16M – Crying it Out with Jason Pardo

Jason Pardo (no relation... or is there?)

Jason Pardo (no relation… or is there?)

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Indeed welcome!! Matt’s in a button up he got for his birthday last year. Happy birthday, Matt.

Eliot had an hour of sleep. And didn’t realize he had to be here early.

The blues is the working mans music.

Tiny sleep and traffic is why Eliot was late.

Jimmy had a small bit of sleep also.

Jimmy blames frakking.

Eliot wonders if Jimmy has tried to set his water on fire. This apparently is a side effect of frakking.

Matt wants to set this conversation on fire.

We learn things from Eliot!

05 – There’s an election over in the UK. Jimmy reminds us that there was a war and we beat them in it. Who cares about the royal baby?!

The fascination with the royal family is not the same as Matt having a hobby. “Slit the throat.” – Jimmy

Dumb people are fascinated with the royal family and watch Nancy Grace.

Jimmy rants about the royal family including Charles flying around with his dumbo ears.

Jimmy picked up some Dan Folgerberg at Amoeba. He beat out Joan Armatrading.

This early call is for the birds.

Nashville talk!

10 – Jimmy did a pilot presentation for a show where people got to try out a house before they bought it.

Guys talk about houses.

Jimmy says he enjoys Mortgage Fairchild. Eliot says she amoratizes over time or some word I don’t know what. He gets stone faced despite it being a good piece.

Jimmy talks about Darren Stoner, former schoolmate.

15 – Matt discusses “the look” on Nashville.

Beverly O’Connor

Jonathan Jackson

Our guest is here! Jason Pardo. There’s only room for one Pardo in this town.

Jimmy has his album, enjoys it.

Jimmy really likes his acting and his character.

20 – The guys are going to Nashville Live on Saturday.

Jimmy talks about a character on GH clunking everything up.

The guys are loving Connie Britton’s work.

Jason Pardo is here! They may or may not be related.

Jason comes from improv. He’s dressed for any character we need him to be.

We’ll be back!!

25 – Welcome back! 15 Moccasin! Casual footwear! The injun taught us about it. Same pelt for the teepee and the moccasin! They use it all! The injun inspired Ed Gein according to Jimmy.


Who sang Summer in the City? (The Lovin’ Spoonful)

I’m here drinking a PACT. Got some allergies or something going on.

Jimmy feels we should stop him from talking sometimes.

Jason has a 3 and 6 year old.

The guys talk Letter games.

30 – Matt and Jimmy talk about Oliver calling Zoe and telling her about hamsters. “I understand you are interested in getting a hamster.”

Jimmy’s seen George Michael 3 times.

He talks a woman with bedazzled boots at a GM concert.

Jason saw Jimmy Buffet in concert in Vegas. It was also his first beer. His brother-in-law got him tickets. He gets the benefits of his bro in laws perks, including meeting Jimmy Buffet who Jason describes as a chubby Paul Simon.

35 – Jimmy talks about going to a Jimmy Buffet concert and being the only guy that didn’t wanna be there. HE doesn’t care for the environment. Lots of bros at that show in the late 80s.

Fins – 

Bait and girl are the words.

Folgerberg talk.

Jason talks about a johnny cash song that brought him to tears.

Hold me now by Chicago made Jason cry the hardest.

40 – “…this whole towns in my rear view!” – The Town

Jimmy wept at cats in the cradle, mr arthurs place – patinkin, the walk by sawyer brown, what was by steve perry.

Jimmy talks about his experience with What Was.

45 – Jason recommends JJ Cale.


Guys talk Connie Britton singing.

Reba and Carrie Underwood apparently are the basis for Nashville.

50 – Jimmy seems to get emotional over a lot.

Monkey is my word, Eliot lands on Mississippi.

Vacation is one of the funniest movies ever.

Here is the red band trailer for Vacation (reboot/sequel)

Eliot lists his other M word options.

55 – Matt goes Moose!

Skate board chat.

Jason will never forget the guy that broke his skateboard on purpose. He tells us about it.

Matt talks about breaking his arm on a board, that board ending up in his friend’s dad’s trunk for weeks before the car got stolen.

60 – Jason talks about his car getting stolen in NoHo. It was found a couple blocks away from them. He lived right at Burbank and Vineland. The guys talk living around NoHo.

LaCanada is the worst town for water usage.

65 – Jason tells a story about getting yelled at at an ATM because of his Obama sticker. She got out of her car and called him a fucking idiot.


Who sang Spiders and Snakes? (Jim Stafford)

Apparently LaCanada is a pretty conservative area.

Mike Huckabee’s son DID kill a dog 

Jason talks about the time he killed a frog.

70 – ET talk. Jimmy cried at ET AND Mac and Me.

Jason cried watching The Jerk.

Matt doesn’t recall crying at ET.

Jason talks about Spielberg.

Jimmy cried at Black Stallion.

75 – Rick Schroeder movie – The Earthling 

Toy Story 3 chat!

Jason talked to John Parr via phone.

Time Bandits was 1981 – 

80 – Jimmy mistakes Mary Magdalene for someone. Mary was a common name apparently.

Jason’s word was Mousetrap.

We’re gonna take a break!

We’re back. Old man lizard showed up briefly. Jason missed it so Jimmy brought it back!

Jimmy met John McCain. Said he was a good man. Shame his views are so crazy.

Jimmy and Jason are both Sicilian. Italian and Irish.

85 – There is a strong chance that Jimmy and Jason are in fact related.

Jimmy talks about their interactions and how they get confused for each other at auditions.

“No actor parking.”

90 – Jason tells about his past travels and how he met his wife.

Eliot cried at Somewhere in Time we find out after he sneezes twice in the middle of Jason talking about his family.

Jason delivers a David Carr quote. Jimmy agrees and then asks who David Carr is.

Jimmy talks about a ball player named Chuckie Carr.

Brett Tomko

Jason used to do Fantasy Football.

Jimmy and his Dad are both in a fantasy golf league. His Dad is also in the Conan Fantasy Baseball league.

95 – Jason has a gabbling problem so he doesn’t gamble anymore. He lost a ton of money in Online Poker.

Jimmy asks Jason about how online poker works.

100 – Jason’s wife was in Manhattan on 9/11. Jason worries he’s bringing us down. Jimmy says that’s nothing and recounts Shane Mauss’s story.


7in77 in 7 time!

Jimmy sing some .38 special.

Jimmy gives to Jason/Matt: 17 Points
Matt gives to Jimmy/Jason: 27 Points
Jason gives to Jimmy/Matt: 22 Points
Jimmy gives again to Jason and Matt: 25points

We’re done! What a joy!

It’s official! The Pardos have met.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth