17A – Walking the Course with Cathy Ladman

Cathy Ladman

Cathy Ladman


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello!!!

My new podcast will be called A Gaggle of Queers.

Jimmy talks about Difficult People. He’s loving it.

Matt’s loving both Playing House and Difficult People.

Advertising talk. Playing House/Samsung talk.

Door open AND closed.

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won't you open your heart to him, MC Lyte?

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won’t you open your heart to him, MC Lyte? (I’m going to use this as much as possible)

No MC Lyte update for Matt. He saw her this morning with a camera crew.

05 – Matt’s making two separate intros! One for Players Club and one for Earwolf.

What is this show really about? Hello or goodbye?

I actually feel bad using a Health Update icon here, because I don't want to make light of C-Diff, but here it is.

I actually feel bad using a Health Update icon here, because I don’t want to make light of C-Diff, but here it is. Get better quick, Jimmy!

Jimmy not feeling good. He is in constant pain and light headed, also slightly dizzy and nauseas.

Show some concern listeners!!

The CDIFF Situation were great at banaroo.

Someone tweeted a solution to CDIFF to NNF: Fecal transplant.

10 – Embrace the illness Jimmy!

Jimmy wonders why he hasn’t lost much appetite or lost any weight.

Jimmy is going on record: He’s not a doctor and he would not be surprised if he doesn’t have a hernia and that its part of the symptoms of the CDIFF.

Jimmy told his mom about the Jere Burns stuff. She suggests calling it the Wynne Duffy. Jimmy shocked no one else thought of it.

Jimmy’s latest retail interaction time!

15 – Jimmy talks about getting a new set of golf clubs. He’s been hitting well lately.

He got a 20% off coupon he’d wish he got a month ago when he got the clubs.

Jimmy goes in deep on this club info.

This store has a satisfaction guarantee, price guarantee.

He confirmed his plans via someone on email. Stapled everything together and headed into the store.

Turns out all was wrong, it was two different sets of clubs. The guy rep pointed that out and Jimmy said, THANK YOU I AM AN IDIOT!

20 – Jimmy is waiting for a doctor to call.

Jimmy gives me instructions on how to answer his phone to any calls.

The solar people keep calling!

Matt wants to play his recorder on the phone as hold music.

25 – Dry run!

Jimmy talks about a local gardener guy coming in. Feels bad for him.


Nowhere to go but up and I don’t know where the stairs are. – me on facebook

The guys talk about James Urbaniak’s character on Difficult People.

The guys talk about Hulu ads.

Cathy wants to talk!

30 – Cathy talks about the shows she likes. Bloodline, Masters of Sex, Portlandia, I Love Lucy.

Jimmy and Co talk about Bloodline.

Cathy says C-Different attitude.

One more run through!

We’ll be back!

Cathy talks jew humor and jew energy.

35 – Bobby Collins joke talk! His favorite airline is Continental. “does this guy has any ther jokes?! – Jimmy’s mom on Bobby Collins stand-up.

Cathy thinks she repeated jokes on the tonight show across two different appearances.

Jimmy wonders if we can see any of Cathy’s tonight show appearances at the Museum of Television.

Antenna TV is going to play full length Johnny Carson episodes!

Cathy is excited to go back and see them.

She wonders if there’s gonna be any residuals.

40 – What a joy already!!


Welcome back! Larry is back!!!

17 seasons! 9 ½ years.

Cathy wonders if Oliver knows he and Danielle expected him to be a girl.

Ed Craznick interviewed Oliver during Jimmy segment on his show. Jimmy and Cathy both enjoy Tracy Newman.

Cathy talks about her daughter. She just turned 12.

45 – Cathy quotes, “ it’s an adolescent’s job to kill her parents, it’s the parent’s job to let her.”

Jimmy can’t think of the Menendez Brothers without thinking of the “comedy twins.”

50 – Leave the guys from Faces along classic rock midday DJs.

