1702 – Learning Lines with Adam Pally

Adam Pally

Adam Pally

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed! Welcome into the program!

We won in award in 2008!

Jimmy talks about podcast lists and how they’re so subjective and just one blog or persons opinion.

Matt comes clean about It Follows. It got him! He’s on my side!

Matt is conflicted. He doesn’t want to be on my side but doesn’t want to go against Jimmy.

He watched it with his wife. 10 minutes in he started to feel like turning it off, he was finding it dull. He kept going and once it got going he was in. Elise was on the verge of tears from fear.

Jimmy is disgusted and has disinvited Matt and family from Oliver’s party.

Jimmy on It Follows: It Sucks.

Matt defends his opinion.

05 – Matt had an interview with Fangoria once!

Matt thinks Jimmy didn’t like it because it was trying too hard to be old school. Jimmy disagrees and also thinks the soundtrack is horrible.

Matt fails in psychoanalyzing.

Killer Legends 

Bo Ransdell! @BoinTx

Lost after Dark 

10 – Jimmy talks about his Texas shows.
Jimmy not feeling any better. He talked with Tig about it. It’s a constant state of being uncomfortable. You just want to scream until it ends.

Eliot tries to talk about it but is getting it all wrong. Jimmy doesn’t want to ice him for it because he’s showing concern but he’s wrong.

Jimmy talks about a fan on twitter.

Mac Blake opened for Jimmy. Great guy.

15 – Jimmy talks more about the shows at The Velveeta Room.

Jimmy talks about meeting this guy from Twitter. He had tears in his eyes. Looked like a bond villain.

The NNF fan is terrific and they get it! Use some lava soap and clean the hand!

20 – CDC C-diff

Eliot chimes in about romans and feces.

Room goes silent.

Jimmy came in with the intention to not yell at eliot or ice him at all. But Eliot can’t help himself and riles up Jimmy anyway.

25 – Eliot was late due to an infuriating email from a business partner. Jimmy thought it was the traffic on the 10.

Jimmy saw a Mazda outside, looked nice.

Apparently, Liam Neesan enjoys a coffee nearby now and again.

Jimmy rented a dodge charger the other day. “That is a car man!” – Jimmy on the Charger. He loves it! This time he had a Nissan rogue and a Chrysler.


I get yelled at for lack of info.

Adam is wearing Jordans. Jimmy doesn’t know anyone outside of Chicago who wears Jordans.

30 – Chicago chat! Jimmy and Adam talk baseball.

Jimmy and Adam talk about Michael Jordan and his dad being murdered under a bridge execution style.

These are all the words and thoughts of Adam Pally not NNF, Jimmy, Matt, Eliot, or myself.

Adam gives some false info about gangs using kids to commit murders because their prints aren’t formed yet.

Not really time for Gambling, but  the gambling talk deserves an icon.

Not really time for Gambling, but the gambling talk deserves an icon.

35 – Jimmy gets his gambling debt information from Family Guy.

Adam fitting in already!

Hamm can swim!!

We’ll be back.

We’re back!

Jimmy was made uncomfortable by my using my pinky to start my timer.

All good in the hood!

Eliot had to eject someone out from his building for not leashing their dog.

Eliot talks about fucking tenants. He’s basically not allowed to do that. Apparently, that can ruin his life.


40 – The floor is opened for questions.

Adam wonders if anyone tried to pay rent in weed.

Jimmy wonders if anyone has tried to offer sex in place of rent.

None of these things have happened but Eliot says sometimes people flirt with him to get things fixed faster.

Jimmy talks about wanting to unload on someone who sucks at their job. They need to be told but he can’t do it or it will come back on him.

Adam talks about getting sad when he sees someone not doing their job.

Adam rattles off a list of who he finds attractive on TV. He starts with Kathy Najimy, and Wilson on Home Improvement.

Adam is okay at memorizing lines. He gets them by take 5.

45 – He talks about being a dick on happy endings when someone tried to correct him. Megan Mulaly taught him that if they’re telling you something it means that maybe the word changes the meaning of the sentence. Since then he welcomed being corrected.

Had to leave the room.

I came back in to hear Jimmy dropped a name. Apparently, they’re talking asses.

Preshow movie talk.

Adam talks about seeing a preshow behind the scenes on Mission Impossible and showing Tom Cruise scared hanging off that plane.

50 – Bond talk!

Pierce Brosnan is a handsome man according to Jimmy.

Adam loves The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan. He talks about it.

The guys talk Denis Leary. Both think he is great in The Ref and Judgment Night.

Adam is in a film called Slow Learners. Adam calls it a good wine movie.

Adam has two little kids so he hasn’t seen a full movie in years. So no, he didn’t see It Follows.

55 – Kids talk!

Looks like plenty of sauce to me. Maybe it's not enough once you add pasta.

Looks like plenty of sauce to me. Maybe it’s not enough once you add pasta.

I got meatballs!!!

60 – We talk meatballs!

65 – Adam talks comics comics!

Those are a gooda meatball.
Adam is concerned with our big gulp Arizona iced tea.

Jimmy is unsure what is with the guy who said there isn’t enough sauce. There is plenty of sauce.

We’re talking a lot about mama mancini’s meatballs.

70 – Jimmy guesses the Sirius XM commercial that annoyed Adam. It’s big lou’s insurance.

Adam talks about Jews in LA getting yanked out of their cars by cops to discuss their interest rates.

Adam thought Eliot was Mexican.

We talk The Osbournes.

Jack has MS. Jimmy didn’t know that.

The guys talk about this generation being too sensitive.

75 – Adam talks about getting couches for his kitchen. He took a picture of his daughter sitting there, “We finished our nook!” and posted it. Some one from his high school posted, “Must be nice! #TheGoodLife.” Adam went bananas on them. It made him so angry. Apparently, the person who wrote that also makes like six figures.

The person never wrote back and Adam realizes he probably shouldn’t have even messaged her.

80 – Adam says that 99.9% of the people who recognize him think they went to sleepaway camp together.

Adam talks about the frustration with posting things and having people comment and ruin it.

Jimmy and Adam talk about the pitfalls of sharing on social media.


85 – Welcome back! 1702! Adam Pally is here. So many mutual friends including Ben Schwartz! They’re comedy partners.

Adam talks about his wife. They dated in high school, broke up, reunited in NY and got married.

90 – Jimmy talks about a high school sweetheart writing a letter to him that mentioned True by Spandau Ballet.


Adam talks about his wife some more. Adam likes to gamble. He’s a craps and blackjack guy. He also gambles on sports a lot.

Adam wants to do some fantasy baseball!

Fan Duel is dangerous but Adam likes it. Jimmy knows that if he was in to that he’d be in trouble. “Lose my teeth under a viaduct.”

95 – Jimmy talks about the three bets he makes every time he goes to vegas. Cubs to win the world series, white sox to win the world series, and whatever team has the craziest odds.

Adam talks about his bets and includes an explanation of what a Parlay is.

Adam’s team is the Mets.

Adam and Jimmy talk about the Mets.

They’re all dumb!

100 – Adam’s dad got mad about that picture too!

Parents just don’t understand!

Adam Pally!!! What a joy!! He’s going to get a lunch after this. Must be nice!

Jimmy suggests getting stock in Whole Foods. Adam talks about his theories on buying a house.

Adam and Jimmy talk stocks. Adam’s stocks: Netflix because he uses it, Tesla because he thinks it’s cool, and a Medical Marijuana company. Adam daytrades from the yurt.

Jimmy has apple. That’s the good one he has.

105 – Jimmy talks about the workout he did today. He did the 7-minute workout. He normally does cardio-core-core-cardio. He runs.

He went to the driving-range which was a big mistake.

We’re done. Thanks Adam!! Our new friend!!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth