1810 – Shocking the System with Jere Burns

Jere Burns

Jere Burns

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 1810! Hello!

Welcome to the program! The program!

Vin Scully snake story

Show sensitive text!

Vin Scully talk.

“We’ve all been the bunny in the snakes belly.” – Jimmy

05 – Jimmy and I are indeed NSync.

Eliot says Vin Scully is a human scroll bar.

Matt says the game is the last thing Vin is talking about.

Jimmy’s Vin and his Carson sneak into each other.

Jimmy’s got the worst sunburn he has had since he was a child.

He did a gig up in Bakersfield. Talks about it.

Bruce Gray 22 and funny and that infuriates jimmy.

1 for 3 in great shows in Bakersfield.

Jimmy got a standing o but doesn’t think he really deserved it.

He made a golf detour on the way back and forgot his sunscreen. His legs are super red from sunburn.

10 – No burn on the thighs since the shorts did their job. Lower legs are charred.

Matt also got some sunburn, he went to a fair/carshow but it was mostly old Toyota Supras.

fieroJimmy talks about buying a Fiero.

Matt suggests selling the bikes Jimmy doesn’t ride so he can buy a fiero. Jimmy’s dad owned a Surpra.

15 – We’re naming convenience stores and grocery stores.

Jimmy was 12 in 86 apparently according to the chart.

Matt watched Princess Bride with Zoe and talks about how great Fred Savage was even as a kid.

Jimmy and Matt thank the OHara’s for the gift bags. Thanks so much!

20 – Jimmy’s tire is 51 psi!
(The rating on the tire is the maximum it can hold when cold, but the recommended tire pressure for a vehicle is usually on a sticker on the door column, and in the owner’s manual. For the eGolf, recommended tire pressure is 41 psi. -Darryl “know-it-all” Asher)

Jere Burns is coming in!!

Jimmy talks about how crazy it is when someone he watches on TV leaves him a voice mail.

Dear John – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094447/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2

25 – Jimmy talks about looking up his record label co workers and not being able to find anyone.

$1 gas price talk.

Jimmy used to work at a gas station! He talks about it.

He talks about having to work full service on the coldest day in Chicago history.

30 – Jere Burns is here!!

We’ll be right back.

Welcome back to 1810!

Jere is already fitting in! Gets it! Now that the mics are on we’ll see how it goes.

Im here! Tatoo talk!

35 – Jere talks about his tattoos.

Spiritus contra Spiritum


Jere is 16 years sober.

Jere talks about his alcoholic bottom. He and Jimmy talk sobriety, and the “Fellowships” around town.

Jimmy talks about his tattoo shame and shows them off.

Jimmy talks about getting a tattoo because he didn’t think he’d done anything exciting in his life.

40 – Eliot is here! Ilios Kickstarter. Look it up!

Jimmy explains Eliot’s nickname of the walking ottoman.

Jere loves the name Eliot. He wants it to come back.

Midnight Special talk – 

Michael Shannon – 

The Iceman – 

99 Homes – 

Eliot did a scavenger hunt over the weekend in Chinatown.

He did not win and apparently there was some controversy.

45 – Jere Burns is here!

He talks about Angie Tribeca coming back in the summer.

Angie Tribeca – 

Talking about the Carells and their offices!

Talking about The Big Short and Adam McKay.

50 – Jere loved The Big Short.

Jere talks about Jon Hamm being on the show and having to wait for 12 hours to shoot his very tiny scene.

Jere talks about his kids.

His oldest son just had a kid as well. William “Sunny Bill” Burns. HE already has a passport.

Matt loves the nickname Sunny Bill for a baby.

55 – Jere talks about why he was a little late. Jimmy talks about getting the voicemail from Jere.

He was at the doctor. He’s having some (penal) surgery. In reality, it’s some knee surgery.

They gave him some kind of medication to make his heart rate sky rocket. He said it was horrible.

Jere grabbed himself a smoothie on the way over.

60 – Jimmy says he eats like an ass but Jere says he is built like an Adonis.

Jimmy and Jere talk meniscus surgery.

Jere talks about doing a triathlon.

Jere doesn’t have a bike anymore.

Oliver is afraid of bikes right now.

Jimmy deals with his phone that was a never-ending text noise.

Jimmy shows off Danielle and Oliver. Jere approves.

He said Oliver looks hilarious.

Jimmy talks about oliver dressing in a suit.

65 – Jere talks about his kid identifying accents. If you’re Asian, you’re Korean to him.

He can’t listen to Stern when the kid is around but he does listen to CNN or MSNBC.

John Stamos award –

John Stamos Netflix doc a prank – 

Jimmy talks about The Test.

70 – The guys talk about People vs. OJ Simpson.

Jere talks about it looking like a 90s tv movie. He liked Ito a lot.

Jimmy does his Travolta impression from the show.

75 – Jimmy and Jere talk about whether Jere ever played a real life person.


Talking about Jere’s career.

80 – Jimmy tells Jere about the running gag of Wynn Duffying someone.

Jimmy compliments Jere’s ability to make doing nothing feel like so much more.

Good Morning Miami – 

The Mommies – 

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

Jere Burns is with us!

More talking about his shows including two of which he did with Cynthia Stephenson.

85 – Cynthia Stephenson – 

Jere talks about Andy Rictor.

Jere talks about politics, he supports Hilary. He loves Bernie but hates the bots.

90 – Back to Andy! This is at a Hilary event. Jere tells the andy story about the cardboard boxes.

Jimmy talks about Nancy Lee Grand’s daughter thinking he was Jimmy Fallon.

Jere tells a story about someone getting his autograph and then running away yelling Woody Harrelson!

Jere talks about listening to Larry Glick as a kid and the radio becoming his friend.


He now feels the same about podcasts.

95 – Jere talks about not appearing on a lot of podcasts.

Jimmy talks about being excited and surprised Jere agreed to doing the show. Jere talks about everyone talks so highly about the show and he was excited to come on.

Jere wants directions to Jimmy’s house.

Talking nice communities being near bad neighborhoods.

100 – Talking about the LA riots.

Jimmy’s gonna see Oliver today.

Jimmy talks about his food weirdness. Jere can’t believe Jimmy’s cooking food weirdness. He can’t do Korean BBQ or Benihana. He can do BBQ outside though.

Jere is fascinated by this development.

Jere gives Jimmy advice on how to cat used to cats. Cat motel!

105 – Jimmy talks about going to a city council meeting where a woman was yelling about getting rid of the “Ho Motels!”

Jimmy talks about the white gays being excited about Jimmy and fam moving in. They moved away soon after.

Jere has gotta go!

He says he had fun. Jere’s gonna get him on the list to see Hilary.

So fun!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth