16X – Playing Games with Jimmy and the Gang

sevensIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


16 X-Ray

00 – Hello! Indeed! Lets do this! A rare Friday recording. Late in the game, no newbs!

Jimmy is bailing on these headphones. He got some science channel headphones.

Thank you science channel for those unusable headphones! Probably best for cellphones.

Close ‘em up!

No guest today!

16 Xanadu!

Jimmy is still on Cipro (Ciproflaxacin) 

Jimmy had a whirlwind trip to NYC! Jimmy couldn’t do Seth Myers or Jimmy Fallon only because of backlog and already booking.

Jimmy apologizes for having to miss a episode but is glad we get to release that Greg Behrendt episode for everyone to see.

05 – Jimmy was a bit late. He explains why and talks about the paint on his house. He doesn’t like the beige awning.

He talks about heading to the paint store and fighting with them over buying paint because his sales person wasn’t there. The girl then told him they would come out take the awning off, bring it to the store, paint it, and then bring it back.

10 – Jimmy did an interview with Kyle Dowling. He is a big supporter of ours. One of his questions was if you were in an escape room who would you be with? Jimmy’s answer didn’t come as quick as he would have liked. He couldn’t even quickly come up with two comedic names. He answered Conan and Adele and then changed it to Danielle (even though he wasn’t allowed to) and Eliot.

Jimmy suggests Kyle tell his readers who Eliot is.

Here is the AMA with Jimmy and Riaz – 

Jimmy gives us the details about the AMA. He calls is ridiculous stupid fun.

15 – Jimmy talks about doing the Today show! He was on with Kathy Lee and Jenna Bush. He says it just moves and moves.

He thinks he and Kathy Lee did some friendly ball-busting. He isn’t 100% convinced she was enjoying it.

Jimmy says its bananas how fast everything moves and how they move from studio to studio.

20 – Jimmy had a gazillion WMD jokes ready for Jenna but didn’t want to be “that guy.”

Jimmy was there at 10:10 and out in a car by 10:57.

Great interview with Slate, Mike Pesca. Great time with Kennedy. Lots of Fox apparently. He also interviewed with Kyle Anderson.

Jimmy also mentions Dylan Wise’s post on his blog.

Jimmy talks about being in a business class “pod” on his flight. It had a text and a multiple cock sized TV.

25 – Jimmy always feels uncomfortable when people walk past him to coach when hes in first class. Imagine being in this pod while people walk past.

Jimmy tells us the menu. It was like all seafood. He doesn’t like seafood.

The flight attendant said he was unable to bring any other kind of food to Jimmy (a coach sandwich or anything). He offered Jimmy 2 salads.

On the flight home he had the best salad of his life. An Asian chicken sandwich.

30 – On the flight home it came to Jimmy’s attention that he and I have nothing in common. He watched a movie on the flight.

Jimmy HATES It Follows.

33:33 on the clock. Jimmy mentions he sees 9:11 way more that another person should.

trailer-for-a-terrifying-horror-film-called-it-followsJimmy goes IN on It Follows.

35 – More It Follows talk.

Jimmy talks about his driver and the reactions he had to traffic.

40 – Matt reads a text from Jimmy about a woman who annoyed him.

Empty airport lounge and she sits directly behind him.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the Jedi Training Academy at Disney. It needs more showings.

Matt suggests a Star Wars dedicated park. Jimmy wants the buzz light year ride to be a star wars ride.

They are in fact making Star Wars Land.

Why did this woman sit so close!!

45 – Matt went to get his TV but it was not there. He talks about it.

There was an acoustic kiss concert the day he was gonna get it and all the LAKiss office staff apparently were going.

50 – TV Troubles!


Matt plays poison. THROUGH HIS PHONE.

Jimmy plays the air drums.

55 –


We talk about Johnny Mathis.

65 – Jimmy talks about a fan and his book.

Limahl – 




Keyboard player from the 80s is here!!

Travis Blaine! creator of 7 in 7!!

Jimmy calls him perfection.

75 – No one expected this guy to look like this!

Travis plays no instruments. Jimmy insists he get on the ball. He sings some karaoke.

Jimmy calls him a non descript 80s rocker.

80 – His GF’s name is Tal. Jimmy has some fun with that.

Extra break!


Jimmy wonders what Matt and Eliot do with the breaks.

Eliot appreciates Jimmy’s creative flexibility.

Going around the horn!

Travis also not a fan of It Follows. Too arty.

We’re talking more It Follows.

85 – Matt asks if Tal’s brother is named Stretch. It’s actually Gil (Geel). Her other brother is Oren. They’ve been together 2 years.

The family gave it a meh. Jimmy was mad at it, still is.
My X-Word was X-Ray.
Eliot ended up with X-Treme.
Matt’s word was X-Wing
Travis goes with Xenophobe.

Here is the game:

It is not top down btw.


90 – Race To Escape is on Saturday nights! Watch it online or on demand or on tv!

Matt tells us why Travis, creator of 7 in 7, is here.

95 – Travis has created Sevens The Never Not Funny Game!  5 bucks gets you ALL Categories. The free version has General Knowledge and Never Not Funny categories.

We got prize money!!!!

100 – We’re playing!!!

Matt gives to Jimmy: 15 pts! (NNF)
Jimmy gives to Matt: 18 pts!(NNF Guests)
Eliot gives to Jimmy: 4(NNF Guests)
Jimmy gives to Garon: 14 (NNF Guests)

Download it guys! Review it!

Travis Blaine! Game looks gorgeous.

Negative announcement. We are not doing Pardcastathon the day after Thanksgiving this year!!

We’re moving it to the spring. Date to be announced!

Jimmy wonders how his Johnny Mathis voice is.

Download Sevens! We’re honored Travis. The Designer! The Model!

See you next time.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth