18H – Heating Water with Jimmy and the Boys

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

The gangNNF Players Club 18H – The Gang


00 – Hello! Welcome!

Tenth anniversary!

Jimmy’s been sick so we didn’t record PC last week. In honor of the Anniversary Matt released the first ever episode of the Pardcast!

Jimmy and Matt talk about it.

Podcast lengths talk.

40 minutes in and out gang.

05 – We talk about my family.

Jimmy’s kissed Gloria and Uhura.

Dr. Ken doesn’t do podcasts apparently.

Soda can talk.

Name talk.


10 – Trivia talk!

15 – Jimmy talks about Broadway on Sirius XM.

Broad City – Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broad_City

Jimmy and Eliot talk about Nikki Glazer’s show.
20 – Matt’s never had a one-night stand.

Eliot had an improv groupie and he had a one-night stand with her after the show.

“Yes AND I’ll take that blowjob.” – Matt

Eliot has had two one night stands.


Kid talk!

Facebook talk!

25 – Happy early birthday Charlie!!

Boba Fett high tops

Jimmy gives and he gives and he gives!!

We’ll be back!

30 – We’re back!

18 Hootie!

No Hamilton.

Three options!

My word was Hanson. We talk about them.

35 – School talk.

40 – We talk about one night stands. Specifically mine. I can make things uncomfortable. (Con-FIRMED! -Darryl)

Eliot’s H word was Hamilton!


Eliot’s got some Familiare problems. He tells about the Water Heater related problems.

The water heaters went into soft lock down and Matt wonders if it was from Eliot telling stories.

45 – Eliot tells the one night stand story. She wanted him to punch her…or did she?

50 – Matt’s H word was Hurricane by Bob Dylan.

Hurricane band – 

Dozens of great Dylan songs.

USA Today ranked Hurricane at #100 of Dylan’s songs 

Talking Peter Cetera and Chicago songs.

55 – Jimmy wants to demonstrate how he was asked to guess a Chicago song off one note. It was a drum beat. He guessed it before the note finished.

Matt knew it but couldn’t pull it. It was Stay The Night.

60 – Matt’s guessing these Chicago songs pretty great!

Jimmy tricks with some REO SPeedwagon.

telephone165 – Calls! That damn theater teacher Chris again!

Chris saw The Fonz at a show! Henry Winkler.


Bye Chris!

70 – Eliot tries to chime in on Henry Winkler to silence.

Jeff Williams on the line from NYC.

Jeff loves his multi tool!

Jeff’s marriage and relationship mirrors Jimmy’s. He has twin boys named Oscar and Lionel.

Jeff’s H word was Heart.


Jeff has a big one.

His brother in law is Wesley Strick, screenwriter. 

Gary Sinese! Jimmy gets it.

So long Jeff!

80 – Hi Josh. He’s from San Pedro and in the Coast Guard. He’s retiring and taking a civil service job in Boston.

Helicopter is his H word.

Eliot wants to know why he chose the coast guard. Josh gives us his history in the military. He started in the Army and tells us all about it.

Bye Josh!

Hello Harry! He’s 28. Harry’s a family name. He’s over in Brooklyn but grew up in Indiana.

Lebanon, Indiana.

Hardcastle is Harry’s H word. Horns would be another good word according to Matt. Jimmy says Matt had “Charlie like pride” on his face with that word.


90 – Harry had a celeb sighting.

A male/actor/Comedian

Jerry Seinfeld! Matt guesses right.

Bye Harry!

100 – Hi Paul!

hamiltonHe’s working on a galoshes t-shirt.

Paul’s H word was Hamilton and Hamfist.

Celeb sighting

Actor at South By
Ed Norton! I got it!

Bye Paul!

Hello John. Jimmy’s sick so it’s Matt taking over. He’s over in Delaware.

105 – John is a teacher out in Delaware. He teaches Broadcast Communications in High School.

Mr. Jones talk.

John’s married. H word is Hamilton.

We’re done!

Fun episode!

Maybe we’ll move to a studio lot and grab people walking by to be guests.

2nd floor window to look down and watch and then beat it.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth