16W – Greeting the Day with Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – We start off with a goddamnit! Jimmy did something. He sounds weird in his headphones and starts to sing about a corpse.

Jimmy smashes a package against the table. Matt says its two champagne flutes.

Eliot brought in some glittery headphones. Jimmy tells us why he won’t wear them. Too heavy.

Jimmy’s song would have gone on longer had Eliot not interrupted.

Jimmy tries on the headphones. They are the worst.

Mail call!

Mail belt!

05 – Jimmy opens the package from Brian L.

Our guest is here!

Eliot peacocked and immediately made me uncomfortable, also everyone else in the room.

Jimmy went golfing with Oliver. They were on the ass of some group of young kids who were playing so bad that they had to skip a hole to get past them.

10 – Jimmy gets the millionaire club info from his mom.

Jordan is here and early.

Jimmy opens the gift and calls it the largest Lincoln logs in the country. They’re vinyl shelves. Jimmy sings some Fly By Night.

Jimmy tests the shelf out. He does not dislike it.

15 – Jimmy’s OCD went into “hard drive.” He talks about it. Basically, he could not recall if he shut the garage door. It was driving him nuts so he had to go back home and check.

Jimmy knows for a fact the only way his marriage ends is with Danielle leaving. He predicts it’s the day Oliver leaves for college.

Listen in Jordan!

Jimmy gives the info on the Millionaire Club. Membership ($25) gives you…we’ll find out in a few!


We’re back!

16 Winnebago!!

Duplicate! Jimmy’s second word is in play guys.

25 – Chris Crocker talk!

Production company who gave Chris Crocker a development deal is 44 Blue Productions 

Jordan went to see Steely Dan/Elvis Costello over the weekend. Elvis Costello opened.

Steely Dan – 

Set lists: Elvis Costello – 

Steely Dan – 

Hollywood Bowl chat! Your bench pictures suck.

Chip Pope was not pleased with the Elvis Costello performances.

30 – Jordan mentions some odd stage patter from Steely Dan. “…we didn’t know what a hamburger was…” huh!?

35 – Hamburger – 

Millionaire Club info finally!

Members only! Membership got you: (for one year) Members would bring guests so they could get them to buy memberships. Unlimited free cocktails WITH purchase of meal. Membership card, bottle of champagne when joining. Mainly adults, On holidays, kids eat free.

Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas – 

40 – How much for the membership?

Jordan: $500
Matt: $129
Eliot: Wants to do some math. $360
Eliot is overthinking it again.
Garon: $199

Jimmy’s dad was a drummer there.

The price was $25 per year! Who doesn’t do that?!

Eliot chiming in on Jimmy’s baked potato story.

45 – Don’t mess with the irish!

The dummy needs a touch up!

Jimmy is officially going around the horn.

Patti Lupone story via Danielle.

50 – Jimmy calls Jerry Orbach a zero threat.

Jordan saw Rent in High School. NPH was in it.

Inside Out talk!

55 – Good luck to me!

Eliot ended up with Whisper. He also had Wahlburg and Walrus.

Eliot gets his baked potato comment out.

How many kids worked at this millionaire club!?

Bugsy Malone



Note to renters at La Familiare: You can’t bring your own washing machine.

60 – $1495 rental for a possible single. Looked like a nice place to live.

Matt’s W word is Wizard.

Our guest is Jordan Morris! He works at @Midnight. Jimmy’s segment producer is usually Blaine Capatch.

Dork side of the moon shows up a lot on the jokes.

Jordan’s word was Watergate.

Jimmy’s back up word is Weasel.

Jordan’s going to get BURNS’D.

65 – Adam Scott talks about wearing a fake penis in The Overnight

Jordan suggests I watch The Overnight.

Matt wonders what the MPAA (Mounted Police according to Jimmy) feels about dicks in movies.

Welcome back!

Jimmy is standing so that means its time for the new segment Wrestling Hour! Jimmy is going to wrestle the guest.

Jimmy talks about a comic appearing in a Farrely Brothers movie.

70 – No word from the shelf.

Jimmy talks about doing a bump off a lower water fountain with some Hollywood kids.

Jordan talks about what celebs he pranked on the red carpet.

Nic Cage enjoys it.

Will Farrell enjoyed it and recognized Jordan from previous encounters.

75 – The guys talk about the Nic Cage Superman film.

There is a documentary: The Death of “Superman Lives.”

Roast and a movie is Jordan’s family Christmas tradition. Mom, Mom’s husband Brad, his sister and sometimes her husband. His mother and her husband met on EHarmony.

Jimmy asks Jordan about his moms church.

80 – Some Christian music chat.

Jordan has a hard time finding good stepfather cards. They’re too sentimental.

85 – Matt made a smoothie for his step dad. (Or made a lot of smoothie and poured him some)

Jordan says that Matt doesn’t want to support Big Greeting.

Postcard chat!

Jimmy talks about a dj making a fart joke on Sirius XM.

90 – Too many uses of the word Fart for Jimmy’s tastes.

Jimmy asks what other concerts Jordan has been too. He talks about going to Las Vegas for a Punk Rock Bowling show. He saw The English Beat there – 

Jimmy wonders how Jordan doesn’t age. He looks the same as he did when Jimmy first met him. Jordan thinks he looks like he drinks a lot of beer.

Jordan not all that interested in acting. He’d rather do writing jobs.

95 – Jordan talks about All About Steve. He played stoned protestor #2. Sandy Bullock is a delight.

I’ll apologize for that terrible Frames joke I made.

Jimmy prefers not to discuss farts in any shape or form. Keep it to yourself and in your vehicle. Go outside, leave your wife and kid in the house and take care of business.

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth