1812 – Hiding Out with Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

So That Happened

00 – Come on in! 1812! The war is over! Actually Matt reminds us, it is just starting. Jimmy confirms it is over now.

(It lasted nearly 3 years).

It’s hot in hurrrrrr.

Jimmy disagrees with the thermometer.

It is unbearable according to Jimmy.

Eliot has a theory about the AC problems.

Eliot thinks they might be sweating us out because we get loud.

Jimmy doesn’t want to move all the stuff on the walls.

Reality beats!

NNF-Mail call copy

Mail bag!

Eliot almost got into a fight with someone at 7/11.

Eliot tells us what happened.

Jimmy talks about the bad protein drink he got.

Janet Yellen – 

Eliot tells us what he got and what he wanted to do.

“Normally, I get buns.” – Eliot.

05 – The chicken rollers are good but Jimmy can never have it again because it came up when he had food poisoning.

Jimmy and Eliot talk about what a chicken roller looks like.

More 7/11 details.

Apparently the guy was really upset about everything that was going on.

Stone Temple Eliots is a NNF fantasy team name.

10 – Mail bag!

Stone Temple Eliots is currently dead last 52 points out of first place.

Awful Waffles are in great shape guys.

Jimmy opens the package! It’s Asian backpacks from Colleen O’Hara!

Thank you!!!

Three to choose from! Matt goes Blue and Jimmy goes Grey.

15 – Jimmy was gonna go to Ross and get a back pack but now he doesn’t have to!

The bags are perfect for Jimmy to carry his cds and vinyls.

It’s HOT.

20 – Jimmy was over in Detroit! Lotta never not funny folks out there.

Jimmy has a dumb question about Game of Thrones.

Jimmy asks if GoT has dragons.

Talking about the birth of the dragons.

Jimmy talks about Wink and Tom Dreeson and seeing the pictures of Tom with Sinatra and all these stars.

Tic Tac Dough dragon –

“We gotta get you a suit!” – Bernie Mac

25 – “Believe me!” – Donald Trump. Matt says that mat be a tell.

Jon Cyer is here!!!

Shaved head!

Jon talks about how he tried to sneak in so as to not disturb Jimmy’s important prompter talk.

30 – Jon talks about why he shaved his head.

Jon is angry that he isn’t going to live forever.

More joy for everyone if Jon Cryer lives forever.

Jimmy knows how hair works.

He had to go Full Travolta for a bit on 2 and a half men.

Jon has a great set of clippers that he loves.

Jimmy makes an obscure reference that Jon enjoys! It’s Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home. 

Jimmy talks about a Conan appearance that Jon made.

Brief talk about Charlie Sheen. He was the highest paid actor on tv right before he went bananas.

Jon talks about the experience of dealing with Charlie’s crashing and worrying that he was going to end up dead.

Jon was relieved when the show ended because that drama was over.

35 – Danielle and Steve Hollander both praised Jon’s Howard Stern appearances so they said he’ll be great here.

Jon gives us some details about Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home and the changes they made including completely changing directors.

Its so hot!

Jon is shocked he is on camera and is trying to direct Eliot.

We’ll be back!

40 – We are back!! Episode 1812!

French and Indian War – 

I am tough but fair guys!

Springbok talk!

Jimmy explains his lady golfer love.

Jimmy gives Jon the rules of who we support.

45 – We do NOT support Jared. Officially.

Ilios kickstarter! Going well. Best of luck Eliot as it’s wrapping up soon.

The thumb is up.

I run upstairs.

Jimmy talks about the coffee shop.

Hi Matt!

Jon Cryer is here!

50 – Jimmy saw Pretty in Pink like a dozen times in school. Jimmy talks about taking many a date to that movie.

Hiding Out – 

Jon talks about the movie and its producer Dino De Laurentiis.

Riverdance talk!

Jimmy tells the story about new kids on the block and saying they’ll never amount to anything while “arrogantly eating pasta salad.”

55 – Jon says that Blue Man Group is great and not just “hitting their tubes” as Jimmy explains.

Jon talks about OC & Stiggs – which is his first film and a ROBERT ALTMAN movie.

OC & Stiggs is on DVD –

60 – Jimmy says Jon is great in everything.

Jon says he is terrible in Superman IV – 

Jon talks about his various crazy hair styles in his career.

Hiding Out – 

65 – Jimmy bring up Molly Ringwald thinking Duckie was gay. She wanted Robert Downey Jr to play the role.

“Dry.” – Jon Cryer on Molly Ringwald.

Jimmy asks about Jon’s relationships with Molly and Andrew McCarthy. Jon says all good.

Jimmy talks about Andy Mac in The Family.

Molly Books – 

Andrew MCCarthy book – 

70 – Some James Spader talk.

Jon’s book is coming to Paperback –

Jimmy brings up No Small Affair again.

Jon Cryer and Demi Moore replaced Matthew Broderick and Sally Field.

Jimmy and Jon talk about the weirdness of messing around with a teacher and how that could mess someone up, or if it would at all.

Jon went to the Bronx School of Science.

babesciCatherine Mary Stewart

Jon just turned 51!

We’ve just learned that Jon’s dad was in Phantom of the Opera for 19 years! He played one of the theater owners.

Jon and Jimmy talk musical theater.

Cats talk!

Jon says Cats is 48% doing cat paw poses.

85 – Porn versus Golf.

Jon talks about how catholic school girls were sexually formative for him growing up.

Jon talks about the legal department working his book telling him that naming the person who he lost his virginity to could constitute defamation.

All he can say is that he was the last of his friends to lose his virginity.

Jimmy was 17 and do was Jon.

Jimmy wants to hear more about John’s dad in Phantom (he played Firmin) and learn more about him. His dad was also in Evita with Patti LuPone!

Jon not a fan of Les Mis.

Lin-Manuel Miranda in the title role of the musical "Hamilton" at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.Jimmy is done with Hamilton. He’s just tired of the hype.

90 – Jimmy talks about seeing Company that Jon Cryer was in with Neil Partrick Harris. He saw it in a movie theater. Jon had no idea what the show as going to be when he got there. He was expecting it to be an encore type of show but it ended up being a full fledged choreographed show.

Jon talks about finding out that Steven Sondheim was gonna see one of the performances of Company. It was Jon’s first full fledged musical on stage.

95 – Jimmy talks about Company jumping into his top five.

Jon calls Donald Trump the Charlie Sheen of politics. He says he loves Charlie Sheen and loved working with him when he was sober but says he is totally full of shit and so is Trump.

Jon coins Trumpers. Jimmy loves it.

Jon talks more about OC & Stiggs. He was neither OC or Stiggs. He played the son of the rich family.

We’ll be back!

100 – We’re back!

Apparently the OC just clicked on.

Jimmy asks Jon how he is going to handle his son bringing a girl home to “study.” Jon talks about how his son hasn’t expressed much interest in bringing either a girl (or a boy) home.

To answer Jimmy’s question, Jon has no idea what he would do yet.

Jon talks about the mantra he gave to his son: “Use a condom every time!”

We’re gonna play some Sevens before Jon has to leave!

Jimmy gives to Jon Cryer: 9pts (80s)
Jimmy gives to Jon Cryer: 20 pts (80s Music)

Jon Cryer gives to Jimmy: 2 (Movie – Comedy)

We’re done!

A joy!!

See you next time guys!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth