1809 – Rocking Hard with Pat Francis

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Pat Francis

Pat Francis

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Episode 1809! We’re only starting 9 – 11 minutes late!

Jimmy sings some Heart. So does Matt.

Matt talks about telling a story based on “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” on the way to MaxFunCon.

A third movie that Jimmy has been misquoting?!

Titanic, “Round of drinks here my good man!”
Twister, “We’re storm chasers, that’s what we do.”

Jimmy can’t remember what the third one is now! He’s gonna text Danielle to find out AND have her call in to test out the batphone.

A bell jar is what the cake cover is called.

05 – Talking about where to put the batphone!

Too bad that phone ever working will never be enjoyed by the listeners or us for that matter since it will be for a tragedy.

Talking about the Sullivans!

You’re welcome, Ted!

That phone rings but only barely flashes.

Pat will be here in a few!

Jimmy and Pat are going to talk about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show! Jimmy gives us a bit of a spoiler in that it was an amazing night.

10 – We’ll talk all about it.


Doc Talk!

Twinsters – Matt didn’t like it!
(Matt is wrong! -Darryl)

Pat is here! Immediately chastised.

Pat goes right in on Jimmy’s shirt Matt joins him.

Jimmy talks about insulting facebook posts.

Jimmy talks about Pat insulting his shirt and comparing it to a nervous comedian trying to be funny.

15 – Matt wants him to start over. Go outside and buzz in.

The batphone rings! No where near as loud as anyone expected it to be.

Eliot makes a joke that jimmy ices. We then discuss it’s worthiness as a joke.

20 – We listen to some Mo Jo Nixon & Skid Roper Stuffin’ Martha’s Muffin –

Jimmy talks about American Idol.

25 – Matt and Jimmy talk more American Idol.

Nothing but hits from Kelly Clarkson!

AI Winners – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_Idol_finalists

30 – The American Idol talk continues.

Dirty Caron is here!!

35 – Jimmy has to explain his Dirty Carson joke.

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!


I’m here!

Jimmy has sworn twice.

Celeb sighting!

Dirty Carson! Dirty McMahon had to stop by!

TV talk!

40 – Matt talks Catastrophe.

No on likes my celebs.

45 – More Dirty Carson

Hotsy Totsy Debralee Scott – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0779047/?ref_=tt_cl_t8

50 – Marcia Strassman –  died in 2014.

Charles Fleischer talk! Played Carveli on Welcome Back Cotter.

There was a transformer explosion in the neighborhood that reset everything.

Shark_Tank_LogoEliot asks Jimmy about the last episode of Shark Tank.

The No Phone – http://www.thenophone.com/

55 – Dirty Carson is having a tough time today.

Eliot talks about his kickstarter! Over 20% funded.

Eliot wonders if it’s a good idea to have NNF fans tag .69 on their pledges so he can tell when fans pledge.

60 – Matt talks about a social situation he wants some advice on.


What is the etiquette for bringing a wife along to a lunch? Get a third person text in advance!

Matt made a “why are you here” face as a joke thinking it was his friends wife. Turns out it was not at all and he apologized for it. Maybe this girl didn’t really find it that funny.

This is all on Mike apparently.

65 – Mike is 100% wrong here!

McMahon and Tate!

Dirty Carson returns again! DP with both Darrens!

We’ll be back!

70 – We’re back!

Pat talks about his recent guest on Rock Solid who was a touring musician for 15 years with John Mellencamp and he didn’t even have his phone number. John was a dick to him when he asked for a blurb for his book.

Matt talks about seeing a video of Missing Persons doing a show in 83 and how great they are.

Pat recounts another Mellencamp story that Kenny told him where he kicked a label guy out of a studio. Literally grabbed his collar walked him to the door and kicked him in the ass right out the door.

[pardostory] Jimmy and Pat talk The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony!

75 – It was a quick trip to NYC. In Thursday out Saturday.

Pat talks about having 6 tickets to the show.

Jimmy gave a pair of tickets to a fan and sold the others for $50.

Pat talks more about going back and forwards about going or not going.

Pat unzips his cheap trick sweater to reveal a cheap trick t-shirt and then pours his water into a Cheap Trick mug.

80 – Jimmy thanks the AV Club!

The show opens with a David Bowie tribute with David Byrne and The Roots.

Pat and Jimmy used that press pass to the absolute limit. Thanks to Peter Pardini, they made it into the dressing room area.

Jimmy talks more about the seating and where Bun E. Carlos was sitting.

85 – Jimmy calls the press room a bunch of joyless fucks. They all seemed like they didn’t want to be there. Jimmy was glad they wouldn’t have to be stuck there.

90 – Lars Ulrich talk. Jimmy says Lars was the most human he’s ever seen him at this show.

Pat and Jimmy talk more about the speeches, including great speeches from Kendrick Lamar and NWA.
Ice Cube’s kids (The Cubes) was on the flight back with them.

Not a good performance from Sheryl Crow and Grace Potter for the In Memoriam segment.

100 – Talking Chicago’s induction.

Rob Thomas’ speech was wonderful, save for a couple of mistakes.

Jimmy talk about seeing in the dressing room with Chicago after their performance.

105 – Jimmy talks about Pankco talking to Jimmy and telling him he’s so glad Jimmy was sharing the night with them.

Pat talks about getting Chicago guys to sign his vinyls.

Pat goes on to talk about Steve Miller signing his album also.

Jimmy says Steve Miller and Deep Purple both gave good performances. Chicago blew the roof off the place.

Kid Rock turned out to give an amazing speech. Jimmy and Pat give him full credit for giving such a great speech. Apparently, Cheap Trick were amazing.

“Move that tits.”

Matt never knew David Coverdale was in Deep Purple. He tries to guess the setlist.

115 – apparently all the rich white people got up for the bathroom and talked through the NWA acceptance speeches. Pat and Jimmy call it horribly racist.

It was a quick show surprisingly.

120 – Some talk about the Air BnB. Pat wasn’t too happy with it. It needed to be refurbished.

Some talk about the flight. This guy sat behind Jimmy and moved every time Jimmy did. He always sat behind jimmy.

See you next time!!

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