Standing in the Shadows of Motown

The Faces

Cathy is turning 60 next year. She doesn’t look it at all.

55 – Cathy talks about not wanting Jimmy around if you were in Anne Frank’s attic.

Jimmy wants Cathy to save her deep stuff for her therapist.

Jimmy talks about seeing Rod Stewart and not wanting to go but ending up loving it.

More CDIFF talk. Jimmy talks about his nausea medicine. Apparently, it is the same medicine Matt gave his dog when it was sick with cancer.

60 – Only one tweet to Jimmy’s illness.

Cathy wonders if “Jim” is afraid of dying. Jimmy reiterates this is a fun show but then talks about how he is not afraid of dying except for how Oliver will be affected.

16 Antiacid!

Jimmy talks about Cathy’s daughter. Cathy talks about her daughter and her mother.

65 – Cathy’s daughter plays softball and is a huge baseball fan. They all went to a dodger’s game together for her birthday. Cathy talks about her daughter knowing a lot about the game. She is trying out for the upper level team now.

The Ascot Five!

70 – Jury Duty chat! Jimmy and Cathy enjoy it.

75 – Cathy loves Shaun the Sheep!

AC chat.

Cathy talks about cooking in a hot hot kitchen on a hot hot day. She talks beers.

80 – The Wiz casting Link 1 Link 2

Fun Home – 

85 – Cathy talks about her Parents doing musicals.

Her favorites are Book of Mormon, Follies, Cabaret, South Pacific.

“Sounds like you like Someheim.” – Matt.

Cathy has heard of Fecal Transplants and that they are really helpful.

Jimmy enjoys Sweeny Todd. He thinks Company is flawless.

Cathy loves Follies, Jimmy just likes it.

90 – Cathy just saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

Lots of Musical chat.

Jimmy and Cathy talk about Sirius. Cathy wasn’t so hot on most of the channel.

Cathy loves Will Ferrel’s impression of Harry Carey.

Jimmy talks about going into a bar and hearing to guys comment on a sportscaster, “hey theres some drunk guy doing play by play.” It was harry carey. Jimmy also tells a story of harry carey peeing in an alley and being spotted. Someone yelling his name and his response: Play ball!

95 – Cathy talks about confidence and people being self-conscious. Jimmy

Eliot’s word was Anthrax. No winner! Close though.

Cathy was on 236 and 416.

Pat had a legitimate crush on Cathy.

100 – Cathy talks tough times and house renovations that are finally fun.

Cathy gives us a great quote: for music to be beautiful there has to be sound and silence.” It’s about John Belushi being all sound.

105 – Cathy talks about starting golfing and hitting a 187 the first time she did it.

Jimmy talks about golfing with Paul Gilmartin. One time Paul was doing so great that Jimmy was jealous of him. They got to the 16th hole and took a 15. They were laughing so hard about it.

Paul’s in this golf tournie. Jimmy talks tournaments.

Is this the “comedy twins” Jimmy was talking about?! 

Todd and Taylor Leatherbury

Jimmy tells the story about the guys talking about getting him in the celeb tournie in the locker room, “who’d you get?” “I dunno some game show host, Jimmy Pardo.”

110 – Jimmy talks about whether you would give in and talk if someone was slicing your toes right under the nail with a razor blade.

John McCain was a POW for 5 years.

115 – Tiger Woods told a joke apparently. Jimmy tweeted that it made him so uncomfortable that he had to close the browser and forget he ever saw it.

Cathy was really concerned that she was bringing down the show. We all assure her that is not the case at all.

Cathy watches the Tiger Woods attempt at joke.

120 – Talking Tiger Woods stats.

Pop Culture Beast Info Desk Presented by Dogpile: Darren Melendez!

Matt’s word is Anvil.

Jimmy on his music knowledge, “I’m hip!”

This past year is when cathy’s daughter stopped liking her.

Antennae was Cathy’s A word! She’s gotta go!

We’re done! Honest to god fun!

See ya next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/ Darren Melendez