18K – Running Down a Dream with Geoff Tate.


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


Geoff Tate

Geoff Tate

00 – Welcome to 18 K! It is 18 Koala??


We listen to some Koala.

Jimmy is fascinated by the amount of Dr pepper I’ve drank already.

Jimmy’s gotta get out here by 3:30! He has a Dr. appointment,

Dr. Lombardo!

05 – Jimmy talks about doctors.

Protein Steam is a great fantasy BBall team name!

Mad Dog is here!

Mad Dog Jimmy goes through the standings of the NNF fantasy baseball league.

Mad Dog admits he isn’t a fan of Jimmy…but they’re close?

10 – Mad Dog gets FILTHY.

Our guest is here!

Jimmy talks Pontiacs with Matt.

Filth Geoff!! Smells like smoke!

Geoff Tate is here!

Jimmy met him in Dayton. Matt met hi in Bloomington.


prince15 – We lost the Purple King!

Jimmy was listening to Prince with Oliver this morning. He liked Kiss but not Let’s Go Crazy.
Zoe doesn’t seem to be a Prince fan.

Jimmy talks about Little Red Corvette.

Jimmy talks about seeing a tweet of a magnum condom in the street with the caption “look at this big dig litter bug.”

The guys talk Twitter.

A couple of Jimmy’s specials are on Seeso! Jimmy talks about it.

20 – The guys talk about the internet and negativity and sensitivity.

Geoff goes through his tattoos for us.

25 – Tattoos, bumper pool, simsy’s talk.

Geoff has 3 Heartbreakers tattoos due to his divorce. He talks about it.

30 – Jimmy wants a zombie face tattoo.

Lower case G talk.

Geoff talks scheduling for shows.

Geoff talks Jimmy being a podcast pioneer for being the first person to fire someone from a show.

Comcast buying Dreamworks – 

Robert Durst update

The revolution is touring now? 

35 – talking todd glass show staff and Jimmy talks about Chett’s show. Manquarium!

Matt talks about tbe Burbank parade starting off with a wild west group shooting off replica guns and it being REALLY loud.

Geoff asks about the story and matt says “I thank you for listening to my words.”

40 – We’re gonna take a break!

We’re back!

Episode 18 k…Epstein?

Jimmy wants us to guess which guest pronounced the K in matt’s name.

18 Kottke as in Leo Kottke. 

45 – Matt gives us a cave update. His dad sold the land to the state so they turned it into a park for people to spelunk to their hearts content.


Jimmy talks about a joke he made that none of us heard to clarify it was a joke!

My word is Kajagoogoo.

Is Jimmy in for Berlin?

50 – Missing Persons talk.

Upstairs talk.

Ilios kickstarter in full swing!

Eliot’s K word is Kim Carnes.

Barking at Airplanes – 

Crazy in the Night (Barking at Airplanes) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crazy_in_the_Night_(Barking_at_Airplanes)

Jani Lane – 

Who meets Prince in heaven?

Prince vs. Michael Jackson

60 – Geoff thought caramel came from trees.

Chocolate tree?

65 – Hobo caramel!

We hear a little crazy in the night.

Pick up Geoff’s album!

70 – Matt’s K word was

Bill Bruford was in King Crimson.

Geoff’s K word was Kiss.

Jimmy’s back up was The Knack.

Tom Jones doing Purple Rain –

David Gilmour Prince tribute – 

Jimmy and Geoff are both going to Detroit tomorrow.

75 – Jimmy and Geoff talk about clubs.

Geoff’s albums:
1 – I got potential
2 – Just another clown
3 – Again

Only Wanna Be With You – 

Live – 

80 – We hear a little Dolphin’s Cry.

Jimmy and Geoff met in 1999. It was right after Jimmy stopped drinking.

Geoff was a waiter at the red robin jimmy went to after a show once.

Geoff talks about the amazing riff that Jimmy did that he has never been able to replicate since.

90 – Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen arrested for Domestic Violence – 

250px-Nashville_logoNashville talk .

More Dice talk.

Jimmy makes a joke about The Nick only to find out its on Cinemax.

Beastie Boys talk.

Jimmy talks about a picture to send to Geoff.

Jimmy’s gotta go! So we know now that we need Geoff on the show more. He doesn’t live in LA though but he’s here a lot.

Geoff is back in town in June for a Mudcrutch show. June 26 apparently.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth