18L – Corresponding Angles with Jimmy and the Boys


L-thegangIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


18 Lahmal

00 – Yes indeed! Hello! CDN timer! Great brand CDN.

Perfect for soaking pasta!

Jimmy demonstrates how this CDN timer works.

Matt talks about wanting one of those big wall TV studio style wall timers.

Jimmy talks about the Correspondents Dinner.

Jimmy doesn’t think it was Obama’s finest, but it was still funny.


05 – Jimmy and Matt talk more about the dinner and their thoughts on the video portion looking amateur and not being funny.

Jimmy predicts President Obama goes on to a lucrative career as a stand-up comic.

The room was not welcoming to Larry Wilmore apparently. Sounds like they iced him!

Jimmy shut down briefly.

Jimmy watched the dinner after his Royal Oak shows.

He talks about liberals enjoying Wilmore and conservatives not. Shut up pretty white girl.

Jimmy says make no mistake, Larry bombed but the jokes were great.


we go through a lot of hosts of the past dinners.

Scuds – 

20 – Windbag know about scuds.

Apparently there is a sticker with the correct tire pressure inside of the door.

30 – Whoopi talk!


DOC TALK – Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon

The Last American Virgin –

The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films

Eliot wonders if you consider The Big Short a documentary.

Jimmy gives Eliot a line reading.

Jimmy a bad hit from the vip prize!

40 – Jimmy and Eliot talk about laws and talking on the phone.

Scott Stapp – 

Scott Stapp in STP? 


Nashville talk.

55 – Aretha at the correspondent’s dinner.

Talking Adam McKay doing SNL.

Matt tries to pinch himself

65 – More hosts!

Dirty Carson!!

Laura bush jokes –

Jimmy addresses the Match Game/Alec Baldwin controversy.

Feel free to tweet Freemantle to NICELY tell them you want Jimmy hosting.


We’ll be back!

80 – We’re back! 81 minutes in and time for second segment.

18 Loverboy! No winner.

Jimmy will accept his back up.


Mike Henry texts in about last weeks letter word.

Eliot’s L word was Live.

Eliot’s kickstarter: 

Kickstarter talk!

Eliot is very grateful for the support, pledge or share.

Jimmy sings a little Hamilton but he doesn’t need to see it everywhere he goes.

90 – Eliot got a call back on that musical he auditioned for!

Eliot is unsure if it is paid and sexual favors have not been put on the table.

Jimmy brings up Matt’s quote “I thank you to listen to my words.”

Matt’s L word is Lynyrd Skynyrd.

telephone195 – Calls!

100 – We listen to some voicemails.

Jimmy plugs some in town dates.

Hi Nick! He got the business from Jimmy in Dayton.

Jimmy talks Led Zepplin with Nick.

We talk to Amber but she frustrates Jimmy to the point that we have to hang up

We got Joey from Minneapolis. We talk Prince and his lack of a will.

Joey’s wife doesn’t listen.

Jimmy doesn’t like heather’s voice. He demands she get back in the kitchen and start cooking.

Bye Joey.

Joey calls back and gets through again!

He has a five year old. He cuts fruit. I call that a hate crime. Might get some heat for that.

110 – Jimmy tells a story about the record store about interviewing two Matts and offering the job to the wrong one.

Dirty Carson.

We hear a voicemail from Justin.

Johnny from NY! Cleaning up after dinner with his kid. His son is 2 1/2 about 30 months. They had burgers.

Johnny doesn’t like cheese and his L word is Led Zepplin. (not his joke answer Limp Bizkit).

Matt hangs up on Johnny.

120 – Eliot chimes in on the Led Zepplin question.

John from Mobile AL. His L word is Lemmy.

16 years married. Jimmy can’t understand why so long.

Bye John!

Slappin’ ham!

Hi Alex in Pittsburgh! Jimmy wants to know how the Pittsburgh teams are doing. So long Alex!

Archer Farms has some good products over at the target.

Target talk!

Carmen calls in.

Jimmy plays some Carmen for us. It’s by ToTo!


Carmen is unmarried and “still 30.”

Sav on talk.

Carmen’s L word is Lemonade.

Jimmy’s not liking Carmen’s attitude right now. She’s got a dude tude.

She had A&W for lunch. She had an Uncle Burger.

Thanks Carmen!

We’re calling Catherine back but a dude answers! It’s Jeff!

(Darryl’s note: It’s Jeff Bollman! From right here in Billings, Montana!)

Sock sock shoe shoe or alternating.

Jimmy enjoyed jeff.

We’re back strong next week guys!

Elbow BAD!

Elbow BAD!

Super long ep this time. Jimmy’s elbow is awful today.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth