16Y – Moving Through the Doorway of a Nation with April Richardson



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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Door open door shut!!!

16 Y! Y? because I love you, Y because I care!

Jimmy allergic to the power bar today.

Eliot enjoyed a Bagel Dog.

Matt had a power crunch also. Jimmy’s getting some allergies.

Last episode was loose! This one might be too loose.

More pills for Jimmy.

Watermelon sourpatch slurpee?

Matt and Jimmy talk about watermelon flavoring.

Throat issues!

Throat issues!

05 – Jimmy’s having some problems with his throat due this allergy situation.

Jimmy loves his new headphones. BrainWavz. $18!

Jimmy almost bought a backpack. Doesn’t need one but wanted it.

Hobby Lobby cares about this country. Man and woman marrying, gun in everyone. Jimmy rants about it. Jimmy gets his glue exclusively from Hobby lobby .

Animal glue info

10 – Matt’s gotta go get his album and we gotta do an update on the Fantasy Baseball League.

Mad Dogs under the weather!

Sick Mad Dog gives the standings of the NNF Fantasy league.

Jimmy predicts he finishes in forth place, in all of his leagues.

15 – Thanks Mad Dog!

I Melt With You – 

Matt’s going to get his album!

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won't you open your heart to him, MC Lyte?

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won’t you open your heart to him, MC Lyte?

He returns empty handed. No opportunity to get that record. Lyte was keeping the door closed.

20 – April is here! She looks great.

Jimmy tells a story about a date he went on with Danielle and a friend of hers.

Al jolson/al jurreau.

Ministry chat.

Early break!

April Richardson is here!!

25 – Some good music coming through the wall. We talk about it.

Jimmy and April talk about the MadWorld book.

30 – The Smiths – 

April talks about the author being on Rock Solid.

Jimmy enjoys Yaz’ 2nd album. Maybe he’ll use that for his word????


We’re back! Jimmy’s squintin’!

Did we change the name of the show to the April and Jimmy show?

16 Yaz! We have ties!

35 – Bette Midler talk!

Janis Joplin talk. 

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame chat.

Jimmy thinks it’s boring.

45 – April thinks there’s not enough REM or U2 or 80s rock in general.

Jimmy enjoys the JD Fortune INXS album.

No one’s been to the music experience in Seattle. http://www.empmuseum.org/

The Y word was gonna be Yesterday but Jimmy changed it.

Some money games!

50 – Jimmy counts his cash! $5 to me!

Jimmy wants to plan a heist with April to rob the R/R Hall of Fame

55 – Adam Sandler Netflix deal – 

Jimmy talks about the little league hype man.

No heists on the Rock and Roll hall of fame apparently.

60 – Matt plays some Night Swimming.

April is not a Bono girl.

fly(Butting in: I am a pretty big U2 fan, so obviously I don’t expect everyone to have U2 / Bono stuff on their radar as much as I do. And I love April Richardson so much. But thinking Bono has no sense of humor? That’s just not paying attention. You don’t create a self-parody character called The Fly and tour the world performing in that guise unless you have a sense of humor. By all accounts Bono is a very witty, funny, clever and engaging dude. He, and the band, admit that Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum ended up presenting an inaccurate image. He often says that they have been spending their lives trying to “chop down The Joshus Tree.” Now…. Morrissey having no sense of humor? That I can believe. <end rant> – Darryl)

It’s not a rebel song.

(Here’s a helpful video I made for Jimmy. – Darryl)


65 – Jimmy tells April about meeting some of U2.

April talks about Morrissey and going to the shows and giving him notes every night.

Some former friend of Matt’s is now the lead singer of Black Flag. He gave Morrissey a skateboard.

70 – The Morrissey chat continues!

75 – April missed Morrissey in Chicago because she had to fly back to perform at comic-con.

Matt quotes Trading Places.


80 – We’re back! Jimmy sings some 16yaz! He’s gotta answer some texts so Matt and April talk more about Morrissey.
Jimmy says Morrissey is not allowed to be an asshole just because he has some songs you like.

85 – David Bowie would be pleasant. April talks about his hair.

Opening doors is not an invitation to fuck.

Eliot also said Yaz. Gets $5.

90 – Jimmy hurt his thumb taking off headphones.

Jimmy plays some Yaz.

April used to think Elton John was black.

95 – Westboro Baptist Church talk.

This is the documentary April is talking about – The Most Hated Family in America

Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011. 

Anthony Geary’s last show was this past Monday.

Matt and April both wrote yellow.

Hootie is the band not the man.

100 – Indian Burn – 

Sevens!! Download it, review it!

April gives to Jimmy: 13 (NNF Guests)
April gives to Matt: 12 (NNF Guests)
Matt gives to Jimmy: 13(NNF Guests)
Jimmy gives to Matt: 19(NNF Guests)

April talks about her Lasik experiences. Her eyes are janky.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth