18J – Blowing glass with Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 18J

I got soft hands apparently?

Lotta talk about me.

Purple king talk. No one saw it coming.

Matt talks about a homeless guy commenting about Prince’s death wondering why it wasn’t Axl Rose or Anthony Kiedis

princeThe velvet fog!

Jimmy was over at the doctor today. Doctor Jobe?

Jimmy talks about seeing Steve Lombardo who looks as great as that name is.

He was in the office with Eric Karros. 

Dr. Klapper – 

Jobe and Andrews.

05 – Jimmy talks about his appointment and Dr. Lombardo.

Jimmy is in awful pain in his elbow so he wanted to get it checked out.

Lombardo sounds like an angel.

The doc told Jimmy an offensive golf joke.

10 – Jimmy shares with us his texts about prince’s death.

He teared up at the news.

He stands by his claim that Purple Rain is the greatest guitar solo of all time.

Video of Purple Rain live – 

15 – Very rarely is the bad responses from anyone in the NNF fandom.

Jimmy goes through his texts to Danielle about Prince.

Talking about Prince’s new music.

Enjoy some Prince music – 

Jimmy scales back the number of times he saw Prince.

Our guest is here!

20 – Matt says god help us when we lose Steve Perry or Peter Cetera. He says Jimmy will be weeping.

Tom Jones talk. Matt and Jimmy argue over whether or not Tom is a joke.

We learn about Rebeca’s boyfriend.

Jimmy and Matt talk sports medicine and evil juice.

25 – Classic piece of Pardo business wit the Mr. Roper joke.

Mr. Roper

30 – Talking about PJ!

We’re gonna take a quick break but first some Dirty Carson!

Eliot hair talk.

LEGALLY BLONDE, , Director - Jerry Mitchell, Costume Designer - Gregg Barnes, Scenic Designer - David Rockwell, Lighting - Paul Miller, Liverpool, 2011, Credit: Johan Persson/

UPS is here!

We’ll be back!

35 – We’re back!


18 Jamiroquai!

Surprises everyone!

Talking more about PJs glass blowing,
Jimmy wants PJ to make a living in this Glass Blowing game.

Trump talk!

Austin is described as the psychedelic mushroom on the cow paddy that is texas.

Jimmy doesn’t like saying cow paddy.

Matt and Zoe are the “mint guys.”

40 – Jimmy almost didn’t tweet about the doves having company. He tries to explain himself.

Prince references around!

Eliot cannot win.

Its gonna be an artist or song! Not a genre.

Jazz was my word.

45 – Rebecca used to listen to 50s and 60s doo wop.

Rebecca busts out some Indigo Girls!!!

We all sing along.

Rebecca tells us about the first time she met Vance Gilbert and he said she was so beautiful he wants to suck her daddy’s dick.

Alicia Witt is in town on Saturday (already passed)

50 – Follow me on Letterboxd guys! 

Some Nashville talk.

55 – Eliot’s J word is Jim Croce. His memory lives on.

Sucking dick is really not that hard.

AJ Croce is 44.

Rick Perry deep throating a corn dog

bublecornMichael Buble eating corn on the cob wrong –

60 – Rachel talks about listening to so many girl artists as a kid that she thought the industry was dominated by women.

Her mom turned her on to the alternative rock station.

Middle school talk.

65 – Jimmy pulls some Beastie Boys.

Good job today eliot!

Matt’s J word was Jam but he changed it to Janis Joplin! He gets the money as it was Jimmy’s second guess.

We loved Rebecca when she was here with Rad and Ellis.

Her J word was Jungle Boogie. 

Jimmy’s third word was Journey.

Jimmy True or Falses Rebecca. It’s a true story! He talks about DJing a teen club called Footloose.

Songs that start with J – 

70 – Rebecca talks about how she tours and flying vs driving.

Jimmy asks if it scary traveling around on the road alone. She talks about when she started touring ten years ago. She tells a story about checking out some guys car bed. He was a super nice guy from iran who was enchanting and they had a great conversation. He said, “when you meet the people you know the country.”

She says the whole homeless musician stuff on The Voice was a little exaggerated.

She talks more about touring.

75 – Jimmy and Matt talk Austin.

Rebecca is going to sing for us!

She talks about Prince.

Jimmy can’t see butter melting and Rebecca calls him a tender man.

Easy Money by Rebecca Loebe!

Wow that was great. She talks about this song being Co-written with two guys from Nashville. Jeremy Drinkwine.

85 – Jimmy talks about Vance’s text messages of him yelling at a TV show.

Rebecca talks about doing House Shows and her expectations (including guidelines).

Another true and false for Rebecca. It was true Ralph sucked at music trivia.

90 – We’re gonna try a billboard card with Rebecca.

50/60s card time of day is the hint

Matt – 1
Rebecca –
Eliot –
Garon – 1

We’re done with that.

Jimmy talks about seeing Iron Maiden and it being a fantastic show.

Talking about Joni Mitchell who Rebecca fell in love with when she heard someone sing A Case of You.

95 – Joni Mitchell had an aneurism last year – 

Jimmy talks about an interview he heard with her.

Polio talk.

100 – Rebecca plays us Forever Young Forever.

She talks about the song and how she thought of it while she was playing a show.

Rebecca doesn’t care about the smudge on her nose!

105 – Jimmy talks about the house party and asks Rebecca if she stays at the house. In fact she does!

She talks about the voice and staying in a hotel downtown.

Rebecca tells us about doing the voice and making it to the battleground round.

She talks some behind the scenes stuff

Javier Colon won season one of The Voice.


115 – Jimmy talks about golf and tendonitis.

Go to a pitch and putt to learn golf!

Derek Trucks – 

He was IN The Allman Bros.

Rebecca wants to do another song but she is in no hurry to leave.

Jimmy finds vans shoes to be a little Sketchers.

120 – Some sevens with Rebecca!

We hear a bit about Oliver and his “tux.”


Jimmy gives to Rebecca Loebe: 2 (2000s)
Jimmy gives to Rebecca Loebe: (2000 Music)

Video Matt was referring to

Rebecca gives to Jimmy/Matt: (70s music)

Rebecca is going to be in Florida touring!

Rebecca performs Lie.

Songs performed by Rebecca:
Easy Money
Forever Young, Forever

Thank you Rebecca!!

Wonderful, Go see Rebecca!!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth