1811 – Going Mad with Paul Riser

Paul Riser

Paul Riser

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Indeed hello! 1811 1811 1811 1811! Hello!

We got a big box to open.

Jimmy tries and fails with a Christopher Walken impression.

Jungle Book talk. Why are people furious?

Matt talks about the Burbank parade that Zoe is in and all the awesome Hollywood cars that are in it.

Jimmy talks reactions to the political talk on the Jere Burns episode.

Check out Rebecca Loebe!!

Jimmy excuses the Asian man bun.

adamduritzAnd Jamaican man bun unless you are white.

05 – Adam Duritz – 

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish (Russian Jewish)

(Darryl’s note: A lyric from Adam Duritz’s song 1492: “I’m a Russian Jew American Impersonating African Jamaican.”)

Jimmy not pleased with Danielle laughing so much at Matt on an episode.

Jimmy talks about Jason Isbell.

Jimmy talks about a guy pissing on the seat on the airplane and leaving it.

Talking movies, JLO, Mario van peebles,

15 – I check for our guest and get some info on the shoot that’s happening.

We talk about it.

20 – Jimmy talks about MOS and dealing with someone who made him do a scene over and over again because they didn tlike the audio that was never going to be used.

Talking Eliot’s Kickstarter.

Eliot is adding a few Board Game Nights to the kickstarter and a couple chances to sit in on an episode of NNF!

Mail bag!

25 – Jimmy opens a hand delivered letter! This was given to him by someone up in Salt Lake. Jimmy reads the letter.

He gave us some chocolates made by little people!

Thanks Tatsu and Tabitha!

Jimmy talks about the treat he tried that was so sweet he couldn’t finish it.

I’m out to get our guest!

Paul Reiser is here!

I’m back!

We’ll be back!

50 – We’re back!

Quick around the horn!

Paul’s kids are 20 and 15.5!

Scary movie talk!

Trilogy of Terror!

We talk movies!

Eliot is here! He tried the chocolates!

Paul understands the music of comedy!

Hi Matt!

Paul Reiser is here guys!

Red Oaks! Mad About You!

Mostly guys running around the halls right now.

Jimmy asks Paul what he does when his kids bring girls over.

He gives parenting advice to let the kids win one now and then.

His older kid cant lie apparently but the younger one can.

55 – Jimmy and Paul talk family and kids and dreading the day they move.

60 – Jimmy and Matt talk about Paul being on Phil Rosenthal’s show. He talks about being recognized a lot from the show.

Paul talks about Phil being a savant of food.

Paul talks about John Pankow from Mad about You also being a giant foodie.

Jimmy sometimes feels stupid talking with foodies and describing food to them.

Spanish vs Mexican food

65 – Jimmy tells Paul about eating in Mexico.

bacondripJimmy talks about eating at cracker barrel and being immediately turned off by the phrase, “bacon drippins.”

Jimmy wants to hear a story but had to confirm Paul is able to tell it.

Paul tells is.

He can’t believe jimmy remembers that story since he told it to Jimmy back in 90/91!

Jimmy loves the story.

70 – Paul loves his house.

Jimmy tells a story about Pat Francis doing a kids show at Paul’s party.

Larry Miller has legendary bathroom stories that Paul won’t share with.

Jimmy and Paul talk about when they want to die. Paul wants to “lock up.”

75 – Jimmy and Paul talk proud parents. Paul talks about his dad being proud when he did the tonight show the first time.

Paul talks about there not being a benchmark as high as Johnny Carson.

Paul talks about David Brenner on the Tonight Show –

Here is Paul’s piece on David Brenner – 

80 – Jimmy talks about doing an event with David Brenner.

Paul and Jimmy both talk about not remembering gigs or shows.

Paul talks about his old friend Michael Caine (not that one) and his first movie.


Jimmy gives a quiz to Paul Reiser based on a womans #2 favorite movie working back from footloose. Paul guesses Fame and I guess Grease. It actuality is, Dirty Dancing! Jimmy and Matt both guessed correctly.

We’ll be back to talk about Red Oaks!

90 – We’re back!

Jimmy and Paul talk about Red Oaks.

They go back for season two in a month.

Paul talks about these bingable shows as long movies.

Red Oaks

Paul describes his character as Richard Crenna in Flamingo Kid.

Paul talks about not being a huge fan of improvised stuff. He prefers it to be written out and then he can play with it.

Freddie Roman – 

95 – Paul tells a story about he and Freddie at the table read.

Paul talks about the benefits of the Netflix/amazon model of not missing shows. The Pact and The Family are two shows Jimmy is currently watching.

Paul talks about the old model of shows.

Paul is enjoying The Americans. He is finding his tastes are getting more specific and he’s not getting into some major shows (IE Breaking Bad).

Paul enjoys sushi now! So Jerry Seinfeld was right.

100 – Paul talks about living in an abundance of great entertainment and the network’s worlds changing.

Jimmy talks about the comedy shows on networks he enjoys including the Grinder. He tells Paul the story of being there when Fred Savage was getting his headshots.

Paul and Jimmy talk Veep. Paul compares Julia Louis Dreyfuss to Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett.

Paul talks about the Mad About You set and not knowing the show wasn’t all available. He talks calling people at sony to get the show released. There were music rights clearance issues but Paul got them to get on it and finally the show is available in its entirety!

105 – Jimmy talks about the show having some of the most real moments on TV, including the near breakup episodes.

Paul talks about having a conversation with Larry Gelbart about making a show.

Paul has an appreciation for great television so thank you for working hard.

We’re giving away 3 copies of the set!

110 – We’re done!

Paul gives us some dates!

Newark and New York shows this summer!

He had a great egg salad sandwich!

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth