout-0230 – If Jimmy is ever on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee he says Jerry better show up with a Fiero.

Trans-Am – 

Amy Schumer is a sensitive name right now!

Jimmy sort of talks about the Amy Schumer “controversy.”

Matt is addicted to the pumpkin seeds.

NNF Live in Nashville on May 21! Part of the Wild West comedy Festival.

2:30PM on May 21!

Kristen Stewart’s dad worked on Funny Money.

My word was winter!

35 – Jimmy talks about calling airline about a flight and it being busy because of the storm.

40 – 9/10 times it’s eliot makes everyone angry.

“El Nino precum” – Jill.

A Face in the Crowd

45 – Jimmy talks abut drinking bbq chicken soda.

Did I say Chris De bird or deberg??

50 – Sue Mengers – 

No guesses on this artist?

Jill is proud she hasn’t seen Cats.

Dennis DeYoung!!!! I win 8 bucks!

55 – Bad songs we love talk. (kokomo/Part Time Lover)

Jimmy’s got a stiff neck.

Jimmy talks about Danielle’s post on facebook about a message place and she’s “Asking for a neck.”


60 – Betting on Clint Howard’s age!

Jill: 60

Clint Howard

Clint Howard

Matt: 67
Jimmy: 66
Me: 59

He’s 56!

No winner!!!

Eliot’s word was Water.

Flint Water Hoax? 

65 – Eliot talks about his drone and what’s going on at the familliare. He’s getting a raise and a rent increase.

Good luck with that Eliot!

70 – Matt wonders if Jill is in the gay side or the Russian side of West Hollywood.

After porn

Blind guy playing an actor!!

Blind southern dandy! He’s gone now.

75 – Brendon Fraser – 

Jimmy’s taking some pills guys.

80 – Jill is scared of choking so she has to distract her self when she is taking them.

Honcho’s word was Wiggles!

Panel talks about kids shows. Jill used to watch Teletubbies.

Fresh Beat Band – 

Jill writes and produces and is also a stand up!

Here is the Real Estate Jill Kushner – 

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator – 

magooJimmy restates his grand statement: Remake bad movies that could have been good.

Mr. Magoo’s Chinese houseboy is named Charlie –

Gymnast bodies are not for Jimmy. They kind of weird him out proportionally.

Jimmy cried because he didn’t get to gymnastics tryouts in time. He cried in his mom’s arms for hours

90 – Jill calls Jimmy the original Billy Elliot.

“Even the announcer said he tried.” Name the movie Jill. She can’t do it!

breakingawayIt’s Breaking Away.

Jill panics when people ask her her favorite movie/book etc.

Jill’s favorite movies include Airplane, Top Secret, Young Frankenstein.

95 – Dirty Carson is here!!! “oh, dirty carson.” – Aunt Jill.

Angie Tribeca talk. Lots of friends on the show! Jimmy hasn’t seen it. Jill was enjoying it a lot.

Guessing what Jill watched last night! Matt guesses immediately People Vs OJ Simpson.

She talks about some evidence talked about in the show.

OJ Case

Serial Killer admits to killing Nicole Brown – 

Jill’s W word was Wonka!


105 – Matt had a celebrity sighting! It’s someone we know.

Matt and Jill talk about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Bob Odenkirk was Matt’s celeb sighting.

Jimmy’s celeb sighting is an actor. TV mostly. May or may not be currently working.

Tina Louise (Ginger from Gilligan’s Island) lived in Jill’s building when she lived in NY.

Jimmy’s celeb was Richard Schiff.

115 – We’re done! What a blast. We didn’t learn much about Jill! She wanted to get some puss out of this.

We gotta have Jill back ASAP so she can say something.

Everyone was in a great mood today!

Jimmy talks about his food poisoning and where he ate: Dennys!

120 – Jimmy talks more about his dennys trip.

See you next time!!!

My pleasure,

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