16L – Jumping for Joy with Shane Mauss

Shane Mauss

Shane Mauss

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 16 L!!! What will that L word be? Lexicon? Lexington? Leprechaun? It’s the first thing that popped into Jimmy’s head. They filmed the L-Word by Jimmy’s old place and didn’t want to let him go into his own house because they were shooting.

The L-Word 

Don’t be an asshole 3rd ADs!

Jimmy wants to slam Jay Leno’s bloated head into the side of his old shell tanker.

Eliot does the worst Leno impression ever. Jimmy likens it to Mighty Mouse.

05 – Jimmy’s OCD is causing him to be annoyed by some wiring by Eliot’s cubby.

That severe face pain Jimmy experienced last episode has not returned.

Jay's Shell International Truck

Jay’s Shell International Truck

Matt finds that picture of Leno’s Shell truck.

Matt gives the story about the truck and taking the photo.

Jimmy keeps talking about getting a fiero but he doesn’t know where to put it.

Jimmy is SO close to punching Eliot in the mouth.

Jimmy acknowledges that we did not get to the Tom Cruise talk with TJ Miller.

10 – Tom Cruise deserved an Oscar for Magnolia and definitely for Rain Man.

July 18, 1999 was indeed a Sunday and the last day Jimmy drank and the day he saw Eyes Wide Shut.

Our guest is here Shane Mauss! Jimmy and Matt talk about the day Shane showed up in the middle of a recording on the wrong day and we told him to hit bricks.

15 – Shane’s right foot works fine. His left is screwed. He’s DDL. Jimmy tries to guess Shane’s car. A Hyundai Alantra! Is that spelled right? It’s an ’08.

hyundai-fuel-cellHyundai Fuel Cell – 

Who drives a subaru?

Shane saw bears at Mt. Rushmore.

20 – Mount Rushmore talk.

Jimmy MIGHT HAVE TO BACKPEDDLE ON THE BEACH BOYS!!! Their surfer stuff sucks but Jimmy says Pet Sounds is pretty good. There might be more songs he likes than he admits too.

The Quarrymen – 


25 – Crazy Horse Memorial – 

You know who would know about this, Darryl Asher!

You know who would know about this, Darryl Asher! (True, I have been there a couple times.)

Shane looks to be drinking some sort of elixir.

“It’s a Kombocha dick fuck.” – Jimmy

30 – Jimmy’s gonna taste this elixir stuff. 


We’re back!

Fantasy B-Ball update!

Mad Dog is here!!

Zach temp #1
Mama Tanaka #2
Jimmy up to #3!! Spineless Windbags!
Remember that smell #4!

And on and on…

The all cardinal team is in 11th Place.

Welcome back guys. Mad Dog is outta here. Lotta 16s being thrown around.

16 Lamal. Lead singer of Kashagugu. Lexington #2. Everyone hopes I move there.

35 – Pitch Perfect 2 is great guys!

I got the LeBron sprite!!

Shane worked at a Crouton factory!

Matt explains Melba toast. Jimmy wonders if soul singer Melba Moore is similar.

40 – Jimmy worried that Shane doesn’t know what chex mix is.

“This guy knows. He comes from Croutons.” – Jimmy

Shane talks about coming up in the Boston comedy scene.

45 – the crouton factory is a Sara Lee factory now. Shane talks about working a room that would give a slice of pizza to any comics that did a set. Homeless people would come and do 5 minutes so they’d get a slice.

The LeBron mix is not bad. Jimmy and Matt like it. Jimmy wishes for diet.

Apple remote chat.

50 – The guys talk remotes and phones and apps.

Shane plays Pandora over BBC Nature documentaries on his TV and people always wonder what it is. It’s interesting how the music affects how people interpret the images.

Kambucha spill!

55 – Jimmy’s gonna try this stuff. Matt is also. They are not fans.

Matt might be coming around on the Kambucha.

60 – Jimmy asks how Shane broke his feet. It happened on a hike in Sedona.

Shane’s friend was obese and ate nothing but coffee with butter in it for 40 days. He lost tons of weight.

It’s called Bulletproof Coffee – 

Shane tells the whole story of his accident. He jumped down from one cliff to another and broke both feet. He predicted it was gonna happen right before he jumped and sure enough.

65 – Shane continues his story (note: I’m nauseated.) He had to essentially scoot or crab walk for 3+ hours to get out of there.

70 – Shane had his surgeon on his podcast (called Here We Are).

75 – Shane talks about his friend helping out when he had to stay with them for a couple weeks after the accident. He had a bed with no box spring or frame. He ended up buying box springs and then said he was gonna put it up on cinderblocks rather than just buying a $20 bed frame.

Shane’s friend: “No no no don’t call 911. You know who I should call? Ted.” This same friend quit comedy to focus on karate.

80 – Shane’s story moves onto the hospital and how he had to go from hospital to hospital to get help.

Apparently, broken heals are so rare that the X-ray tech hadn’t seen one in 10 years of working there.

He had to cancel three months of work and move home with his parents to live in their basement for 3 months.

Shane had to drive from Cleveland to LA so he could have surgery for a potential bone infection.

95 – Shane fills us in on everything involving his foot. It’s hard to listen to for me.

Shane keeps saying foothole and it’s making me nauseas.

My Big Break might be the name of Shane’s new album.

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth